Going to watch A Discovery of Witches. Downloaded it ages ago but never put the time in.

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it was the best of shires

it was the worcestershires

I had been thinking that next year When I Have Paid My Debt I would start getting some wellness technologies. My plan had been 1) a Joovv (red and infrared LED) and 2) a Sunlighten mPulse sauna (near- mid- and far-infrared).

Today I learned about SaunaSpace near-infrared saunas.


Because they use bulbs and not LEDs, it's a full-spectrum light that includes mid and far but focuses on near.

And now I think I'll get one of these instead of the two I was considering.

Two African Brothers Invented an Alphabet for Their Language


Yeah, it's a story posted by MS. BUT, Microsoft now supports this African alphabet in their OS and in Word, which is kind of a big deal for the people who can now read their language for the first time.

Broke down and decided to buy the Big Fig mattress w/ the Columbus Day discount and use their pay in installments option, so it's not technically new debt on my credit card, it's just debt I won't be paying down on my cc because I'm paying them instead.

However, I might start getting restful sleep again!

Small batch and possibly trendy foods from small producers?!


Someone made this site for me.

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I'm up for a lazy Friday at work.

Did a midday sauna and now I'm just waiting for our systems to process some files so I can actually do the things I planned to do today.

What I'm Not Doing: Going off to find other tasks to fill the time that I'm waiting.

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Asking for a friend:

Anyone know a good employment lawyer in WA state who would work pro bono? I suspect that requiring someone to have a car for a single location desk job is not legal.

boosts appreciated

And THEN the train was broken. So I had to take a different line and walk back from the pier.

Very Needs Chocolate day.

It was a stressful day at work. Even though nothing really "happened," it was just a lot of this then that then this other thing and the boss just dropping items from his To Do list onto mine so I have to deal with them.

And our epub comp being entirely unable to set a book properly the first time such that it makes me want to get a new supplier, only I know that one won't be any better.

LOL. Twitter account suspended for hopefully asking if Trump could have a heart attack.

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uspol, impeachment proceedings 

The Frankenstein Chronicles 

@dansup How come Collections can only have 18 photos? I wanted to have my whole vacation in one collection.

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Our trained soothsayers predict the hottest new fantasy novel this season will be called:


@pixelfed Why are collections limited to 18 photos? That's hardly enough to gather vacation photos together in one spot.

@PixelFed Help! This photo won't upload to pf the proper way up. I've rotated it every direction on the phone and two of them show up on pf with the falls falling to the right.

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