So I bought a second hand sewing cabinet, picked it up yesterday, very excited cos its made of actual wood and has lots of storage and is sturdy AF and is perfect for my heavy AF 1951 Singer...

Poked around in it last night, due diligence and all that, and goddammit. Borer holes. Inside, where its hard to spot I guess.

So today I'm off to get some shit to begin sorting that out.

So now, instead of a quick tidy up of the top, I'm gonna have to strip the whole thing and treat it and revarnish it or whatever. And I'm wholly unprepared for that kind of work.

But at least it gives me the opportunity to maybe stain it darker, so it more closely matches the colour of the wood old Bernadette (the 1951 Singer) is encased in.

And what the hell, I'll switch the doorknobs and shit, too.

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