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Lately I've been catching up on I haven't watched, but wanted to. Normally, I watch comedy, scifi, fantasy, historical drama. My favorites are dramedies or dark comedies. I have a soft spot for great cinematography.


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Got so into my 11th Doctor rewatch that I (almost) forgot I had 2 Ms. Marvels, and Irma Veps to watch, as well as a whole new season of Umbrella Academy.

What to watch first? ☂️🦸‍♀️🦇

Please tell me Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead Or Alive has become an unofficial part of the fandom. It's so corny and I know there is a lot of cowboy fanfic/fanart out there. It cracks me up ever time I hear it on my playlist.

On my last watchthrough I skipped 11. I didn't gel with the turn the writing took or even the casting of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan even though they both are good actors. It's much the same as others felt about 13, though mostly less sexist?

I am finally rewatching 11's episodes. I did love River Song. There were some very good eps. The heartfelt speeches don't bother me as much as they did the 1st time.

Meeting the companions as kids still bugs me. Also, poor Rory.


Thought I'd take a crack at best sci-fi per decade, sounds fun. The 90's and 80's were difficult to choose.

20's Metropolis
30's ?
40's ?
50's Godzilla, King of the Monsters!
60's 2001: A Space Odyssey
70's Stalker
80's Back To The Future
90's 12 Monkeys
00's Primer
10's Thor: Ragnarok
20's Don't Look Up

High Fidelity (2000) 

3rd or 4th rewatch. Been a few years since I watched this. This was the first movie I saw Jack Black act in.

My Impressions: Top 5 things about High Fidelity

1 Jack Black steals the show

2 The soundtrack/music references rock

3 Best John Cusack role, suits his personality

4 Love seeing Lisa Bonet as an indie rocker

5 All the other supporting actors are so good in this, makes me forget I don't really like JC

Rutherford Falls (spoilers) 

Was so excited to see that Rutherford Falls was back. Then I finished it in 3 days.

Bobby Yang running for mayor reminds me of Parks and Rec's Ben Wyatt. I bet the writers (many being the same) did that on purpose. I'm sure they'll be a better mayor than Ben. But still, Ice Town Costs Ice Clown His Town Crown.

Love Nelson. The actor is so funny on Reservation Dogs, happy to see him here as well.

Back To The Future III 

This was my favorite of the 3 as a kid. I used to love the old west.

My impressions:

Clara is a better female character than any other BTTF women. Funny, well rounded, a good match for Doc, I like her.

Why is Buford's gang so grimy? I have thoughts, but not enough space to rant.

The old west is such a fun but super problematic era.

Why even hire Elizabeth Shue? At least give her a bigger part.

I still love the nod to old school time travel at the end.

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I keep wanting to write stories with new original characters. Or work on new original art. But then I start writing/drawing those dang pirates again.

My latest problem: maybe I'll write a story about college and gender. *Writes a basic outline* But what if Blackbeard did this? *Starts new pirate story instead*

Fandom Inclusion, finding friends -health 

I keep hearing people talking about how welcome they feel in the fandom. I feel the opposite. It's likely my fault as I'd been isolated for 10 years, with severe migraines. I may not know how to interact well, I guess. But, when I do interact I feel unseen, often ignored.

It keeps me from trying too much. I really want to find a group who I can talk to, make friends in.

I was hunting for a show to watch and saw Irma Vep. I'd never even heard of the movie. The 1st/2nd episodes were interesting.

I like French film and tv and I enjoy shows that dissect or skewer hollywood. I was drawn in by the period drama filmed in-show. It's sultry and mysterious, very old timey alluring with a dash of supernatural.

The hollywood angle has the cattiness of the show Episodes, which could be fun if done well. This is less lol, more dry-wit.

Back To The Future II 

"Where we're going we don't need roads." My 2nd favorite of the trilogy. As a kid, I liked them in reverse order. I enjoy the 1st now more than I used to.

My impression:
2015 with predictable weather, real hover boards, and voice activated everything. Sweet.

I see similarities between Idiocracy and the imagined future/present.

Rickier and Mortier.

So much foreshadowing for the 3rd movie.

Not as tight of a story, but still lots of fun. Nostalgia, mostly.

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overdue #MovieBowl 2005 mashups

- Munich & Prejudice
- War of the Descent
- The 40 Year Old Capote
- V for Violence
- Walk the Bride
- Sith City
- Batman Mountain
- Good Night, and Good Crash

premiers in under a month.

Bat! 🦇

Also, baby Colin Robinson looks so creepy. Can't wait.

Back To The Future I 

On to the next trilogy of my childhood. I haven't seen this movie since the late 90s, I think.

My Impressions:

Rick and Morty: The Movie

Make like a tree and get out of here!

So many twists & coincidences.

The dad not getting to the kiss b/c of another dude is weird.

The cringey parts are still just that, but the movie is good enough I can overlook them.

This holds up better than I remember. The story, while trope heavy, is pretty tight.

Movie Night/Day: Carol (2015) 

Movie during the day while I worked on a project. That's not allowed, is it? I didn't even hear about this movie until recently.

My Impressions:

Beautiful. Mesmerizing. Good balance of story and emotion.

I won't get into tiny details that bothered me. Good movie.

Reminds me of 40's-60's dramas I loved to admire as a kid on AMC or TCM.

Vudu free is terrible. Buffering + ads = not optimal viewing.

Doctor Who (for those avoiding 60th news) 

NPH is cast as a big bad on the Who 60th anniversary? Very cool.

I like how they call him a noted non-brit. As my mom said to me, will his character be more horrible than Dr. horrible?

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi 

Best of the original trilogy, imo.

My impressions:

Nope, don't like the added scenes/visuals in this one. Only movie, so far, it actually bothered me. Wished I had my vhs working.

Seeing Endor makes me think of Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec now.

Luke does a bit of (noticable) overacting in this one. Made me giggle.

The 70's vibe is still there. The hair, the acting, Frank Oz and weird puppet-like creatures.

Fun to rewatch these after 10+ years.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 

Not much to say about this movie. Again, the trilogy was my favorite as a little kid.

My impressions:

Han has molesty vibes in this movie.

Leia is not as tough, that kinda bugs me.

Saw the Solo movie a few years ago. Donald Glover did a decent job as Lando.

Unpopular opinion, maybe. This is my 2nd favorite in the trilogy. The directing isn't as cinematic, but I like the story better than the first.

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