Been posting these on my insta story the last 3 nights. Not in the mood for much aside from doodling atm so I'm practicing traditional with lil kamen rider heads!!! Ex-aid, fourze, & W so far.

Excited to share my piece for Fairy Fiesta Sweets zine! It was a blast to work on, be sure to check out the full release!!

Dragging to a con in December 2021 like

Here's a teeny peek at my piece for the fairy fiesta sweets zine hosted by !! It was a lot of fun to participate in. There's some amazing work in here from a lot of rlly stellar artists so be sure to check it out when the zine drops on 9/9!!

I wanna try this too AAA
Vote for one, I'll put the percents into this slider ( and try to draw something with this color >=3cccc

Egg sandwich!
Drew this two years ago during the first chicken vs egg splatfest. It's 's and z1g's and I's squiddos!

I spent too much time making this. I love Izu from Kamen Rider Zero One though.....

Do y'all ever worry about art style consistency???

I'm working on a piece for a zine rn and it looks SO GOOD SO FAR but looks NOTHING like my usual stuff 😥

I always try to consider it a part of growth and trying new things/its not necessarily bad but it still gets to me....

Excited to share my final piece for the ! I'm so proud with how this turned out and loved participating in this zine. 🤍❤🖤
Please check out the full release and see everyone's amazing work!!!

I got an art server on discord if anyone is looking for a place 2 hang out w other artists and chill! Its super small atm but we always looking for new friends!!

I want to make more art friends around florida.... esp if they're near or around Central florida

Thread of my pieces for so far!!

The first and third belong to The second is 's baby boi and the fourth belongs to mikomoche on artfight!!!

Preview of my piece for ! I'm so excited I got to work on this zine with everyone and there's a lot of gorgeous work from all my fellow contributors. Please check out the final release when it drops!!

Thanks for the tag on the !!
I'm Poppy, a digital illustrator currently a part of two zines and working on making content to sell at a con next year!

Honestly I appreciate these art hashtags blowing up and everyone being super positive bc yesterday all i wanted to do was draw but my hand is messed up a bit so I couldn't

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