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I’ve always been open about this—I have schizophrenia. I think you can read about this on my gemini capsule and on my blog etc. etc.

And so it came as no surprise to me that when a close friend recently quit their job with a big firm to practice their trade solo, their whole section came out to their going away lunch.

They said to me, “wow, I must not be a bad person, because all my colleagues came and were nice to me, and asked me for a speech! I have been wrong this whole time.”

And I feel the same way a lot of the time, too—I go around in my life wondering: “Am I a bad person? Am I worthy of praise at all?”

They also reported to me that some random people in public also praised them on the train and said nice things to them as the day went on, yesterday.

There’s something toxic about thinking that any moment we’re going to have all our fears—that stem from institutionalised bullying and oppression—confirmed. My schizophrenia is under control now, because I take medication and have done years of therapy, and I have a great support network. So I am well inoculated now from all the conspiracy theories that everyone hated me and that I was a disgusting person who was unworthy of any kind of kindness.

This is a long fucking weird ramble now—but I suppose my point is that each of us is worthy of love, kindness, and respect. And we need to be open to actively listening more, and being kinder, and gentler, and more patient with ourselves, others, and our involuntary experience of reality.

Obviously this opens me up to the charge of ‘oh vidak, you’re just singing your stupid kumbaya song again’, but fuck it. I know who I am, and I know my attitude to life and my friends works pretty well right now.

And here’s the sting in the tail: don’t let the network effects of social media storms define who you are, and what you say. We are meatspace creatures first. And really, that’s all toxic emotions that stem from the fediverse are: social media storms. It could be that the network is controlling us instead of the other way around.

Why is it so important to ‘win’ an argument? Furthermore, why do we always try and win this argument through a social media storm that tries to chase people off the internet?

Fun fact, I have eaten crow. It's not bad. Tastes like seagull.

How do I help my wife find an administrative type job in the area that understands people actually need to be given time to DO their work?

You can't just throw tasks at them all day and expect them to have any time to actually DO the tasks!


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I feel like all these decentralized services are just attempts to get the largest user base and then monetize it.

Why don't all of you just get behind the best model currently available and try to build on that instead of diversifying the gene pool so much? Most people aren't going to be able to keep up, or care.

I'll pose this question directly at @snikket_im since you're the latest to hit my radar.

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I want to build a custom ramp for my that will be used on a staircase that has a 90° turn.

Are there any other pupper parents that can point me at some ideas or blueprints? 🐕

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If I could, I’d have a cup full of advanced gg while driving a Ford sedan while shouting Darn Heck Butt Fudgers.

That way I could Focus in my Focus while Faux-Cussing

There are many wonderful perks to having this puppy but one of my favorites has got to be when she can’t figure out if a fart is coming from her or the chair.

Tried to setup my mail server again.

Every time I expose my firewall via DNS, it gets hammered by something/someone and inevitably, I end up with multiple interruptions to Internet connectivity per hour.

As soon as I remove the DNS records and the change propagates, instantly back to ... yanasi.blog/2021/07/16/tried-t

Crowd-sourcing law enforcement seems like a good idea!

Someone hit me in the head with a frying pan so I can be sure I'm alive...

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how about idiots get the vaccine and we can forget about this whole thing

I want to build a custom ramp for my that will be used on a staircase that has a 90° turn.

Are there any other pupper parents that can point me at some ideas or blueprints? 🐕

You're free to not get vaccinated!

You're also free to get sicker and die faster, from the variants.

Blame the misinformation peddlers and the willful disregard for science!

I am sorry it had to end this way. You had potential.

Why do some of you get so upset if I don't have pronouns listed on my profile?

Shouldn't I be just as able to choose not to be identified using specific pronouns?

I may not agree, but I'm still interested to know.

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billionaire space race, oversized skeet shooting, it all depends on perspective

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If I favorite and then un-favorite (screw you auto-correct, I'm not typing it again) a toot, will the notification still get sent to the tooter?

i.e. I can use that as a method of acknowledgement without filling up my favs?

Trying to cut your head off with a chainsaw and failing has got to be super bad for morale.

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leather armour is the best for stealth characters because it is made from hide
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