SPN 15x13. Spoilers, probably. 

Now I'm like, just itching to put Dean on a plane to Rio.

For, ahem, reasons.

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I have acquired the coolest backpack ever. It'll keep the demons out, too.

:spn: :spn: :spn:

So I've been pretty obsessively working on this prompt comm of mine over the last week. I've modded fic challenges before so I'm not flailing or anything, but I do have a tendency to waffle, longwind, and repeat myself, so I'm slowly tightening all the details. Also making an effort to ensure it's as easy as possible to run the thing.

and the challenge hashtag:

I've just realised that pretty damn soon we're gonna have a whole post-canon era to play in.

Still on the epic search for a friendly fic-fandom-focused server...

spn 15x03 

awesome end to that episode, i love it

#spn meta 

Chuck's first appearance episode was called 'The Monster at the End of the Book'.


Squee the crossover I loved has just updated like 3 chapters all at once!

season 5 rewatch. Season finale. When Dean turns up on Lisa's doorstep, he's like a little boy. So... Soft. And lost. 😢❤❤❤

It's night again. I haven't even watched last weeks episode yet.

A fandom-focused mastodon instance! Holy crap! It's my holy grail! Yay!

I'm actually having trouble articulating right now.

Main account (up till now, I dunno): @vamp@mstdn.io

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