I dreamt about last night. For some weird ass reason I was making wedding outfits for randos which is something I would never ever ever do, so like, maybe it was a nightmare?

I'm getting the urge to make another ugly quilt. There's an old wool blanket in the corner of my bedroom tempting me with the potential for snuggly batting.

I have lots of vintage flannel sheets for backing, but I think my scraps bin is lacking wovens for the top. I'm eyeing the shitload of vintage cord meterage in the stash but it feels wrong to use it for something that should be a scrapbuster.

while half-blind: kind of an adventure...

Reason #78976 why I Will Not sew for money:

My fabric inevitably ends up covered in bunny foof.

I don't have a clue about the rest of the nine, but my first project will be gathered skirt with massive pockets. Something I can faff about the house in the summer in, collect eggs, hold tools, etc etc.

First I've got to make a pattern. You can make one with a big rectangle, but I need a decent skirt block anyway, so I'll be doing that first.

I hate zips, but don't want a full elastic waist, so I'm thinking about fitted front waistband and elasticated back.

thinking about doing this year just to have a reason to make some stuff for myself (instead of all the I do for others)

course, I don't instagram, so I'll probably be doing it all on my lonesome over here

We're not buying wrapping paper this year. We've got some left over from previous years, and we'll use that up, but everything else is going to be wrapped in fabric and fabric bags sourced/made from my ridiculously extensive fabric stash. I reduce my stash, and they're practical given the . Another benefit: way less rubbish at .

Remade an old shirt of hubbys into a pair of cargo shorts for Biscuit, who has been sorely in need of summer clothes. Unpicked the breast pockets and reused them.

Miss13's dress (work in progress)

Still to do: zip & back seam
Facing and armhole bias finish

Pattern: New Look 6262
Fabric: 100% cotton quilting fabrics

I know I retooted it earlier but I've gotta make my own post because fuck yeah


I love using all the scrappy bits of yarn. It makes it look like Hubby's work socks have tartan patches.

The lack of resources for home school uniforms these days is disappointing AF.

This is the fabric we're making Miss13's primary school graduation (WTF BTW) dress out of. Yes its quilting fabric. No we don't care.

So I'm Miss13 a sorta 50's style semi-formal dress for her end-of-primary-school 'graduation', and for a while I've been like, weird, we didnt have any fancy graduation in our day, best we had was an end of year school disco, and I recall I wore bike pants, because it was the late 80s, and bike pants were the new cool thing.

It's all so weird.

a hole in my old comfy fleece trackies. These tiny balls of wool are perfect for this kind of thing.

Wore one of my new tops to visit family today and now I think there's going to be a lot of for other people in my near future.

Which I'm oddly okay with at this point.

In other news, I just made this : doitbetteryourself.club/produc and its awesome (also free). I don't fit OTR t-shirts at all because I'm such a mishmash of sizes but these patterns come with all the detailed instructions on how to get a custom fit, AND NOW I HAVE A T-SHIRT THAT FITS ME PERFECTLY WTF

Spent $9 on a twin needle yesterday only to discover that my machine apparently hates twin needles.

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