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How it works:
1. Introduce yourself and Post a picture of your OC
2. I'll give you a randomly generated costume
3. Draw your OC in the costume and post it in the comments
4. I'll like and RT all costumed characters!
5. ..profit?..

Mostly, just have fun!

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Let’s start an Art Thread 🎨

Post 2 pictures of each :)

- Past works of art
- Most recent works of art

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IM SO EXCITED I FINALLY GET TO POST THE FULL PIECE!!! This was my contribution to lion pride zines’s second volume, which was themed around the ocean! It evolved a lot in concept as it went along and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I loved being a part of this zine sm!!!

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Artshare with a Twist!

Hey friends! I want to see your art!

In your post, talk about one of the most important art things you learned in the past year! (optional)

If you're able, Share and RT the work of others, and even a simple, "Nice work!" comment goes a long way.

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day 12: dragon! I wanted to make a leafy sea dragon for this one. fell a little behind but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up~

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The importance of angle and light in photography ♥️

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I'm 31. Haven't started to draw seriously and with the intention to improve until I was 25. It's never too late to start and age does absolutely not matter in correlation to your skill. twitter.com/LuisaPreissler/sta

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i accidentally made a brush where you can choose an undertone and no mater what color you pick, it will always keep that undertone and you can just go absolutely feral with color picking and they will always go together.

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Day 10: Pattern
Was a bit more loose with this prompt. Featuring my babies Pavel and Anya! I couldnt stop singing “backpack for his applesauce” after i decided the rat needed a backpack lol

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✨Sewing artshare thread!✨

💖Introduce yourself and share some pics of your work
💖Plushes, clothes, accessories, anything sewn by you!
💖I'll RT as many as I can

Be sure to RT and follow artists that you don't already, let's share the love for handmade stuff!! 💞

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Day 9: swing! I’m still figuring out what Falt’s axe should look like. They’ll start with a simple woodcutter’s axe first though.

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the ocs i draw all the time vs the ones that never get drawn

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In addition to the super appealing designs, drawing, & animation in 'Klaus', whatever is happening in the lighting process is incredible!

It's no wonder so many think the film is being animated in 3D...

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