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Is there someone you follow on here and you enjoy their posts but you don't want to see their boosts?

Do you wish you could hide their boosts but still see their posts?

You can do this on Mastodon:

1. Log in through the website

2. Go to the profile of the person whose boosts you want to mute

3. Click "..."

4. Select "Hide boosts from..."

If you want to see their boosts again, just do the same thing but select "Show boosts from..."

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Boosts

It's a bloody mess, seriously. 'X mentioned you in their story' Great. Fantastic. But it went poof. Where do I find the damn thing?

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I regularly need to get my kid to help me work Instagram. And I'm no technophobe. When and why did it get so complicated?

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@vamp Merino is an amazing fiber! It's really a beautiful gift of Mother Nature 😍💝 I love the range of natural colors too!

Okay so maybe it's my fault. I went thru a period of clothing the small people in polar fleece cos it was cheap and easy to wash and I was having mental health issues. So I'm not gonna feel horrible about that cos I did what I had to do, but goddammit.

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I cannot understand why certain members of my family are so anti-wool. Wool is fucking amazing. Miss16 is wrapped in cotton trackies and hoodies and acrylic and crap and bitching about being cold and I'm like "here is wool, I have tons, be warm" and she's like "eww scratchy". The kids were always in wool clothes as tiny people, there are no allergies here.

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I bought knee high merino socks at the end of last winter and I've never worn them.


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RIP laundry (no dryer machine), but I can deal.

And I think I have a valid excuse to make that ugly with the wool blanket batting.

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Holy shit it's getting cold now. Might be time to pull out the merino 😁 I cannot express how happy that makes me. Fuck yeah winter.

Started watching last night. I'm really enjoying it. I put it off for ages, maybe cos as an old lady, I feel like I shouldn't be watching all the 'teen' shows...

But who am I kidding. This is totally in my wheelhouse.

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who is orphan_account and why do they have so many fics on ao3

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LB: If you’re used to Twitter, reporting users probably feels like a futile last resort but on fedi, moderation is done by human beings. You don’t need an iron-clad case - reporting rudeness, bad behaviour, or a sketchy vibe can alert mods to potential trouble even if they don’t take immediate action. And remember to check the “forward anonymously to the remote instance” button too

Trying to explain Baader-Meinhof phenomenon to Mr vamp but he keeps insisting "No! It's JUST started, and I'm seeing it EVERYWHERE!"

I dreamt about last night. For some weird ass reason I was making wedding outfits for randos which is something I would never ever ever do, so like, maybe it was a nightmare?

Health whinge 

God, everything hurts.

I'm not happy. Piss off, pain, it's fucking mothers day. Also, I have shit to do.

Happy Mother's Day to me. The fam went out and brought back chocolates and marshmallows (my fave) and baked goods ❤️💕💜

Just watched . Gonna get the kids to zoomer-splain it to me tomorrow because I suspect there's some subtlety that went right over my head. They're always telling me that I don't get zoomer humour. I know it's kinda fatalistic, and perhaps that's the entire point of the movie.

Overall, though, the characters felt real. Like, as a parent, this might be the first time I've seen teens onscreen that seem like real teenagers.

But if I make stuff with the cord it will generate a shitton of scraps...

I'm thinking miniskirts. Perfect wintery bumwarmers.

But first I have to grade my skirt pattern up like 4 sizes because it's stupidly straight-sized.

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