Every now and then I get the urge to check mainstream social media to see if is still overrun by toxic teens...

That's why I'm here instead. Cos following that urge never ends well.

I've had a shitty evening in fandom-on-mainstream-social-media so I'm gonna just hang out here tonight.

Though I'll probably just go down a Pinterest rabbit hole tbh.

@alis oh wow, hell of a blast from the past 🀣

Kids these days, think they invented everything.

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Saw the weirdest thing on the Internet today under the headline "Bike Shorts Have Gone High Fashion!"

The article began 'Bike shorts started with the Kardashians'

Um, no, you weirdo. I was wearing those things in the 80s and they were cool AF.

@Andrea oh I completely get that 😁 it's practically my natural state at this point πŸ˜€

@annathecrow @alpine_thistle I'm pretty used to that lack of fandom overlap πŸ˜‚ but I enjoy the panfandom stuff anyway :D

Hello it's been a while since I've tooted. I'm sure things have changed around here, I'm gonna have a root around and see what fandom on masto is like now :D


- Locked to weed out douchebags and spammers, everyone else is welcome
- Follow requests please have something in your profile so I know you're real

@hit_the_books early days yet, I'm sure I'll come across them sooner or later (or maybe I've already been blockchained for rting pro-shippers). But I'm not afraid of them anymore.

@hit_the_books weirdly, I'm not seeing a whole lot of anti crap. WAY more pro-shippers. Maybe cos new account? Or cos I started out as mutuals with people from the fanexus discord?

But seeing that I was like, okay, I love the show and the fandom is so full of love, I want in.

@hit_the_books I'm kinda a new fan? Seen the excitement on twitter lately re: Bryan Fuller telling antis off? (I didn't go and join twitter, nope I did not you see nothing)

@alpine_thistle one of our girls was laying HUMUNGOUS double-yolkers when she first started.

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