You know. Crispin Freeman voiced Mathias Cronqvist and Hector from Castlevania. He went from being Dracula to serving Dracula to punching Dracula in the face. wikias’ images and galleries are awfully coded and put together and a source of so much stress. I shouldn’t have to resize my window to a certain point to be able to see images instead of just get led back to the exact same page I was on. And this time I legitimately can’t figure out the issue. I think they wanted to do something big with this gallery format, but imo it just makes things unnecessarily complicated and a hassle. Does anyone else have issues?

I love Japanese audio dramas, especially for games that do not have voices/voices are limited.

???? Me with Japanese rn (Media is screenshot of dictionary entry for a Japanese word, CWd for a swear expression)

musings about song lyrics and personal life 

"If a person can’t get out of bed, something is making them exhausted. If a student isn’t writing papers, there’s some aspect of the assignment that they can’t do without help. If an employee misses deadlines constantly, something is making organization and deadline-meeting difficult. Even if a person is actively choosing to self-sabotage, there’s a reason for it"

This is such a good article. CW discussion of ableism

boost if

capitalism is bullshit


you would rather live in a society that was built around giving people their basic living needs for free

I mentally did a whole analysis of KH1 Riku and, the poor boy... I should write it down at some point, somewhere.

Me: I should make a lot of headway in the drawing of (most) all the Belmonts today
Me: (proceeds to spend hours trying to make Simon’s hair look perfectly curvy, and still isn’t done with that by the time he stops drawing for the day)

mild rant on “pretentious” mindset about others’ writing pt3 

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mild rant on “pretentious” mindset about others’ writing pt2 

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mild rant on “pretentious” mindset about others’ writing 

on “social cues” used as an excuse bonus 

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on “social cues” used as an excuse pt3 

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on “social cues” used as an excuse pt2 

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on “social cues” used as an excuse 

mh-, people, rant 

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mh-, people 


Got some Succulent Hogs painted for my tattoo apprenticeship portfolio tonight ✨ 🦔

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