I said this the other day, sorry :( I have a teenager with a straight-sized, woman-shaped body angsting because she thinks she's fat and society tells her fat=bad. So perhaps my explanation for the comment (not excuse) is habit in trying to explain to a beautiful young woman that she is perfect exactly how she is.

BTW. I'm fat. Also short, old, and comfortable, but annoyed that I cannot easily buy clothes that fit my huge backside. So I sew.

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Can you imagine what future time travel stories that mention 2020 are going to be like?

Me: *legit writes "I'd've"*

Computer: That's wrong. Here's a red squiggly line to prove it.

Me: *add to dictionary*

@Juju I have hair envy

(Fat? Noooo. Beautiful, woman shaped, not fat.)


- I'm an adult
- No antis
- Locked to weed out douchebags and spammers, everyone else is welcome
- Follow requests please have something in your profile so I know you're real

Fatigue sucks balls. Being wiped out for the day after doing laundry should NOT be allowed.

I'd much rather wipe myself out by doing something fun, for a start.

@Juju @alpine_thistle holy cow that recently?

This is all very fascinating.

Tit makes sense. Still trying to figure out why breasts are so dumb :/

@Juju @alpine_thistle ooh, which came first? The birds or the body parts?

@alpine_thistle maybe they were named by medieval weirdos who then turned around and named body parts after birds because God forbid they use the real names how naughty

Grr. Made myself stop writing last night even though I was on a roll because sleep, promising myself I'd write this morning but now the words are not happening.

@alpine_thistle there's also a bird called a shag and we giggle but it's not a fuck bird that would be weird

(not a brit but sometimes close enough slang-wise)

@hit_the_books yeah I'm still trying to get back to some kind of normal

@hit_the_books the kids pretty much get themselves out of the house tbh

@tozka I don't think I could face having to backup my DW

Once kids were off to school this morning I set my alarm, thinking I'd get another hour of sleep.

Slept thru alarm. Woke up at 1.30pm.

FFS. I simply cannot adult.

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