@Venis I made sure I had some really outlandish names on the list so the one I really liked seemed like the best choice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hubby has taken Biscuit to doctor cos he's been sick for three days. Can't be covid, we thought, covid isn't here anymore, cept they're masked up and in the special covid section and Biscuit REALLY doesn't want a cotton bud shoved up his nose but dad's gonna take one for the team and get tested too.

Argh. is tomorrow but I'm sick :( Looks like I'm sending the fam off in the morning without me.

@alpine_thistle I write in 3rd present. Have for years. Its my default/don't have to think about it/like breathing, also, it's fic so I can do what I want :D

@alpine_thistle I once watched a YouTube gardener who gave his corn handjobs (his words) to help with pollination. Does that count?

@hit_the_books singer heavy duty

I ordered it already 😁

@hit_the_books it seized after I brushed lint out and oiled it!? Probably fixable but I'm gonna take this opportunity to buy the shiny new one I've been eyeing.

The old machine was my mother's. If its fixable it'll go to Miss14.


@hit_the_books 'use your real life name and prove it or we lock you out'

Hubby got real-name-policied on Facebook. He's not pleased...

@alis I think I'm past middle aged and I'm still the same!

"Composting in place" 2/2 

@Fritillaria2 they do! Also fun to stick them to a bunny and watch the other bunny eat it off them

@Fritillaria2 we're all lacking in organisation skills here, but the random scraps of paper at least give the wallpaper a break ;)

"Composting in place" 2/2 

@Fritillaria2 cleavers are good weeds around here (plus the bunnies love them)

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