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04-07-2019 Sketch - D'OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoHhHhHhHhHhHh

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I had a dream this morning that Fandom.Ink was taken over by a 4chan raid. They spammed the timeline, changed settings and features on the site... Though it wasn't as laggy as the Kpopcalypse was.

@alis slipped in and worked on things behind the scenes, then had everyone verbally count down from five. At zero, she clicked a button and the whole site reverted back, all the raiders were banned, we all cheered, and it was like nothing happened.

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03-24-2019 Sketch - LASANGYA! LAZAHNGNYA? LASAGNA???

I've got almost half a gallon already, hot damn.

*well pump goes out*

*can't get a new well pump for at least two days*

*takes the dog out to potty*

*stares at the water dripping from the AC drip tube*

*goes inside to grab some bottles*

Probably not fit to drink but I can wash my hands, damn it.

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I changed my mind. For by birthday I want a bazillion prints of Hilda the pinup girl.

She's so gorgeous and fun and adventurous and and runs around in fabulous country settings, and the art is soooo good, I want to paper my room with them.

She feels so natural and loves life and is comfy doing exactly what she wants.

Life goals, honestly.

So much for plenty of leftovers. >BC

Brother: "Oh, I had a whole plate but I left you plenty."
Me: *finds three bites of corned beef*

Thanks, that's only an expensive cut of meat that I'm allowed to eat maybe once a year if I'm lucky.

...Shit, I thought today was St Patrick's Day but it's tomorrow.

Welp, I'll have plenty of leftover corned beef and fresh bread.

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Redwall/sort of Wind Waker spoilers Show more

...It strikes me just now that Brian Jacques pulled a Wind Waker twenty years before Wind Waker was a thing.

is on Youtube! 8D

I've read most of the series, but Redwall itself seems to be the one that I come back to over and over again.

Watching court shows is fun, but I oughta be taking notes for character designs. So much amazing hair!


I feel bad for the perfectly good usernames that were wasted tonight.

"Angelica, do you want to play Lemonlade with us?"
"You want *me* to play?"
"Yes, we all do!"
"Can I be the boss?"
"Um... we don't have any boss here. We all do all the work, and we all eat all the cookies, and we all get all the dimes!"

That episode of when Susie introduces the babies to trade unions, labor strikes, and worker cooperatives.

One of the neat things about Doug verses the other Nicktoons from that era is that its gangrenous decay happened on a completely different network, so it's totally avoidable if one sticks to the original series.

Unlike, say, Rugrats and Ren and Stimpy, where some days you're going to be surprised by crap and there's nothing you can do about it except hope the next episode is better.

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