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family complaints 

Mom went on another screaming rampage today, accusing us of falsehoods, distorting and ignoring facts and history to suit her mood, as she is wont to do.

For the first time, amid it all, I managed to find strength in my self-assurance, continue the work I was doing, and not get upset or worked up or defensive. I'm proud of myself.

Mom said the woodlot across the creek had sold, so I spent the afternoon digging up passion vines to save from the bulldozer.

Got three little vines and put them in buckets, then found a couple more that were too big/old to dig up, so I took as many cuttings as I could.

One had a little flower and a row of green fruits, and a single dark purple, perfectly ripe fruit. It did not taste good, lawl. But now I have a bunch of seeds, too.

SOMETHING has to take. They'll survive the 'dozer somehow.

TFW you learn about shibori dyeing and rocket right out of your chair because you've realized 's lobster shirt in is shibori-dyed indigo.

Regretting that I wasn't able to do a father's day thing for my very good friend's fictional character, because he's so very good, and right now he's the only dad I care about.

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You know the glasses cleaning was badly overdue when you put them back on and it's like switching from 480i to 4K.

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being an artist is rad as hell because you can just draw a portrait of your anime boyfriend and set it next to your desk and feel a surge of Inspiration every time you look at it

Finalized card for Bingo!

I lost the 'anti-logging' (a la The Lorax) prompt when my swapped prompts were re-rolled to fix a duplicated-prompt bug. So sad. But they still turned out really good.

Signups go on through May 23, so there's still a few days left if anyone wants to sign up and get their own card!


There's a couple trash cans that will have to wait to go to the curb next week, but other than that, all the pieces of fence that have been crowding the back corner of the yard since Irma are finally gone!

Now I can figure out what I'm gonna do to make it my special outdoor space. A table and chair are necessary. And stuff to hang from the mulberry tree.

It's already growing! I counted four little green things sprouting off the sides!

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A comic panel of the episode I'm working on (part.2 of the battlefield story arc), grayscale step and work-in-progress.
#krita #peppercarrot #webcomic #oc #creativecommons

...I checked another cabbage and it rooted.

It has ROOTS. Live ones. Hairy ones.

What if...

What if I planted it.

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I've had these vacuum-packed cabbages in the fridge since before St Patrick's Day that was *intended* to go in the freezer but didn't because of reasons, and I finally unwrapped one to see if I could throw it in the crock pot with this turkey tenderloin.

It needed to be peeled (as they tend to) and there were a couple spots that had mortified, but I cut them off and there was clean, crisp leaf underneath. It's still pristine and fresh and smells good, and that is AMAZING.

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The struggle between "fuck you I don't have to justify what I like to anyone!" and "oooh here is a hashtag-relatable justification of why I like what I like!" is very real.

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Four Swords boys are washing and maintaining social distance, too!

(Bonus points for Shadow referring to himself as 'ore-sama' lol.)

Went to go find the source pic of some gift art that got broken (which wasn't actually broken, just saved under the wrong file format, for some reason) and ended up staying up all night reading an old RP where Link got mothered and fussed over by literally everyone in the RP, and I don't have enough bottles to hold all these feels.

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