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So I never did an but I probably should, so...

I'm Alis! I'm an and I love and so I write books about monsters. I also sometimes (very rarely) draw, and (mostly) play way too many .

I'm also the admin of, a small centric Masto instance, inspired by the exodus and aimed at , , , and other general fannish content. (Also cat photos.)

So... hi!

... hey wait wut I don't remember this cutscene from TSW?

I remember the *quest*, but not... this?

So I started playing SECRET WORLD LEGENDS again and... it's sticking this time? Like I think I've finally gotten over my "it's not like TSW!!!" enough to start to enjoy it for what it is, rather than what it's not?

Or option 4: Use a random tutorial on Teh Interblargs to fix your immediate issue, de-necessitating an immediate upgrade.

(I still need to rebuild the damn thing, but... uuuuuuuugh.)

... oo-oo-or Option 3, the release upgrade fails due to an unsupported kernel version.

So... build something new from scratch it is. Ugh. Good thing I have a week off work, I guess...

Welp... it's gotten to the point where I absolutely have to do a release upgrade on my VPS. So-oo-oo... either this works, or tomorrow I'm rebuilding my VPS!

(The backup is, like, totally 99% error-free I'm like 90% sure! It'll be fi-ii-ii-ine!)

At my parents’ house while they watch their Turkish historical melodrama thing and:

1. these Ye Olde Turks sure knew a thing or two about glamping, and

2. this show needs to have a Hat Off with KINGDOM to determine once and for all which show has the most lit hats.


iTunes random playlist it's too early in the morning for you to do this to me...

Guess who's on...


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hi there!

i'm a 30-something mess, queer, autistic & latinx.
i've been around since ye olde LJ times. i have a deep deep complicated love for the dragon age franchise, assorted fantasy worlds (harry potter!) & the occasional sci fi franchise (star trek!). i'm also a big literature nerd & i'm trying to get myself to write more.

i'm still figuring out mastodon etiquette but feel free to talk to me :)

New Mastodon Registration Mode: Reverse Survivor.

It's like approval mode except approvals are voted on by the public and you have 24 hours to argue your case and accumulate more acceptances than rejections to get voted onto the island.

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(Also worth noting that physically sculpting anything in that household is kinda terrifying because the Mum is one of those people who makes those super extra cakes with all the modelling chocolate statues and whatever all over them.)

Making a Play-Doh dragon for your friends’ kid is Art™, right?

(The strips around his legs are “belts” added by said kid, who is apparently like the budding reincarnation of Rob Liefeld.)

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Really doubt the calm is going to last more than any boar or goat or auroch—the flavor something sigyn has.

So I used to have this script that would ping me on Discord when I sold books on Amazon (it helped track marketing KPIs, back when I cared about that) but the API is part of their advertising affiliate program and apparently because I wasn't "converting enough sales" they disabled my account.

Nice, A'zon. Cheers.

New thesis: The rise of anti culture as a side-effect of the hyper-commodification of cultivated fandom identity by capital, with specific reference to the pre- and post-Disney eras of the Star Wars and Marvel fandoms.

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