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Think it's really cool how many of the people I've met on mastodon are also autistic. Feels good, feels organic.

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I kind of miss text-based rp. It was a lot of fun when I did it as a teen.

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You either get cancelled in your second season, or air long enough to alienate all your fans.

Life's difficult but fanfic really does make it better!

What's the max title length on ao3? Can I put a whole stanza of a poem in there?

Kind of really bummed I'm not going to be able to watch endgame.

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Has anyone here watched Nirvana in Fire? I have so many feelings!

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Curate your own fandom experience. Stop demanding people read your mind and do it for you.

Wrote 1.2k in my favourite WIP last night, even if I was too sick to sleep!

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My summer goal is to be less shy online. Putting it out here so I'm accountable to myself.

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