antis be like 'donating to AO3 is bad! Fanfic is free!' but apparently fic authors have patreons now and I'm very confused

@vamp I didn't know that was going on, although it this point it doesn't really surprise me. Also, I don't really follow fic authors anymore since a lot of them are still on tumblr.

@Kitcatwoman I never followed authors on tumblr anyway but I think that's where it's coming from. Young/new to fandom who've really got no idea of fandom history.

Fanart started it, and there's this impression that now fanfic can follow suit. I blame Japan doujinshi culture, where the anime corporations regulate the sale of fanworks slightly, but otherwise view them as free advertising. And Western fans not knowing their history, that too.

The thing is, they can't advertise on AO3 that they have a Patreon. As that breaks terms.

Koffi also popular.

@gold_pen_leaps @vamp although it might be that the Western publishers/producers are changing too. Movie studios mine fandom for free promo obviously, but even genre lit: I don't think a SFF writer could afford to pitch a fit about fanfic these days.

In that light, monetizing fanfic as a SERVICE might feel like the next frontier.

@annathecrow @gold_pen_leaps I can't help but think that that would split fandom down age lines. Us oldies would refuse to charge or pay for fic, and the young ones would think nothing of it.

But would free fic be devalued, or would it be more popular, letting patreon fic fade into nothing?

@vamp @gold_pen_leaps I think it's perfectly possible to have both free fic and monetized fic live side by side. If I were to be optimistic, it could even make free fic writing more comfortable, because it would be a big hammer against the impolite "write more now" readers. "If you want someone to cater to your wishes, there are people out there willing to do that."

@vamp @gold_pen_leaps As for the generation rift... maybe, but would that be a problem? Even now, some people do pay for fanart or fan crafts, while others don't. 🤷‍♀️ Unless one party starts crusading against the other, there's no harm in it.

@annathecrow @gold_pen_leaps I'd be interested to see data in terms of fic authors using patreon and anti shippers, see if there's overlap.

I don't move in those circles so I really have no idea but my brain lumps them together because they both seem to be a tumblr product and have happened in the same era

@vamp @gold_pen_leaps yeah, that would be interesting! I mean, there doesn't seem to be any logical link, but who knows.

I always struggle with thinking about Tumblr (or other social networks) as a whole. It's tempting to think of it as a monolith when it REALLY isn't... but it DOES have trends and cultural mores that spread throughout. So there is a "tumblr culture", yet there is no "tumblr community". 🤔

@vamp There definitely seems to be a connection to gig economy and the rise of youtube influencers. I think it makes sense that a lot of folks who want it would be those who grew up with influencers and gigification AND who don't know much about fandom history and wouldn't be familiar with how marketability would affect fandom culture.

(From what I heard that's largely why AO3 doesn't let people monetize their archive. They saw Fanlib and wanted no part of that.)

@annathecrow @gold_pen_leaps

@ToonLink @annathecrow @gold_pen_leaps makes me wonder why they don't seem to ever think 'hey, I wonder why fandom hasn't monetized its shit before'

@vamp @ToonLink @gold_pen_leaps I think they might have looked at the reasons fandom hasn't monetized writing fic before, and then decided it doesn't apply anymore. 🤷‍♀️

Whether they're right or not remains to be seen.

@annathecrow @ToonLink @gold_pen_leaps


I still have so many questions. Curiosity is killing me. I've even gone beyond 'I disapprove wholeheartedly' because I just need to know everything.

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