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So I never did an but I probably should, so...

I'm Alis! I'm an and I love and so I write books about monsters. I also sometimes (very rarely) draw, and (mostly) play way too many .

I'm also the admin of, a small centric Masto instance, inspired by the exodus and aimed at , , , and other general fannish content. (Also cat photos.)

So... hi!

And also there's apparently a non-commercial version of cheerleading but that the company behind the commodified version sued the organisation over naming rights, so now they have to call themselves something different:

TIL cheerleading in America is so ubiquitous basically because it's a commodified monopoly that makes one single company a craptonne of money:

I don't know why I'm surprised, but...

Watching fish videos on YouTube has got me in the mood to do a big ol’ spring clean on the tanks…





tfw when you hit a big long-ass text post

read it halfway

think "oh right idgaf"
hit j

and move on

nsw fires 

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favs can have a little problematic, as a treat

Peak Bougie is being given a cup of cold lemon water and Kafka quotes to sip while you wait for the clerk to come sell you hand cream.

I had a dream I adopted a stray pet galah for some reason and we went to the pet store to buy it a “sleeping cage” (it was going to be free range when we were home) but the aisles of the pet store kept shifting and every time we found one bird cage we could never find it again.

Obviously this is my subconscious telling me it’s shitty to keep large parrots as pets.

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I actually almost bought one once ages ago, but as I was looking at it, the shop assistant came up to tell me about how it ~cleaned energy~ by ~releasing ions~ or whatever, and I had to nope tf out on principle.

Alright, so... having purchased my waterbottle-with-the-crystal in it, my next Embarrassing I-Don't-Think-It's-Magic-I-Just-Think-It-Looks-Cool Confession is that I want one of those giant salt crystal lamp things.

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