So far, a possible tiny stripe on my left arm, and no rash otherwise! I got it cleaned off in time.

Me: 1; Poison Ivy: 0

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Waged war on the poison ivy vines that have been laying siege to my garden for who knows how many years. I'll probably get a horrible rash (I wore a double layer of nitrile gloves, but my wrists were unprotected), but I'm not the one crammed into a garbage bag, so HA.

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you know that feeling when a hyperfixation you had when you were like TEN suddenly hits you over the head like a brick?
It turns out I'm still that kid

Pixie thanks you all for the warm reception and the wonderful well-wishes on her birthday!

She spent it getting lots of treats, running around the house, and getting cuddles and soft places to nap.

❤️ ❤️

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It's Pixie's birthday today!

After I found out back in March that she had bladder cancer, all I hoped for was that she would make it to her tenth birthday. She made it!

A cocktail of pain meds is keeping her comfortable, and she's doing very well.

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Narcissus & Echo

Here is my modern take on the well known myth from the Metamorphoses of Ovid. An old artwork from 2006.

This morning, I decided to upgrade the quality and share the full resolution. I remixed a bit the artwork and switched the license to Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Int.

That's a long process to free my art from the past, I hope you'll like it even if the style shift is huge compare to what I do now. We all have metamorphosis, right?

The best clients are the ones who pay you to draw things that you already like drawing.

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I realized that even if this account is from 2017, I never proerly introduced meself 😱
Ok, I am sophie, mostly go with SoMK or Somklesen.
I turned #TraditionalArt a few years ago and like it a lot 😁. I am a #goldleaf fan and paint with #watercolor I sometimes make myself from plants 🌱 Apart from that I am a #fantasy #SciFi #alien #lovecraft #StarTrek #hhgttg fan 🤷‍♀️

Just a friendly reminder to ship whatever you want, friends, it's all good!

There's enough misery in the world without worrying about your fictional escapades. Have fun!

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And to just get this out there: I don't think people should be harassed, doxxed, or abused over writing fanfiction that I personally don't like and don't agree with.

In other words: I'm a self-proclaimed Pro shipper.
Pro- ie "in support of" shipping, in counter to "anti shipper".

I don't know who other authors are RL, what they've gone through, and no made up story and piece of fiction is worth attacking other people over.

ship and let ship

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Hey, if you are new here, and need a (temporary?) avatar, I updated my page with all my generators: cats, birds, fenestars and abstracts, have fun!


Some carpenter bees have made nest in the wood frame around the garage side-door.

I love them. While the females do their nest thing, I've been seeing one male in particular hovering directly in front of the door, facing it, and chasing off anything that flies by.

The paper wasps out looking for wood pulp get bullied a LOT.

I swear, one of them sped off after a small motorcycle because of the motor whine.

They ignore me, though. I can stand next to him and get very close, and he just hovers.

*inks in 16-bit-per-channel mode*

*Hard Light blending mode doesn't work*

Oh no!

*converts to 8-bit mode*

*line art darkens*


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Paying for my cat's medicine and vet bills by drawing mpreg for a very nice person. Aw yis.

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