Wow, ads on LJ are shocking. Fandom stuff still there needs a goddamn intervention.

I cross post some stuff for events on there, because a huge chunk of the Sam/Dean crowd just won't move anywhere else 😶

@hit_the_books seriously? O.o is *that* why I feel like I'm shipping a rarepair with them?

(I'm desperate for an spn kink meme, but LJ is unusable)

Shippers also massively on Twitter. But it's a dangerous landscape to skirt, because of the crossover with Tinhatters/Bibros

I have to use a combo of Ghostery and uBlock Origin to get anything done on it. And then pause it to be able to use the post editor.

@hit_the_books not on twitter so I'm pretty clueless. Not entirely sure what tinhatters/bibros refers to.

Believe it or not I've been in this fandom for 7 years O.o

Those who believe Jared and Jensen are secretly a couple and their wives and everything are beards.

Tends to also include people who also vehemently object to Misha and wish him dead.

@hit_the_books wow.

Knew there was a reason I stay firmly on my side of the 4th wall.

(also, double wow, I thought the hardcore destiel shippers were the nutters, I stand corrected)

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