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Lately I've been catching up on I haven't watched, but wanted to. Normally, I watch comedy, scifi, fantasy, historical drama. My favorites are dramedies or dark comedies. I have a soft spot for great cinematography.


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Rewatch of Grosse Point Blank/Barry comparison 

I feel like Grosse Point Blank is so much like Barry, not just surface level. There are moments near the end of the movie where I think Martin Blank sounds like Barry, word for word. It's not only that he's a tortured ex-military hitman. His relationships with his ex-girlfriend and therapist remind me of Barry's girlfriend and acting coach. There is a similar humor and sweetness, too.

I like GPB, but I think has improved the story.

Movie night: The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl (2017) 

A beautifully unique movie, with a few common tropes.

My impressions:

Reminded me of Excel Saga, Fooly Cooly, Maison Ikkoku, Gilbert & Sullivan and Miyazaki. There is something 1920s expressionist about it, too.

Cute story telling, lovely animation. The tropes, like the obsessed love interest, were a bit tired.

I enjoyed watching this; a surreal take on love and social life in our modern era, particularly in Japan.

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which one are you:

Movie night: Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange 

I watched this movie b/c of my partner. It was never really on my list. He loves quoting "eggy weggs and lumpteks of toast."

My impressions

I love the camera work, of course. The choreography is beautiful even when crass. Acting: great
Style and color: great
Did this movie leave me feeling good? Nah, not really.
Was I glued to the screen? Yes.

Stories that say people are terrible unless they want something from you, aren't my thing.


Lately I've been catching up on I haven't watched, but wanted to. Normally, I watch comedy, scifi, fantasy, historical drama. My favorites are dramedies or dark comedies. I have a soft spot for great cinematography.


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Very glad I watched Stalker before diving into the Chernobyl miniseries. It's making this so interesting for my nerdy self.

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Rewatched Master And Commander: Far Side Of The World 

The last time I saw this was in the theater. You know, when it came out, I thought there either a) had been other Master And Commander movies or b) there would be sequels in the near future. What other reason would they have for such a long name? I think I heard a rumor that, 20 years later, there might be a second one.

Anyways, it's a good movie about colonialists fighting on the high seas. It's a very nineties epic history movie, even though it came out in 2003. Ignoring the dated issues, that could be corrected in a followup, I particularly like the anarchist doctor (Paul Bettany) who only wants to study lizards, flightless birds, and beetles. And, who doesn't love a bit of swashbuckling musicians on the high seas.

#movies #films

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I watched Jackie Brown in highschool, but my partner had never seen it. I think it's the best Tarantino movie.* I love Jackie Brown as a character. I won't go into the plot at all here, I just think her character was beautifully acted. She almost carries the whole movie, except Max Cherry matches her so well.

Him and Jackie were perfectly cast. Max is intense and sensitive. There is so much nonverbal acting, I really can't get over how much this guy delivers without saying a single word.

It was nice to revisit this movie, even with the misogyny and typical Sam Jackson role.

*I've not seen Reservoir Dogs, yet. I'm also not a fan of Tarantino, in general.

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Stalker was a surprise. Going into the movie, I only knew it was a scifi and that it had great cinematography.

The storytelling was very interesting. I really enjoyed the changes from a yellowed-sepia to a blue-toned color film for a change of mindset. I also felt like the symbolism was not heavy handed. Watching the characters argue with each other, try to manipulate the situation, and come to terms with life was a captivating experience.

It was dream like at times, other times it felt like a dystopian adventure movie, and then a noir. Overall, I enjoyed it. I think I saw some vague parallels to the parts of recent season of Russian Doll. I won't say where cause spoilers.

It was a slower movie than I'd watched in a long time. And, I think I would have enjoyed watching it alone more than with someone who didn't enjoy it.

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Just taking a short break...

Got married.🥳 🥂

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and here are the results of the 1994 #MovieBowl bracket prediction challenge:
🥇 @Llamacalamity and @Thomas (22 points)
🥈 @checkervest and yours truly (21 points)
🥉 @sexybenfranklin (20 points)

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Watching Plebs this week. (Tv show) 

I'm in s2 so far of . Can a show from 2013 be dated already, because this one is showing it's age. It's funny, but the sexist and homophobic humor is annoying. The cast is decent. I see some familiar faces like a Smack The Pony alum, someone from Greenwing, Joel Fry from OFMD, and Mark Williams who seems to be in everything.

The premise of the show reminds me of Miracle Workers and the humor is trying to be like It's Always Sunny.

Aww, sad news. Just learned that Guz Khan, who plays Ivan on , will not be joining s2. He's a funny actor. I liked his show, Man Like Mobeen.

It will be a shame that part of Blackbeard's og crew won't be there. Also, hoping no more actors have conflicts, assuming that is the reason for his departure. He wrote a short, but lovely goodbye on his account on the birdsite.

Hopefully good news, seems like s2 is starting to come together. I'm optimistic.🤞

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so I think Challonge user "It's the circle of life" has it clinched, it's just a matter of if they win outright; if Pulp Fiction wins, Thomas forces the tie #MovieBowl

Watched Tokyo Vice s1

All my years of manga reading and anime viewing have paid off. I really enjoying watching this show and understanding some without subtitles.

Nice slow burn noir.

The newspaper-cop-yakuza relationships were fun to watch, as were the nightclub worker's story lines.

Will love to see what happens in the next season.

I hate myself a little for going back to the birdsite. It's really only for the large ofmd fandom there. My other (local) followers are getting slightly spammed by piratey news and references. Oops. 🏴‍☠️

Just finished Bloods, a Brit comedy. S1 & S2 

Pretty funny show! Samson Kayo (Oluwande from OFMD, co-created it) and at some point there is an appearance by Nathan Foad, which was a surprise! Two pirates!

The show is about EMTs. And, there are a few famous faces. Lucy Punch, Julian Barratt (Mighty Boosh), Jane Horrocks (Ab Fab) are all playing main characters. Also, Mr. Weasley, Mark Wiiliams, is in the cast.

Light entertainment, a little rough around the edges, but fun to watch.

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One of my big hopes for the 14th Doctor is that RTD keeps the tradition of having more than one companion. My biggest complaint with his last run was how restrictive it felt with just Rose, just Martha, just Donna. Both Moffat and (especially) Chibnall really put a much more refreshing dynamic in the TARDIS. #doctorwho

Every Thursday, I think, is today the day will be renewed?

Today actually seems a likely possibility. I won't get my hopes too high, next week seems the most possible.

Wouldn't it be nice? *Beach Boys music plays*

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