*finds a white fly infestation on his rescue tomato*

*spritzes it with his Doc Bronner cleaning spray, feeling very clever while doing so*

*learns that it's actually too strong a concentration and he should make a separate batch specifically for plants, oops*

*waits for it to dry, then rinses it off and prepares for the two-day wait for visible signs of damage*

*finds that he killed the white fly infestation, at least?*

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09-27-2019 Sketch - He's got a lot of moxie for someone who wears a sock on his head.

Thinkin' real hard about doing some Goretober prompts...

On the one hand, could be really fun.

On the other, there's a reason why I haven't done Inktober.

Transplanted the kale seedling and one of the sunflowers! And replaced the desiccated milk jug pot with a fresh one for the kale.

The tomatoes are robust as heck and will be ready to transplant soon. The tomato seedling I rescued from a sliced fruit is already flowering and has made a tiny green thing.

We don't have bumblybees so much here, so I'm gonna be making use of an old electric toothbrush to see if I can increase yields a bit.

The dill is dropping hard from damp-off, though. Pity.

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WIP coloring the book cover: I resized the characters and added a new idea. Thank you for the feedbacks!

Ayyy he got his account back! With all the posts intact too.

That was scary for a bit. I thought it was gone for good when it got swiped.

There is good in this world after all.

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Moment of silence for Zeth of Hyrule whose tumblr blog got compromised yesterday and evidently got deleted and nameswiped today.

I'll always remember your Figma Link adventures.

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#inktober today I did my duolingo stuff and they offered a 2 month free trial of some online class taking platform, so I did that and watched urban sketching classes.

this is what I came up with.. uuuuhm the shading is totally off but I like it. it's the window in my room where some of my plants are growing.

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these are real magic cards and they come out as part of a charity drive on October 22nd.

i don’t care about ponies but i’m losing my shit at the idea of making edh decks around all of these lmao

Apparently if you use a plastic milk jug as an outdoor container for some months, it turns into a jug-shaped potato chip.

Any folks out there know where I can get a nice low-cost sunhat for when I'm working in the garden so I'm not immolated the moment I step outside?

Bonus points if it's recycled or something I can make out of something else, or if the money spent will be offset by some good-doing instead of going into some corporate pocket.

Nevermind, she's already in the window.

Window weather today for the first time since April. I got the window wide open and it smells so good in here.

Mid 80s, low humidity, gentle breeze.

Wonder how long until the cat figures it out and goes up to sniff.

Mom went to look at a rental property and the neighbor had this big starfruit tree with one branch, burgeoning with ripening fruit, hanging over the fence.

Helped myself to about half a dozen. Sliced one up for breakfast and it was so good, aaah.

Then went to Home Depot. I found a few pieces of broken succulent on the ground, then found an entire Echeveria ripped from a pot and abandoned. They told me to just take it.

A good day.


I don't know anything about but this is amazing.

Having stuff sync to music in an uncanny way is such my jam.

They made a movie of the Campania story arc!???

They Made. A Movie. Of the Campania Story Arc.


My feeeels!


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