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Me, minding my own business:

First Wednesday of the month: BWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

We found a brand new four-pack of toilet paper on the front stoop and I am so grateful. T__T

Our library is shutting down until further notice, which means I get to keep these books for who knows how much longer.

That'll save me a trip going up to re-renew them, I suppose.

Some selfish part of me kind of wishes this applied to the books I already returned a few days ago, 'cause I was still kind of looking at those.

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You see, I follow a ~*plant-based lifestyle.*~ I subsist entirely on high-fructose corn syrup, palm oil, and cocaine

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*slams both fists on his desk*


Hyliamoji in Wind Waker is based on katakana!!

Holy shit!!!

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uspol, bird site, shitpost (reposted to add that last tag) 

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In other news my husband couldn’t work out why his music kept cutting out while he was shaving this morning.

Then he realised it was because his Tesla is in for a service, and the guys in the workshop were using it to listen to his Spotify account.

The he remembered he could override the song AND the volume remotely…

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That terrible, difficult choice between going to the state fair or spending the day continuing an amazing RP with a friend.

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I reached the Emerald league on Duolingo and now I have to decide if I want to keep going and make rank for the heck of it, or if I want to stay here and enjoy my rupee badges.

At some point I realized that, even though I was progressing through Duolingo's lessons without much issue, I'm still making a lot of critical mistakes outside of that context, which I think means I need to expand my exposure a little.

I found some free children's books in the hopes of poking through them Oskar Kakashka style and oh boy I am not ready for this level of study yet, haha.

On the plus side, I have a few RL scenarios I can practice on. For some reason mom is Super Offended by it.

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I learned last night that due to glaciation events, much of north-central Indiana actually should not have any earthworms and the vast majority in those areas are invasive introduced species that would likely be doing extensive forest damage if the forests weren't all cut down for agriculture.

I'm not sure what to do with this knowledge. I feel very conflicted.

What does this mean, now that the forests are gone? What's to be done?

I know one thing, I won't be dumping my nightcrawlers anymore.

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chicken and veggie enchilada recipe (from a white person but it’s good) 1/? 

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I would never want to live outside the midwest. It speaks to me in the same way night time in New York City or the California summer speaks to so many others.

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Why Did I Choose This Pose -or- It's Your Own Damn Fault This Is Complicated You Idiot, an Artist's Memoir

(aka, More Hand Pose Woe)

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