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So, I'm teaching an online creative writing class and you can take it! 

Time to check on the meltdown of society...

Book Ravenclaw is blue/bronze.
Movie Ravenclaw is blue/silver.

Solved my dilemma by asking the person I want to buy for which set "are Ravenclaw colors".

She said blue/silver.

I think 0385 Skye District is the best matched tartan to those colors.

I am a bit surprised that after all this time the Harry Potter houses don't have official tartans.

I mean. Hogwarts is supposed to be in Scotland.

Given the world population, we each owe 1300 trees over the next 10 years.

So it turns out that the $10/mo I'm now sending One Tree Planted is actually pretty on target for hitting my quota.

Woke up. Walked the dogs. Read enough Twitter and Facebook that my heart is racing with outrage.

Now I gotta have breakfast and calm down for work.

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So, editors, if Assassin's Creed meets Da Vinci Code in an alt-Victorian London sounds like your jam, contact my agent because it won't be available long. *sips drink*

Good news! I didn't get hit by lightning on the way home.

Last night's dream involved Kevin Sorbo as himself, vaguely upset that I wasn't happier to see him, and being kidnapped into a LARP escape room where the scenario began with getting free while inside the car and definitely ended with launching a weird boat into the water.

At least one puzzle involved placing a dime I had picked up earlier on top of a penny glued to a desk to unlock a drawer.

Considering switching Dearbhail to raw foods while I'm away on vacation. Callum already gets raw food to help with his weight, but he will eat very kibble too if given the chance. Having to remember to restrict access is a pain.

But if they both have raw food they will both eat it immediately. No need to bother with access. For like $35 I could get enough food to test her on it the week prior to going away.

"You go too fast for me, Crowley" is the new "I know."

Get home. Eat ice cream. Catch up on the collapsing empire/political news.

The air outside is too thick to breathe.

Summer is gross.

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Come on guys, let's give @JPEG some better reviews to compensate for the Gabbers trying to sabotage him:

@alis is a known bad instance? I seem to have gotten spam follows, but they haven't done anything more yet

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