@fogsrollingin I find this kinda thing ridiculous, like they honestly think Taika and Rhys would be damaged by being RPF shipped?

I'd bet anything they'd find it hilarious.

Just darning a hole in my pants while I'm wearing them, no big deal 😂

I've had one of those 'recovery' days after a big week where I just kind of sleep all day.

Which completely fucks my sleeping patterns, and they were already pretty fucked.

Okay so I'm nocturnal now.

My kid dresses so 90s she could time travel back to when I was the same age and not look out of place.

Which is weird until I remember that in the 90s I was raiding my mum's wardrobe of her stuff from the 60s.

@runpunkrun I started out with Klingon, but it's been Spanish for a while now.

@thene I can see straight now, which is nice, bit of a dull ache in my left temple, now tho. Should probably go to bed 🤕

Trying to figure out why I suddenly can't read...

Oh right, I've got a migraine*.

* I get migraine with aura, not terribly hurty, but the kaleidoscope psychedelic acid trip visuals can be rather disturbing. Especially when I want to read, dammit.

@runpunkrun the longer the streak the more terrified of breaking it you get 😂 seriously tho, that's all I do, I gave up on the ranking part of the game a long long time ago.

@Nightshade Spanish here, too (though I started out learning Klingon). My secret is a goal of 10xp per day. The absolute minimum 🤣

I sleeped for a bit, then got up and made cheese sauce even though I could barely stand because teenagers, man.

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I just fixed a particularly obnoxious leaky tap, I'm a fucking superhero.

It was way more involved than the YouTube videos implied by the way, so I feel particularly accomplished.

Health whinge 

@genXcrone I'm determined to get some shit done today. The kids are home, so I'll be enlisting their able-bodied services to help 😎

But first, I gotta get dressed 😕

Health whinge 

@Fishercat either way I'm not wrong 🤣

Health whinge 

Well, I'm dressed, more or less. Hung laundry, retrieved borer treatment for the sewing cabinet I left in the car yesterday. If the noisy neighbours (the neighbourhood is going to shit lately) will shut the fuck up, I may go out onto the porch and start treating the accessible parts.

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Health whinge 

I have Things To Do today, but even getting properly dressed is like, a lot right now, so I'm procrastinating. It's 2pm.

Shit hurts, and I slept for like, 10 hours, but I could totally sleep again.

And I think my balance is getting worse tbh. I dunno. Maybe it's all in my head 🤔😂

Not want I want to hear as an event mod 

@hit_the_books I don't envy you that at all :(

But at least it gives me the opportunity to maybe stain it darker, so it more closely matches the colour of the wood old Bernadette (the 1951 Singer) is encased in.

And what the hell, I'll switch the doorknobs and shit, too.

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Poked around in it last night, due diligence and all that, and goddammit. Borer holes. Inside, where its hard to spot I guess.

So today I'm off to get some shit to begin sorting that out.

So now, instead of a quick tidy up of the top, I'm gonna have to strip the whole thing and treat it and revarnish it or whatever. And I'm wholly unprepared for that kind of work.

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