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That feel when you start a doodle that's supposed to be a warm-up for the drawing that you really want to do, and then six hours later, you've just drawn the doodle all night.

And it's so self-indulgent, it will never see the light of day.

But hey! No practice is wasted practice. And it made for some nice brainstorming, at least.

Baby has come so far from the 4mm little wriggler on that sprig!

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From PepperChaos

YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT!! Please subscribe for more unbeliveable content! <3



Kudos to for their best April Fools prank that made me laugh really hard and fandom yell at the same time. The references are ART, and this is absolutely, 100% the year to make up a fake subscription streaming service.

In other news, I found a very fat and very prominent fritillary caterpillar chilling out on one of my plants, who seems to have stuck around the last couple days. AND some gremlin has come by and laid a whole bunch of eggs on the tender bits of the vines.

I think it'd be neat if Twoinch had come back to her mother plant and laid them there, but judging from their placement, I'm thinking it was something else. Probably a zebra, perhaps a Julia.

Still neat, though!

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Pinkynail is, unfortunately, no more. She acted kinda sick over the last couple days, then went into what I hoped was a molt, but finally succumbed.

Such a shame. Nature is not kind to little caterpillars. I can only guess at what went wrong.

At some point prior, while cleaning out her jar, I discovered I had inadvertently brought in another tiny baby on one of her sprigs. A zebra longwing.

No updates for now, since there's a chance it caught whatever she had, too. This baby will be my last.

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Butterfly the Second!

Incher has emerged as a lovely little male! His wings are inflating and drying right now. He popped out while I was prepping for a shower; I'll have to wait for him to get ready for release before I jump in.

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Butterfly!!! 8D

Twoinch emerged as a beautiful lady this morning, while I was asleep. I would've liked to take a picture, but she was ready to GO, and I didn't want her to beat up her wings.

She flew up, over the house, and was gone.

I wish her luck! It'd be neat if she came back someday and laid eggs on the vine again.

Incher is likely to emerge within the day. He's looking very dark.

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Pinkynail's growing huge and acclimating nicely to the new jar. I got worried because she would sniff at the leaves but then walk away, and then abandon the sprig outright and go searching, as though there was something about it that she didn't like. She was clearly hungry, and I knew it wasn't a molt.

I cut her some fresh sprigs with tender greens, and she eventually ate them to the nubs, and is now eating the rest. Good.

Can't believe how tiny she was when I found her, looking at her now.

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radical idea: if you see art of a ship you don't like, maybe just... scroll past

shitting on someone's art is shitty, maybe don't do that

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Reminder: tomorrow, I’ll be speaking at the online #LibrePlanet 2021 software freedom conference about the problem of fan arts. It will be epic, check it out!
Sunday 21 March, 10:10 to 10:55 EDT (15h10 Paris time) Neptune room.

Meanwhile, Pinkynail has also been working on molting all day and is prepped to rend her skinbag in twain literally at any time. She ought to be big enough by then to move into the big baby chamber.

Her current setup kinda cracks me up. I didn't even need a cover for the jar.

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Incher is ready to gooooo!

I was hesitant on moving him to the pupation station because I didn't want him to hurt Twoinch, but those wingbuds are *popping* so he got moved in.

He scoped out the spindliest little side branch of the lot, pacing back and forth, hanging from it and measuring the reach with his body, and I'm like, little guy that is a tiny branch, are you sure you want that one?

He's weaving his launchpad right now, so yes, apparently he does.

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Twoinch has pupated!

I missed it entirely; he hung J for a really long time. But he's so pretty now.

Good job, little guy! You did it!

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Moved Twoinch into the pupation station because he was showing big-time signs, and he has since crawled onto the ceiling, weaved his launchpad, and just now entered J formation.

Oh my goooooddd I hope he had enough to eat. I'm so excited!

Was kinda worried it was Incher, because it's still way early, but nope, Incher's over here eating his salad and leaving the center bits as is his wont. I'm sure he'll be ready, too, in a few days.

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Poking through some of my old art with this snazzy new file/image manager, and this is still probably the best drawing of I've done yet.

Growing babies who molted and then cleaned up their mess afterward: Incher (more like inch-and-a-halfer), Pinkynail (more like thumbnail)

Picky beans who only eat the soft tender bits: Pinkynail

Good children who eat all their vegetables down to the nubs: Twoinch

Crybabies who sulk at the slightest disturbance including touching their stem or talking too loud: Incher

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