Just darning a hole in my pants while I'm wearing them, no big deal 😂

I had to check to make sure this blog post wasn't from the 80s or some shit.

$10 is a cheap t-shirt, at least where I'm from.

GenX hubby and I still say 'got your viewmaster?' when rattling off lists of things to take when leaving the house. Kids still make WTF faces at us every time.

Trying to explain it to them like 'it's like swiping through a gallery on your phone, but like, really really not'.

Compared to current technology, a seems incredibly pointless.

And I kinda get why they flagged the post they did now. Dean Winchesters denim clad butt...

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This was the frozen veg section of pak n save today.

I have acquired the coolest backpack ever. It'll keep the demons out, too.

:spn: :spn: :spn:

Drink dispenser at Burger King kinda freaked me out

has been locking me out and presenting me with this for months now, no matter how often I input my birthdate.

Perhaps the software simply doesn't believe I was born in the 70's.

This is a tolerable day for the middle of the kiwi summer.

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