I've got an appointment before I can really catch up on my feed and in messages. But I do mean to post more here! I gotta get on that

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Life has been busy, I forgot to post here!

Recently I finished Kamen Rider OOO and man it was so good
(That finale messed me up)

Yor and Loid have me by the throat, i love this ship

Recent art I did, just in time for kiss day too! 💋 ☠️ 🌹

Been hard at work coding for my site these days

One thing I don't talk about as much is how much I am a sucker for sound effects in games and anime. Love myself some sound design and hearing SFX that I recognize in other things that are from a shared sound library. (Either that sound library is something internal or something that's licensed out)

I am very easy to make freak out with joy if i recognize a sound effect of a thing i love in another thing XD

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Organization for Transformative Works under attack from malicious actor/s 

Just been reading this update by OTW.

Fecking hell, this is terrible.

Mentions of CESM at the link

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who is orphan_account and why do they have so many fics on ao3

Thinking about what to write for my next fic

Planning to watch gundam wing sometime soon

A doodle I still seriously love!
Harlock loves his wife

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Daily Sketch 04-27-2022

I used to fish with my friend.
I still do--but I used to, too.

I miss him. I guess I should work on my aim.

Man I'm so excited for the doan's island gundam movie

Mr. Zone from Endless Orbit SSX! He's my favorite Harlock villain.

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I owe Cutie Honey and Speed Racer for getting me into old anime. If it weren't for them I wouldn't be here in this box of VHS tapes today!

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