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Ok last one...for now.
The ever growing green wall! Complete with golden snitch ornaments from a birthday a few years ago! The orchids I had unfortunately died while I was on vacation, one root ball is still attached. (my plant sitter was a bit over their head with the collection, only a few were lost. I hold no ill will.) The pathos is still truckin', it's near impossible to kill. I really should remove the last root ball....

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My garden is hidden under a heap of polar vortex snow, so I'm gonna spam y'all with my house plants. Here is my kitchen ceiling with a bit of pathos. (And a tiny bit of philodendron)

Shout out to my aro and otherwise platonically-aligned friends this valentine's!

Celebrating with some bees and homemade (no-sugar) strawberry shortcake. Hot diggity damn.

Shout out to my other friends, too! I love y'all. You make the world a special place.

Also my cat. You're special too.

@MK Didn't you draw something like this earlier? You called it! :D

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Oh my god y'all I am so happy I'm fit to burst.

My soap came in, and besides the two I ordered, there was a whole 'nother bar sitting in the bottom of the box with a heart carved in it. I sniffed it and IT'S THE HONEY SOAP. AAAAH!! She gave me my favorite soap for free!

I'll be good on soap for the rest of the year. Aw yissss.

First layer of soon-to-be compost is in the bucket, heck yeah!

Gotta find more sources for green stuff. I'm the only one who eats fresh veggies in this house and it feels like it's collecting waaaay too slow. But maybe once I get enough pots going, the plants will start offering their own goodies.

Gonna go to Starbucks later and see if they have coffee grounds.

I'm running low on , so I had to go and order some more, and let me tell you how much I love this soap.

I bought from these guys when they were still in Indiana and it's my very favorite. :D The bars are huge and last for months. I've tried the Sweet Amber, Lemongrass Patchouli, Honeysuckle Rose, and Raw Honey, and the honey one is my absolute favorite.

Trying some new scents this time. They have one that's like the honey soap but with lavender in it, hot diggity.

You can smell the ocean from here. All briny and sealife-y. Something weird is rolling in.

Y'all in the midwest, it's about to get really cold. Like, REALLY cold. Mega windchill factor cold.

Be sure to wear layers and protect your hands and other sensitive areas, and please stay safe!

Manged to snag a couple five-gallon icing buckets from Walmart's bakery department for a dollar each.

Would've rather gotten them for free, but the only other place who would give me one is... still using it, haha. Gotta wait a little longer to claim it.

But a dollar isn't bad for a five-gallon food-grade bucket with a very sturdy lid. Gotta squeeze their pennies, I guess.

Gonna try some composting, aw ye! And the extras will make great containers for potted plants.

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01-12-2019 Sketch - Another AGDQ sketch. Also the amount of money raised in the last two games was pretty hype.

Sometimes I think about growing my hair out so I can put pretty things in it, but I get misgendered enough as it is.

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01-10-2019 Sketch - Wanted to draw Link with a big smile. Also another weird AGDQ drawing.

Second attempt at making coconut whipped cream = FAIL

Whoever said you can whip it forever and it won't separate was a liah. LIAH!!!

Maybe this is bad brand for that, I dunno. Or I let too much water in while scooping it out. It doesn't seem to fluff up before it turns to a gloppy gloopy mess. Maybe I just need practice. At least it's cheap!

I was able to keep it from going straight to hell this time, though. I'll freeze it into ice cubes. It'll taste nice in my coffee.

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The last of the practice overpaintings. This series was a good learning experience though it could've been better. I remember color picking a lot because I wasn't confident of my colors, which is a shame because I would've learned more if I had struggled to get the colors right. On the bright side I know get to upload newer things (with more mistakes made 100% by me!). GuephrenArt #Guephren #DigitalPainting #Painting #Art #Zelda
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