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So I never did an but I probably should, so...

I'm Alis! I'm an and I love and so I write books about monsters. I also sometimes (very rarely) draw, and (mostly) play way too many .

I'm also the admin of, a small centric Masto instance, inspired by the exodus and aimed at , , , and other general fannish content. (Also cat photos.)

So... hi!

I finally got to see the ocean in person... she's just as pretty as I imagined she'd be

💙 🌊 💙


Some work I did for a recent episode of the Ninth World Journal podcast!
#art #mastoart #CreativeToots

I mean it's not as memorable as "coffeeshop AU" but I think it could catch on?

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My niche fanfic genre is "flawed adults being competent and collaborative at their high-stakes-yet-surprisingly-boring bureaucratic jobs, even-and-especially when they don't like each other much."

... I can never play another game on Steam ever again.

I actually don't mind dark *interfaces*, but any large block of text (particularly any large block of text II am typing in)? Yeah no. Dark-on-light all the way.

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As someone with severe astigmatism, I am begging every developer out there; please please please stop freakin designing every damn thing in dark mode.

til the term "electrocution" is a portmanteau of "electrical execution" and originally referred to the electric chair


Possibly the most appropriately meta music/videoclip combo ever produced...

Aah, yes, we're up to the point in the story where I need to Google "how to properly flay a human cadaver" and it's like... maybe we can just fudge this one instead?

My favorite one this time was the "about how many hours a day have you spent playing videogames in the last week?" question.

It's like... mate, I'm on leave at the moment it's bold of you to assume I've been doing literally anything else.

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My Thoughts On Videogames: Let Me Show You Tiem.

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*gets to the end of the content in a game's closed beta*

CREDITS SCREEN: Would you like to fill in this survey about your experiences?

ME: (cracks knuckles) Hope you're ready for an essay, mate!

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