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I'm flatting my comic pages and Krita 'Colorize Mask' is really 🤯
Here are two screenshots: the input with lineart scribbled with color indicators and then the output rendering. This feature saves me hours!
(Note: I use random colors to split areas −WIP−).
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My popcorn arrived here from Indiana and it was so worth ordering out for. Very tasty. I got blue, white, and a mix of everything.

The microwave popper worked like a charm! I didn't add any butter during the popping, so there was very little mess, and it made just enough to fill a little snack bowl.

Finished the dishes and cleaned off the countertops for the first time in an age and it feels pretty good.

It's so much easier to cook and prep when everything's already clean and ready to go. Seems sorta obvious, but it took a while to discover that I really hated trying to do things in a messy kitchen.

Part of the problem is that mom likes to loiter in the living room throughout the evening and I really hate doing anything when she's in the room, but tonight she went upstairs, thankfully.

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Just realized that there are moments when I could actually say "I have an active Neopets account that's older than you," and it'd be the truth.

~Saturday Morning~

*eats cereal*

*watches cartoons*

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Today's listen:

Pete Seeger singing Tom Paxton's song "What Did You Learn in School Today?":

Almost sixty years ago and still the same, huh.



It looks so much better now. It was very hard -- the wind decided to pick up AND blow in the wrong direction, so I struggled with it alone for almost three hours, but it's up and it's solid, and there's no longer a big janky hole in the fence with plastic netting to keep the dog in.

I found the piece of wood I needed through pure happenstance in a construction site dumpster at one of the new houses down the road. Some 2x4 ripped at a diagonal and exactly the right size.

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Apparently I'm pretty good at rebuilding privacy fence panels, but I'm pretty fail at hanging them, ahaha RIP.

Tomorrow I get to figure out how to un-hang a fence panel without wrecking it I hope I hope I hope.

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enemies to lovers and any other ship dynamic works however the fuck we want, full stop

quit telling folks how to fandom

A can of coke just doesn't last long enough.

mom shit, covid 

Mom has finally full-on admitted that she wants me to get sick. "You'll get it eventually, and it will be good when you do."

I've already taken to wearing a mask and washing my hands every time I leave my room, especially when she's home. Now she's getting really aggressive about getting into my space, cornering me in closed places and getting close, hovering over me, barging into my room...

There's nothing more I can do except lock my door and not leave when she's home.

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To all Pepper&Carrot readers, supporters and also to all the Free/Libre and Open Source community, here an illustration I just finished to wish you a wonderful time in this end of year. Happy Holidays!

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Aldi had one box left of the holiday chocolate raspberry coffee, so I snagged it, because I'd wanted to try it anyway and it was less than four dollars for two weeks' worth of coffee.

It's delicious. Tastes like fake raspberry, but it's fruity and a little creamy and gets a boost from adding a bunch of milk. Reminds me of Lip Smackers I collected when I was a kid.

The town is embarrassing. 

I'm not kidding about hating poor people, either. A town concerned about how a corporate entity could wreck things could absolutely be a serious issue, but the complaints that people were actually raising?

The store didn't match the decor of the town. The country club next door wanted an exclusive inlet road. Aldi stores "always look dirty" and they didn't want to draw the "wrong" people in. And then these same folks always end up shopping there when it opens, lolol.

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The Aldi down the road from here finally opened up and I am *so excited*. I just have to get some scratch and my favorite food is a bike ride away instead of a car ride.

The town had been fighting it for an age because apparently they hate poor people (even though it ain't just poor people who shop at Aldi), and the Walmart that Aldi had the AUDACITY to build directly in front of especially hated it and tried to fight it, but they made it and it's open and the produce department is so big!

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