@vamp That’s awesome! Congratulations. What language are you learning?
I’ve been learning Spanish, but I haven’t logged in since last year.

@Nightshade Spanish here, too (though I started out learning Klingon). My secret is a goal of 10xp per day. The absolute minimum 🤣

@vamp OMG. I just joined Duolingo this March and am working on a respectable 80 day streak

@runpunkrun the longer the streak the more terrified of breaking it you get 😂 seriously tho, that's all I do, I gave up on the ranking part of the game a long long time ago.

@vamp I got into the diamond league, got the badge for that, and then put on my *owl wearing sunglasses* emoji and stopped caring about the ranking because that shit is brutal.

What language(s) are you learning? I'm doing Japanese.

@runpunkrun I started out with Klingon, but it's been Spanish for a while now.

@vamp I kind of want to give Esperanto a try but I'm already spending too much time on Japanese as it is.

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