I heard there was a secret glitch
That David showed his fans on Twitch
But you don't really care for speedruns do ya?
It goes like this--sprint forth, step back,
The double jump, the strong attack,
The baffled physics passing walls right through ya

every time an archaeological article unfoundedly decides that a manmade object was for ritual purposes, a mixing bowl gets its wings

How can you expect any of the Imperial techs to fix their base's integration when Palpatine just up and changed the epoch?? They've got their hands full trying to patch the ship guidance and docking systems so people don't die; the databases can wait!!!

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Star Wars characters are constantly like, "We need to tap into their central database to find XYZ!"

"Central database" my ass, they guaranteed have at least a dozen unique database servers running on different software, the retrieval filtering is useless bc nobody bothered with input validation, none of them interface properly with each other, and at least one (optimistically) is down for maintenance.

I'm attempting to learn how to fly in Elite: Dangerous, and so far that's mostly consisted of accidentally vert-thrusting into unseen objects, getting hopelessly turned around, and then being persistently wrecked by training droids bc I can't aim or steer to save my life.

I adore it. 100% serious, I can feel the skill curve and it's going to take some serious work just to become passable, but I can also tell how rewarding the flight will be once I get there.

I love fans. I love people loving things, and loving those things together. Loving things *for* each other that they might not have loved on their own. The world sucks, but people remain beautiful despite it.

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It's not that broader-scale fandom doesn't have that too, too an extent, but it takes a very specific sort of person to carve out their own little corner of a fic archive and keep creating things for—in all likelihood—nobody but themselves. To be content with the act of creation. And, as a result, communities of those sorts of fans tend to be really actively and mutually supportive in ways that just... make me smile

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I absolutely adore rarepair exchanges... you get a cross-section of fans who are just unabashedly doing their own weird thing, and getting excited about everyone else's weird things

Goofus misses 100% of the shots he doesn't take.

Gallant takes his shots, gets them back from the lab, and discovers—having forgotten he was shooting on a camera with averaged rather than spot metering—that he's missed most of his anyway.

Goofus laughs to the tune of 75¢/frame.

Sick new indie game where halfway through playing you're prompted for an oldschool check-the-manual DRM answer, except instead of putting it in the manual I've hidden it in the Terms & Conditions and never told you where

Look, say what you will about EA as a publisher, but they've perfected a unique flavor of soul-crushing bug—at some point I have to admit that tragicomedy is a legitimate art form

In totally unrelated news, I think it's time to boot up Ultima VII again

I'm all for being economical given the film shortage but please, I just want to take these to the lab, I'm running out of night shots I can justify as exposure tests 😰

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Getting extra exposures on a roll of film during a trip: Beautiful, glorious, heaven smiles upon me

Getting extra exposures while trying to finish a roll after getting back: Cruel! Unjust!! Personally attacked by Minolta in my own home!!!

My fatal flaw as a writer is that if I introduce a horse for more than two sentences, that's it, the horse is a capital-C Character now. It has a backstory. Welcome to MXTX Saddle Club.

dated memes 

电脑 crash 'em all 2022
I am trash them

Hey folks! I'm Archon, or Arc when the character count gets dicey—artist, author, film photographer, vehement queer, and exasperated computer whisperer.

This is my goofy little fan account, where you'll find me puzzling out hyperspace travel times, chatting about game design, or coming up with convoluted new ways to make the barbie dolls kiss. My tastes vary, but you can definitely expect chatter about Star Wars (particularly BBY-era), Final Fantasy IV & VII, and Yu-Gi-Oh: DM.

It's taken years since my first try, but I finally played all the way through Jedi: Fallen Order and I've got... complicated feelings.

There are sections of legitimately brilliant gameplay and art direction, once you get past the level design and control mechanics tripping over each other. It's a damn shame that the front sections struggle the way they do because once the game finds its stride it's absolutely phenomenal.

Idk though, I'm kind of interested in the possibilities for a piece centered around Kenobi, Cody, Din Djarin, and Boba Fett. Not sure if I'd go for interwoven stories across the divide of years, or just bite the fandom-cliche bullet and time-travel it (alas I love time travel), but there's some real interesting space to play with those four. Especially in terms of Mandalorian culture and what it means to be Mando'ade

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Ever since I finished watching Book of Boba Fett, the low but persistent urge to write Star Wars fic has started to nag at me again... I've got lots of scattered scenes and half-planned drafts from over the past decade, but I've never really hit on the right story, so it's the sort of thing I pick at a few times a year and then set down for a while.

Who would win in a fight, me or one throwaway, single-session ship layout for my Force & Destiny campaign?

[scribbles out a section of the map and just writes, "idk man, people sleep here in some nightmarish, presumably non-euclidean configuration; if you look too hard at the doors throw a fear check and wake an hour later halfway across the ship"]

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