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I already skimmed past it but I recently finally passed the 50 followers, Mark!
It's small but as thanks, if you have an OC, put them down there and I'll sketch the first five that get posted. Even tell me something about them (I'd like to show their personality in the drawings)

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Hello , my name is Poppy!!! I’m an illustrator based in Florida. I love drawing small slice of life moments in real and fantastical settings!

🌸 contact@poppymori.com
🌸 poppymori.com
🌸 instagram.com/poppymori

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1. Oldest OC: Emerald Almdal

She's been through quite a few changes since her original inception but going from imaginary friend to main protagonist, she's evolved quite a bit.

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VOLUME #2 CONTRIBUTOR ANNOUNCEMENT! Check out all our wonderful contributors! tmblr.co/ZQ9VTY2ilmCTP

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Y'all every time I print out my art I start completely losing it @ how rad it looks and how cool it is to see it in my hands.

Especially true when it's a digital piece

I feel I'm gonna legit weep once I start having actual stock for my first anime con

It’s been a bit since I’ve done any pixiv sketch prompts, So before I lose them have the last three I did. Couldn’t resist drawing my boy Daisuke Jigen for one of em!

I loved watching Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Parad is absolutely a fav. <3 <3 <3 #エグゼイド

Thanks to everyone who took me up on those commissions!!! I'm almost done with 75% of them and I'll be posting them soon~

5 slots still open!!

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Opening 9 slots for commissions! $10 for this kinda style.

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3 slots out of 9 taken so far!!! thank you all TToTT

Sorry, forgot to add no backgrounds, just fullbody portraits.

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