SPN season 10 ep 10, joke 

AU where they just chop off Dean's arm to get rid of the Mark of Cain!

Covid 19, :) 

I'm getting vaccinated tomorrow!

I have no idea how to convey tone in mastodon posts. I feel like my smileys all look sarcastic somehow? Oh well.

I am so out of the fandom loop lately. I haven't seen TFATWS. I'm just chilling... rereading stuff.

I like fandoms that address disability or illness, they don't even have to address it well! I just like it when its already on the table in the text. I can understand why other people might want escapism, but I'm very catharsis focused :)

Commenting on fic, weird experience 

It's a running joke with me and my friends that I have the worst luck leaving ao3 comments. I feel like I must just have bad energy. I once got asked not to ever comment again, and then the parts of the fic I complimented got removed. I still to this day am not quite sure what I did wrong. I checked with my friends and they thought the comment was fine? Put me off commenting for a while.

Writing talk, grumpy 

Forget the shower, I get paragraphs while I'm cooking that I can't remember at all after I wash the chicken juice off my hands to type...

Are fic remixes ok to do?

#wordcount, writing talk 

750 words tonight, only 520 that I wrote today, the rest I transcribed out of my notebook and my phone. Still counts??

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Fic reading, + 

I came back to a fic series I loved a lot after not having read it for years and there were like three more! The author had marked it over, which is why I didnt check back. What a nice surprise!

AO3, not discourse 

So it turns out there was a bunch of archive-locked fic for the tags I like. Idk why I thought I should wait until I wanted to post fic to make an account. Misplaced 2011 energy, I guess

I honestly don't know where else they are going to go with the show, but I'll definitely still watch it.

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Inarticulate squee 

I literally dont care what fandom or ship she writes for i just love her so so much!

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Inarticulate squee 

Author I thought was gone for good is back! She hasnt written anything but shes posting meta again and I hope so so bad shes back, her stuff changed my life!

fic writing 

The vibe I'm hoping to get from my potential reader is "oh my god what is wrong with you"

Aubreyad, weight i guess? 

Also it's kind of funny how the narration goes back and forth between going "Jack Aubrey is the strongest biggest blondest man ever get on a boat, even his sleep is rosy and beautiful", and Stephen ripping him a new asshole for being fat. Very mixed signals...

I'm trying to read the aubreyad, but I don't know enough boat words, so I get super lost any time theres a fight scene. Or basically any scene.

Guess who finally made an AO3 account after years of making my gf email me archive-locked fic!

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