Okay, so where's the best place to go for hubzilla instance owner support group type stuff?

I get the feeling I'm always on discord too late. Goddamn timezones. I also often forget to go to discord.

I have no idea how to install addons and I'm pretty sure the list of apps in the fanzilla repo is like, EVERYTHING whereas I only want the same ones that are here, for example... I'm sure that there's a 'what to do after you install hubzilla' list around here somewhere but I can't remember where.

In positive news, making schemes is fairly straightforward. \o/
I didn't want to bother anyone tbh

I really kinda suck at asking for help

@vamp It’s been awhile since I did any of the setup stuff so it’s not super fresh in my mind, but I will help where I can!

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