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So I never did an but I probably should, so...

I'm Alis! I'm an and I love and so I write books about monsters. I also sometimes (very rarely) draw, and (mostly) play way too many .

I'm also the admin of, a small centric Masto instance, inspired by the exodus and aimed at , , , and other general fannish content. (Also cat photos.)

So... hi!

Look I have so many reservations about BLOODLINES 2 but in this one thing, at least, I am content: they're bringing back... THE DANCE.

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I've discovered I have a really specific squick for pinching in fic. Like, that thing where characters will ~playfully~ pinch one another, usually on the flank, to show disapproval.

Like... is this a sibling thing? Cultural? Because I've never encountered it and honestly if someone tried to do it to me they'd be getting a fist in return.

(It might also be triggering my physical consent boundaries? Like, I have *such* a negative reaction to seeing it, when it's really not that "serious", so...)

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facebook monopoly money 

Cleaning up some badly imported comments at my blog, and it's wild just how much Tumblr activity has dropped off since they did The Thing...

facebook, death, big (---) 

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YYYY-MM-DD is the only valid date format

Now I'm being reminded of the huge annual swarms of bogons and Christmas beetles we used to get when I was a kid, and now don't, because of that whole "all the insects are dying and y'all didn't notice" thing, I guess...

Posted WiPs of this guy before, but here it is again with its pencils mostly done.

This was also my other thing I was going to paint at Continuum, but never got around to because lol finishing things what even is that?

(Incidentally, the pre-digital historical precedent for this sort of thing also fucking sucked. Just, like. In case you were wondering: )

So in my Space Demons book (that I'll totally get around to posting soon I swear), one of the little bits of side-fluff is that every galactic megacorp has its own "in-game currency", i.e. a digital token that's used on its worlds and, well...

Is it really “making a mess” when the mess itself is soap?

TIL Takashi Miike directed a magical girl tokusatsu show and now I 100% need to watch it.!

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thinking about these little portable scissors my friend has that are really cute

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My poor tiefling rogue, Skaira, found out last session that not only is the party in the perfect position to piss off TWO clashing crime lords, but he also apparently has a doppleganger tied in to one of them.

Thanks to everyone waiting on art so patiently. The last couple of weeks have been super tiring and long. I promise this was just a quick stress-reliever. Updates on all outgoing work tonight!

#conceptart #dnd #tiefling #rogue #illustration

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Been doing some d&d lately, so i wanted to share a doodle of my aarakocra bard!

#d&d #aarakocra #mastoart

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New books! Mostly my haul from Continuum, plus one Kickstarter reward.

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