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I’m still not getting notifications btw so bear with me taking forever to respond

I tried remote authentication on her page but it threw an error on’s side

I’m trying to follow someone on (hubzilla) but can’t figure out how! Any ideas?

Medici spoilers 

gives me tonal whiplash. Drama! Intrigue! Parties! War! Your dad died like a day ago and your mother hasn’t noticed! More parties!

That is a significant portion of Bradley’s naked body in Medici 204!

Has the internet at large really not seen that adorable deleted scene from 301 where Merlin wears Gaius’ glasses?

gender is a scam invented by bathroom companies in the 1960's in order to sell more bathrooms

unexpected upside to federation: incredibly tedious people self-segregate to their own terrible instances

Some people are like, "I was into that before it was cool!"

I am generally more like, "Eh, I'll get into that five to ten years after it was cool."

Cool yes if anyone was wondering my foot is definitely broken awesome yes driving was an interesting and painful exercise cool

I’m still not getting notifications btw so bear with me taking forever to respond

@wheeflop this is a callout post for anne mccaffrey and her weird issues

I wish the books I read as a teenager were actually good. I have tried rereading several series in the past couple of years and nothing has held up so far

Sometimes I think about the fact that the three most-referenced pop culture films loved by right-wing dudebros are the product of two trans women (THE MATRIX, V FOR VENDETTA) and a gay man (FIGHT CLUB).

Are there any interesting standards (esp fandom related) people are using for the metadata portion of their profiles? I’ve seen links but I’m the same username everywhere so you can figure those out pretty easily

I’m really loving the local timeline thing, makes discovering people and joining random conversations actually enjoyable

Stuff to do in 2019: Bring back 'squick', 'don't like don't read', and 'YKINMKATO' (aka the Kink Tomato).

'I don't like a thing' is *not* equivalent to 'you are not allowed to write about the thing because I don't like it'.

Own your agency, set your boundaries, read the tags, close the tab.

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