SPN 15x13. Spoilers, probably. 

Now I'm like, just itching to put Dean on a plane to Rio.

For, ahem, reasons.

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I have acquired the coolest backpack ever. It'll keep the demons out, too.

:spn: :spn: :spn:

So I've been pretty obsessively working on this prompt comm of mine over the last week. I've modded fic challenges before so I'm not flailing or anything, but I do have a tendency to waffle, longwind, and repeat myself, so I'm slowly tightening all the details. Also making an effort to ensure it's as easy as possible to run the thing.

and the challenge hashtag:

I've just realised that pretty damn soon we're gonna have a whole post-canon era to play in.

I think I finally found the equivalent of HTP, and I'm really pleased about that.

You know what sucks about having to go looking for discord servers instead of discovering them organically?

The ones I find are inevitably full of kids. Like there are 12 year olds there.

(Still looking for a grownup server btw)

Still on the epic search for a friendly fic-fandom-focused server...

spn 15x03 

awesome end to that episode, i love it

#spn meta 

Chuck's first appearance episode was called 'The Monster at the End of the Book'.


So I was watching (TNG) last night and this one bloke was like (about his mother) "she was a Woman of Letters" and I was just like holy shit, Star Trek is in the same 'verse as THAT'S AWESOME

So I finished my yearly entire-series-to-date rewatch last night. As always, now there's the whole 'what the fuck do I do now' period to come.

And I honestly don't know. I've got a season of Preacher to watch, but that'll only take a couple days, and then it'll be like ??? all over again.

Hubby is printing me Baby's original license plate WOOHOO!!

season 5 rewatch. Season finale. When Dean turns up on Lisa's doorstep, he's like a little boy. So... Soft. And lost. 😢❤❤❤

I need something to read this week. I like . Also . I struggle with anything over 50k but will give it a go if it's epically awesome. Also totally read short fic. I don't do destiel, bdsm, ABO, WiP.

TIA ILY you're awesome

Watching 14x20 and I've written this...

in the siren episode of all the strippers have disney princess names

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