Well my back issue was actually sciatica ... which is a new one for me.

Last week I spent all afternoon outside on my porch because it was the first truly nice, bearable weather we'd had in a while. It is a different chair than my desk chair. One I only sit in usually long enough to smoke a cigar. But last week I decided to grab my laptop and do some #writing outside. When I got up from the chair after writing non-stop for several hours I could barely move ... and it's continued since.

I have been trying everything but so far ICE and tons of #CBD has been the only thing that finally gave me any relief after a week. It's still pretty painful but I can finally stretch properly and move without wanting to cry. Sleeping comfortably is a whole different story. I'm going to keep icing it and hopefully by the end of this week I might be semi-pain free.



Glad you're getting some relief from the pain! (Why does it have to take so long for bodies to heal... 😭)

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