A little collection of my past miniatures! @lethe thank you for making me think of it. Turns out it's 4 pictures per post so I'll make a little series. This is my first 4 tins! (The lit-up one is from a kit)

And the next 4 tins! I hadn't realized I'd made exactly 8, actually - the treehouse and the oval tin are in storage so I don't have them all to hand

And the walnuts! My very smallest minis ever and an unmitigated pain to work in, because they wobble all over the place. But really cute when they're done!

And finally, my funny little art studio! Multiple angles because I have no idea how to photograph this one

@withquieteyes I've had no spoons so I'm super late to reply, but know that I really appreciate you lining all of these up for me!!

aah it's so interesting to see them and your range side by side. I'm... very taken by the one with the snowy park on top, and the lil meadow picnic – their perspectives are lovely!

The walnut ones look like they'd take quite some patience. I love how the cat/moon one works with the steep angle of the walnut haha!

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