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So I never did an but I probably should, so...

I'm Alis! I'm an and I love and so I write books about monsters. I also sometimes (very rarely) draw, and (mostly) play way too many .

I'm also the admin of, a small centric Masto instance, inspired by the exodus and aimed at , , , and other general fannish content. (Also cat photos.)

So... hi!

... ah yes I see now that I am playing le Final Fantasy game.

... ew there were mushrooms in my potplant and I smooshed them and now my rooms smells like mushrooms.

Also I doubt this is why they specifically changed Urianger's VA for the English version, but it does kinda... add to the whole thing.

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... gasp you big traitor!

Also I'm kinda into the way they made, like, the protagonist from the intro movies the antagonist in this arc. It's clever.

So. Much. Baking going on with everyone stuck in their houses.

Our friend who lives next door made us sourdough fruitloaf and omg I'm not even super into fruitloaf but it is A++.

... also I can't believe it's taken me this long to think of turning all the ridiculous visual effects filter options on during cutscenes.

Update: I made the cookies.

Addendum: I ate so many cookies.

Coda: ... I feel sick.

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Also now thanks to @lj_writes and @alpine_thistle I am now watching this guy absolutely destroy himself with too-spicy ramen:

is today a cookie baking day?

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Right, I 've never posted my profile pic 👀

☀️ Amaterasu, the Shining Light ☀️
(from SMITE)

#pixelart #mastoart #art


Reading the NAME OF THE ROSE and man that went from like tedious history lesson to baby-eating demon worship right quick…

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Old term: dad jokes.

Updated terminology: corny on main.

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