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"You keep using that word. I do not think it means, what you think it means."

Dear my employer and their 401K scam,

In order to retire at age 70, and you know I'd love to work to 80 but let's be realistic...

I need another $3,378 per month, contributed to my 401K - and that's IF the whole sham doesn't fall apart!

Please advise...

If I favorite and then un-favorite (screw you auto-correct, I'm not typing it again) a toot, will the notification still get sent to the tooter?

i.e. I can use that as a method of acknowledgement without filling up my favs?

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Global Situation, bleh 

we have gotten to the point where the real world has bond villains that were rejected because their plans were to over the top.

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"haha, rats are so dumb for falling into a trap"
"A giant empty room in Doom with an optional item at its center? Probably just a weird level design decision"

I'm so glad I was only one of two parents to keep their children fully remote for the remainder of the school year.

Think what you want of me. There's no way would I take the chance of my children being infected.

If you're searching for an identity, the DMV is a much less painful and expensive way. Plus, you might get to keep your eyeballs!

Most of you type, way more than I even think. It's giving me a complex!

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I used to be a little ashamed of just how much I was winging it in daily life. Getting older I realize *everyone* is, and always was, and probably always shall be winging it, so…

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Can anyone help me figure out why Gluon for Android won’t attach a picture and can’t open my camera?

I’ve given the right permissions and even reinstalled the app and given it a new app token.

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Corgis, one of the most adorable dog breeds (shut up, they objectively are) are believed to be of the Fae in welsh mythology.

The name itself is old welsh for "Dog of the dwarfs"

Welsh legends tells that the breed Pembroke Welsh Corgi were used by the fairies of Tywyth Teg the same way as humans used horses; as steeds and to pull carts and plows.

They legend says humans gained corgis when 2 children stumbled upon the funeral procession of a fairy warrior. As the children showed proper deference and manners they were awarded the warrior's 2 steeds to help on their farm.

It is said if your cogi often bites people then you should put a collar containing a bit of iron or steel on it will tame the fae dog.

#folklore #dogsOfMastodon #corgi #welsh #fae #fairies

What does the tag on profiles accomplish?

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"The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt."

-- Bertrand Russell

Look man, I’ve got the power and trajectory calculations of the cow-a-pult so they’ll land in the safety net. As long as your cows are perfectly spherical, frictionless, and launched in a vacuum.

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If this isn't a simulation, why does everyone act like an NPC?

@Ashkaztra Hi! I'm new here and saw your profile. I have to ask, what is "the Wraith obsession"?

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