I really appreciate the turkey people in these Chantix commercials.

They're perfect.

They got wing hands, but they're exactly where you'd expect them to be on an actual wing. No feather fingers.

They use their beaks for delicate things.

I want to pet their fuzzy little heads.

This is such a bad time to be tired. My basil is blooming and my passionvine is dying. Oof!

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A good, good friend: *drops link to BotW trailer*

Me: *sucks in through his teeth* MMMMMMMNNNNGH.

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naked jungle child: reaches for weapon, finds none because it just broke into a million pieces, looks at empty hands and makes That face

me: bad time to lose a weapon but hell kid, gotta love ya

My weather station's been displaying 99% humidity for some days now (the heat index is reading comically high every day -- it's 158°F today) and I finally got around to taking it down and see if some bug had made a nest in it again.

Good news is there isn't a wasp nest in it this time.

Bad news is the sensor is probably bad and I have to order a new one.

I really appreciate how modular this thing is. You can replace everything in pieces without having to throw away the entire head.

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I have lots of ideas for more video game screenshot-based impressionist paintings like this~
Art prints & posters, t-shirts, stickers, and other cool stuff available here!: fave.co/2YlD1Cc

#botw #legendofzelda #zelda #art #mastoart

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05-06-2019 Sketch - I've drawn this fly so often but I rarely color it. I'm not sold on these colors.

*performs household drudgery; spontaneously thinks up another Link*

Aw man, what the hell am I going to do with THIS one?

So at the end of A Bug's Life, the harvester ants are using Flik's automatic harvesting machines, which destroy the entire stalk and allow one ant to do the work of multiples.

Do they facilitate their own starvation by harvesting too much grain too fast for the grass to propagate itself? Or do they figure this out first, apply limits to harvest only enough to live comfortably with a buffer for emergencies, and then use the extra time after a shorter harvesting period to pursue other leisures?

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If your fanfiction isn't ridiculously self-indulgent then what is even the point of having written it?

Past!Me, finding Wind Waker tunic hoodies for sale: "Man, even I'm not dorky enough to wear that."

Current!Me, wearing it every chance he gets:

Internet searches said that they will stop eating and go through a purge just before pupation, and they also leave their host plant to wander around, which is probably how I ended up finding him. But I couldn't tell if it was normal for them to stop eating while they were still green. Apparently yes.

They tunnel under leaf litter to pupate, so I gave him folded paper towel. He found a nice chamber and settled in and didn't move all day yesterday or today.

Quite different from raising monarchs!

For the last few days, I've been babysitting a Tersa Sphinx caterpillar that I found getting attacked by ants on the sidewalk. He was big and fat and green -- I tucked him into my shirt collar and rode him home. He refused to eat anything I gave him, though; I wasn't sure if he was about to molt or if the species of Spermacoce I had was the wrong one, and I couldn't find another. (No pentas, either.) He turned brown, but no molt for days. Doing me a concern.

He just pupated! Mystery solved.

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YOU GUYS THE DRAGON PATTERN WORKS. Gonna tweak the neck just a smidge, but for the most part it's done.

Made entirely on an embroidery machine, in the 4x4" hoop (i.e. a size even the smallest embroidery machine can handle).

It's just a little over 3" tall, a little over 5" long. I'll put a picture of it with my hand for scale next.

I wish I could make actual cash restocking on Neopets all day. It's so much fun.

...I mean, I guess I *could*, but it wouldn't be very legit.

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you ever wish it was easier to live life without talking

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