@hit_the_books early days yet, I'm sure I'll come across them sooner or later (or maybe I've already been blockchained for rting pro-shippers). But I'm not afraid of them anymore.

@hit_the_books weirdly, I'm not seeing a whole lot of anti crap. WAY more pro-shippers. Maybe cos new account? Or cos I started out as mutuals with people from the fanexus discord?

But seeing that I was like, okay, I love the show and the fandom is so full of love, I want in.

@hit_the_books I'm kinda a new fan? Seen the excitement on twitter lately re: Bryan Fuller telling antis off? (I didn't go and join twitter, nope I did not you see nothing)

@alpine_thistle one of our girls was laying HUMUNGOUS double-yolkers when she first started.

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Sudden wave of comments on some of my old (really old) twific O.O

*cough* Midnight Sun?

Schrodinger's possum during Winston's press conference...


Dear universe. I literally got eight hours solid last night. At 3pm I should not be ready for more sleep.


@gold_pen_leaps oh absolutely, and tbh her school does all sorts of stuff like this, forklift etc, and kids are leaving school with experience and trade qualifications, which is great

But often hilarious πŸ˜‚

Wow. Miss14's school offers a Chainsaw Course.

Teens with chainsaws.


@alpine_thistle *cries* I'm wicked old and have been writing 20+ years

(but also, I just don't really give a crap what I'm 'supposed' to do)

covid NZ, not good 

@PaulfromOz I wondered myself if dormancy or perhaps even high asymptomatic numbers tbh

Holy crap we have covid again. Back to level 2 tomorrow. Must say I had a bit of a freak out when I heard.

@Venis I made sure I had some really outlandish names on the list so the one I really liked seemed like the best choice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hubby has taken Biscuit to doctor cos he's been sick for three days. Can't be covid, we thought, covid isn't here anymore, cept they're masked up and in the special covid section and Biscuit REALLY doesn't want a cotton bud shoved up his nose but dad's gonna take one for the team and get tested too.

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