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Me: *legit writes "I'd've"*

Computer: That's wrong. Here's a red squiggly line to prove it.

Me: *add to dictionary*


- I'm an adult
- No antis
- Locked to weed out douchebags and spammers, everyone else is welcome
- Follow requests please have something in your profile so I know you're real

Fatigue sucks balls. Being wiped out for the day after doing laundry should NOT be allowed.

I'd much rather wipe myself out by doing something fun, for a start.

Grr. Made myself stop writing last night even though I was on a roll because sleep, promising myself I'd write this morning but now the words are not happening.

Once kids were off to school this morning I set my alarm, thinking I'd get another hour of sleep.

Slept thru alarm. Woke up at 1.30pm.

FFS. I simply cannot adult.

So apparently the new National leader is a Trump fan.

Yeah, that's not good.

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Hey kiwis, the PM says they want to give us a few extra public holidays to help stimulate travel around the country. Sounds like the perfect time to create a public holiday for Matariki, the Aotearoa new year. We have public holidays for the British new year (which happens in the middle of winter there, as Matariki does here) so let's have some for our own too! If you support this, here's a petition you can sign:

#Aotearoa #NZ #Matariki

Oh. My. God.


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Kids are having sponge baths because water is off.

We have stored water, this shouldn't be that hard, but MY GOD sometimes my family don't use their brains.

*fields a million stupid questions*

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Finalized card for Bingo!

I lost the 'anti-logging' (a la The Lorax) prompt when my swapped prompts were re-rolled to fix a duplicated-prompt bug. So sad. But they still turned out really good.

Signups go on through May 23, so there's still a few days left if anyone wants to sign up and get their own card!


Urgh. Woke to panicked husband because flooded bathroom because some pipe sprung a leak.

Upside, the cupboard was due for a clean anyway?

So I've had a couple of write-off days in terms of fandom interaction and writing because I can't face the computer right now, but I've sorted some of my sewing backlog and done some laundry.

Got a phone call on Monday for an MRI on Tuesday, and I guess yesterday was a recovery day, so.

We'll see what today brings.

NZ covid tracer app requires signup. 'data saved only on your device' my ass.

No thanks.

GenX hubby and I still say 'got your viewmaster?' when rattling off lists of things to take when leaving the house. Kids still make WTF faces at us every time.

Trying to explain it to them like 'it's like swiping through a gallery on your phone, but like, really really not'.

Compared to current technology, a seems incredibly pointless.

Wow, ads on LJ are shocking. Fandom stuff still there needs a goddamn intervention.

I had a dream that Miss14 got deaged to like 2 years old and aww it was so nostalgic because she was such a cute little pixie child and she was like, 50% hair.

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IM DYING I just saw an r/NewZealand post that said "I appreciate that the slang term 'rego' is so ingrained in our vocabulary that a government website utilises it to let people know they are in the right place"

We have been registering our car online for like 8 years and we never took note of this.

What I'm thankful for today:

my migraines are pretty, and not like OMG SO MUCH PAIN PLEASE KILL ME

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BP: fine/good
Vision: normal for me
Diagnosis: migraine

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Probably a migraine, apparently, but I've got to go in anyway.

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