I feel like all these decentralized services are just attempts to get the largest user base and then monetize it.

Why don't all of you just get behind the best model currently available and try to build on that instead of diversifying the gene pool so much? Most people aren't going to be able to keep up, or care.

I'll pose this question directly at @snikket_im since you're the latest to hit my radar.

Happy to answer! Snikket is built on top of existing open standards (XMPP is a mature IETF-approved open protocol) and is built from (and contributes back to) existing open-source projects.

The primary purpose of our project is growing and supporting that ecosystem. The only monetization is via donations and our hosted service (which you are free to migrate from at any time).

Hope this helps, happy to answer anything in more detail if you still have questions! 🙂

A clarification that our *primary* purpose is more simply communication freedom for people. We believe that growing open standards and open source solutions are the way to achieve that.

@snikket_im would you say that your goal is secure, communication freedom for society? What about Matrix? That's been around for a while and depending on what I've read, seems to be either stagnating or the best protocol out there.

Yes, that's the goal.

Of all the alternatives, Matrix/Element is certainly the most similar to Snikket in principles. There are various reasons we prefer XMPP - maturity, simpler technical design, and well-established governance model to name a few.

However any open protocol becoming the primary means of communication online will be a win as far as we're concerned!

Although it often seems like secure messaging apps are popping up from every corner of the internet, beyond XMPP/Matrix very few of them are truly open and free - i.e. allowing users a choice of independent service providers (including self-hosted), and choice of software.

These things can only be achieved with open standard protocols.

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