Trying to figure out why I suddenly can't read...

Oh right, I've got a migraine*.

* I get migraine with aura, not terribly hurty, but the kaleidoscope psychedelic acid trip visuals can be rather disturbing. Especially when I want to read, dammit.

@vamp ugh i hate that, particularly the times when I DON'T get aura I sometimes take until like the end of day 2 to figure out why I am so incapable/naseated/tired/deaf/vision-impaired/aphasic, I am such a dumbass. (I figure it out faster if I have pain but I more often get migraine WITHOUT pain)

@thene I can see straight now, which is nice, bit of a dull ache in my left temple, now tho. Should probably go to bed 🤕

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