Hello it's been a while since I've tooted. I'm sure things have changed around here, I'm gonna have a root around and see what fandom on masto is like now :D

@vamp wellcome back! Here on, hm...

* I've enjoyed more talk of fanfic writing on the localtimeline (might have been just me and @alpine_thistle tho)

* there has been some American Breakfast Discourse 😆

* I remember a nice thread about handwriting

I've seen a lot of us talk about our own fandoms on the local TL, but not much interaction. No fandom overlap, maybe. The downside of small online spaces.

@annathecrow @alpine_thistle I'm pretty used to that lack of fandom overlap 😂 but I enjoy the panfandom stuff anyway :D

@vamp yeah, me too. Even if it's people talking about fandoms I don't care about, it makes the local timeline... homey, I guess. 🙂

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