Eeee! Someone on tumblr asked for permission to translate my fic, Solstice and Solitude: A Yuletide Carol, into Russian! 🥰

It's fun to see a whole new group of people get to read something (and hopefully comment).

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Currently, listening to Bat Out Of Hell.

RIP Meatloaf.

This dude on Twitter is being so incredibly thick it makes me want to argue more while also being very clear about the fact that arguing more is pointless.

Lucifer/Satan/Richard/Dick on twitter thinks I'm a shitlib who wants to keep the Progressives down.

Meanwhile, I'm having a fairly wonky policy conversation in a google doc with the Progressive running against Senator Menendez's son for my district's House seat.


Two $10 donations today in Betty White's name:

For more than 70 years, Defenders of Wildlife has battled to protect threatened and endangered species. Join me in supporting work to protect imperiled wildlife!


Jersey City Liberty Humane Society!! via

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A multifandom femslash prompt meme on Dreamwidth. You don’t need a DW account to participate. Prompting open until June 21st. #fandomevent #fandom

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German Wordle


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What's the best first guess in wordle? Did some quick analysis on the hardcoded #wordle lists
- Word with the highest likelihood of each independent letter being correct: "slate"
- Word that rules out the most incorrect words: "canoe"

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Wordle - Question for Players 

Do you have a go-to first word? I have been using AUDIO because it has 4 vowels. Curious about others' strategies.

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A Deadly Education really goes a bit overboard with "dangerous magic school". It's (and I know this is ridiculous) unrealistic.

Every single thing a person might do could kill them. Walking down the hall. Eating. Sleeping. Staying in your room.

And yet people send their kids there.

Also, lots of extra sleep. Napped from noon to about 4 and feeling much improved at least as far as the headache goes, which was the most irritating thing

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Cinnamon for moistening, warming, and taste.

Ginger for heat and fluid movement.

Cleavers for fluid movement.

Elderflower to drive the actions toward the head.

Meadowsweet for pain relief.

Calendula to drive the action toward the sinuses.

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Started feeling ill yesterday. Still feeling ill today.

Symptoms: really bad headache, ears feel full, sinus pain, sniffles.

Took a covid at home test, but it said negative.

Treatment: chamomile steam, thyme steam.

1 tablespoon of my Winter Elixir every couple of hours.

Tea: marshmallow root, cinnamon stick, meadowsweet, elderflower, ginger, cleavers, calendula

Marshmallow for moistening mucus membranes, runny mucus is more useful than dried and stuck.

For the first time since Tuesday, the construction machinery outside is no longer running. It feels like a physical weight lifted.

I was just starting to look at hotel rooms so I could escape for some peace.

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if i don't look up "wordle" it can't kidnap my family and force me to post square emojis on social media

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I can't believe I only now found out that you can still get twitter rss feeds from

I'm the worst pseudo anarchopirate to ever anarchopirate

that post-visit ennui when you wonder if the person you were visiting now can't stand you and will ever invite you back

I apparently have a Vero account but I don't really know what to do with it

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