Every now and then I get the urge to check mainstream social media to see if is still overrun by toxic teens...

That's why I'm here instead. Cos following that urge never ends well.

antis be like 'donating to AO3 is bad! Fanfic is free!' but apparently fic authors have patreons now and I'm very confused

Ever write a particular rarepair or whatever and just marvel at the massive comment to hitcount ratio? Like, compared to the popular pairings?

Makes me want to write more, because while it gets massively less hits/kudos than the other ones, it makes people happy enough to comment, and that's awesome ❤️

So I've been pretty obsessively working on this prompt comm of mine over the last week. I've modded fic challenges before so I'm not flailing or anything, but I do have a tendency to waffle, longwind, and repeat myself, so I'm slowly tightening all the details. Also making an effort to ensure it's as easy as possible to run the thing.

and the challenge hashtag:

I've just realised that pretty damn soon we're gonna have a whole post-canon era to play in.

AO3: write fic in which characters discover fanworks about themselves

SPN fandom: yeah that's actually canon

After almost 10 years on , and 10+ years using it, I've changed my pseud. Mainly to pre-emptively avoid a possible RL crossover, but also, I was ready to let it go.

Weird feeling, though.

(I'm still vamp everywhere else, of course)

Comment on a fic I last updated in 2012: please update

Me: Bwahahahha! Yeah, nah.

Decided to compile a list of fic stuff to challenge myself with this year. Got a whole bunch of different ships to pull myself out of the two I usually go for, now I'm trying for a list of tropes.

For some reason challenging myself to write tropes I don't do much of is harder than the ships.

Archiving 11yo fic because even if it sucks, I wrote that garbage once upon a time, and it's part of my fandom history dammit.

marchmetamatterschallenge | marchmetamatterschallenge.drea

The March Meta Matters Challenge is focused on not just new meta, but making sure older meta gets a chance to be read and remain a part of fandom history. Join us in March to start archiving your work!

Making myself a wishlist because my old one is way way way out of date.

(probably more of a 'shit I like and shit I don't like' or 'OTPs and NoTPs' list, but whatever)

I'm checking out the profiles of people who have left me kudos.

There are some super awesome and interesting people in .

TFW you're sending your kid Winter Soldier memes when you're not even in the

I live for my daily dose of vicarious fangirling. My most sincere thanks to those who continue to make feel like fandom.


@asya @phyrry @demitas @likealeafonthewind

Kinda related to the read-it-later thing, but more for folks:

How in the hell does one work a 'mark to read later' list of LJ fic? With the 18+ click throughs and shit buggering up any attempt to save to an app its doing my head in.

I've spent the last 3 days drowning in all the in my TBR...

And I've LOVED it. I'm PROUD of it. This is MY .

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