This would be my main post, which I will use to tell you all how awesome you are!

#the spirit of adventure, is this how to use a tag as a kind of whisperspace?

or is his a better way to do it? under erasure as the deconstructionists say?
though fwiw I'm not a deconstructionist, i'm a formalist
@vamp but anyone else too--is this super obvious but why are some comments limned in blue on the side and some not? In this thread, vamp is, above; in others, other people are...

@cesperanza @vamp
I think it's b/c some of you are on hubzilla and some (like me) on Masto?


@bastlynn oh! I see it now, I think. Nah the blue line thing is a hubzilla thing with like which comment you're linking to, as if they were individual toots (from your perspective) @cesperanza @vamp

@vamp @cesperanza @vamp
There definately seems to be some sort of wierd threading / not-threading thing going on. I'm gonna have to go divind into documentation. (I really don't want to do a pull request to either of these projects to fix stuff but lord help me I WILL if there's not a fix.)

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