@dansup How come Collections can only have 18 photos? I wanted to have my whole vacation in one collection.

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Our trained soothsayers predict the hottest new fantasy novel this season will be called:


@pixelfed Why are collections limited to 18 photos? That's hardly enough to gather vacation photos together in one spot.

@PixelFed Help! This photo won't upload to pf the proper way up. I've rotated it every direction on the phone and two of them show up on pf with the falls falling to the right.

I have reached the last page of this proofing project.
All that's left now is to do an orphan/widow check and check the TOC page numbers. 4 weeks of all my nights and weekends...

0 spoons left.
I feel like a raincloud.

time to relive my Scotland days and cook up some savoy cabbage in cream sauce

Went to a very weird presentation by Human Garage last night, where they basically said that lots of disease is because of blockages in fascia and they had discovered specific ways to cause major shifts in fascia structure.

They also recommended people take more silica and minerals. I looked up silica supplements, and it turns out you can get it from horsetail.

I happen to have a large bag of horsetail in my herb crate.

So... nettle and horsetail tea.

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fuck what recipes say, measure garlic with your heart

Of course I can drop everything and do a battery of tests immediately for a major feature we're rolling out.

And stay an hour late.

Not like I already had 2 hours of work scheduled to do after work. 😠

On the plus side, dragon lady specifically asked for me to do the testing. Which must be progress given that two days after I started she had me crying at my computer.

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The e-edition of my Beauty & the Beast retelling, ROSE & THUNDER, is on sale all through August at Amazon, B&N, Apple, etc. (Over 20% off!) books2read.com/u/mlpOYm

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Article at Vice about the copyright status of books published in the 1923 to 1964, showing that around 80% of them are in the public domain. Follow @SecretlyPublicDomain who is posting the entries.

#Books #PublicDomain #Libraries #Copyright



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Toni Morrison didn't publish her first book until she was 39 and became a cultural cornerstone.

Never believe its too late for you to accomplish what you want in life just because you didn't do it in your 20s. Becoming established that early in your life is usually out of luck or having immense privilege. The rest of us are forced to move a little slower and that's 100% fine.

Almost my entire life I've been on some diet plan or another. They almost never show results. The last thing I did was the 28 day Metabolic Reset Diet, which is 2 shakes a day and low cal low fat food for dinner.

10 pounds went away. They have oddly stayed away. But since, I haven't been on any plan of any kind. It's weird. I'm not counting anything. Weighing anything. Deciding I can't have anything.

I kinda want to do the month of shakes again to see if another 10 pounds will go away.

First attempt at making cheese tea was not a wild disaster. The foam top wasn't quite as foamy as I expected it to be. Another recipe might help. We should probably have brewed the tea even darker.

But otherwise, it is in the general range of what we'd get from the store around the corner!

Kinda hard to concentrate on reading this really boring book I need to work on today when white dudes are murdering people all over the place.

I mean, I knew the El Paso shooter was a white guy because of the words "mass shooting."

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