When you move around a bunch, inevitably you end up with that one box that hasn't been unpacked in over a decade. And... what's even IN there? I don't know any more! It's a mystery. :O Place your bets...

I updated the summary and whatnot on Out of Time now that it no longer has to exclude all possible spoilers. I wonder if it will change my viewership any...

I guess I'll just figure it out on my own then, [$ORGANISATION]! I'm sure I won't break anything! >_>

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Is it just me who really, really, really hates being told that if I want to see the "help" I have to watch a 20-minute video when the information I want to know could be contained in a single freaking paragraph? (I dislike videos in general, other than actual story-videos such as films. They're not quite the worst way of imparting information to me, but almost. SO. PAINFULLY. SLOW.)

Real life is organisationally wacky right now (as in, the wheels abruptly flew off the small cart that is my schedule, and everything is annoying). But, I do after all still have fics to write. Reforged is probably the primary target, bu-ut I might also just try and do something super chill like another chapter of Drift.

The trouble is... I'm kind of bad at chill...

If anyone's interested, I also updated the LoZ chapter of the Personal Canon & Fanon doc I keep on AO3. I...
- Replaced Out of Time spoiler notes with the actual Out of Time spoilers they were placeholders for, now that the story is told.
- As promised, wrote out the full actual meanings of the Out of Time prophecies, so you guys can see what the characters didn't.


By the Golden Goddesses, I did it! Out of Time is FINISHED! We finally finally see all of the scenes I have been building up to for months!


AO3: archiveofourown.org/works/3264
FFN: fanfiction.net/s/13922013/25/O

I will be posting today! But it might be a little bit late... just hang in there!

I could have called this chapter Total Eclipse of the Hope.

I didn't.


(It's possible I've had my metaphorical pen to the page for too long...)

In other news, I am doing amazingly well on the huge final chapter of Out of Time. I'm honestly surprised at myself! It might actually post tomorrow!

6,178 words and counting...!

I finally threw my hands up and sorted out local script injection for AO3. (Praise be to Violentmonkey!) Now at least I have some control over the default landing pages.

(Tell me it's not just me who does this for around 24 hours after posting a new chapter...)

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Stat counters refresh
Reader numbers tick upwards
Ardil has no life.

The next chapter of Out of Time will most likely be the last, unless it's the second-last. And oh boy is it going to be something. I mean, just take a look at all the things I already established in A Hunger to Swallow the World...

The nice thing about fiction is that you can occasionally scream at physics and make it go away.

The even nicer thing about reality is that no matter how much anybody screams, physics doesn't go away. And I hereby invite all screamers to test this by walking off the top of a very tall building while firmly disbelieving in gravity. ~<3

The power imbalance between a mortal and a god with a crush on them is pretty freaking major. I (and they) don't really have time to get into that, but it sure is something.

Whoa whoa whoa, I actually made it! Read Out of Time Ch. 24: Aloft, actually posted this week, wherein a whole bunch of land is ripped out of the ground and dragged into the sky!
AO3: archiveofourown.org/works/3264
FFN: fanfiction.net/s/13922013/24/O

For those new to this mess, it's my Skyward Sword fix-it series; this is the prequel, wherein we learn how we got into the mess we must have got into.

And that's despite my getting super distracted by trying out Hob (which is great, by the way)!

This upcoming chapter is super hard. I know everything that happens, but actually threading all the little event beads onto a coherent narrative thread is a pain in the proverbial. Will it be finished by Posting Time and let me have a chapter up next week? Only the Goddess of Time might know, and somehow I don't think she's telling...

# fanfic

(Currently working on: Out of Time.
AO3: archiveofourown.org/works/3264
FFN: fanfiction.net/s/13922013 )

(I'm still working out how best to include links in the flow of text. Lemme know if you have any good ideas.
Also... by all the stars, that was a while back. As it is said, "I was old.")

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I love that people are still hunting down and reading
Reincarnation. Really, I love you. But... when you've read
Reincarnation (and hey, it ain't bad), could you maybe think this author might have other stuff worth checking out and read something a touch newer? Like less than 20 years old?

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