Despite the fact that they have a best-by date of May of last year, the cans of -Ola in the fridge are still drinkable and tasty.


On that note, I'm probably going to have to learn to start bootlegging my own stuff. The licensed stuff has been getting shoddier and shoddier over the years while getting more and more expensive, and if it's not in a material you like or a style you want, you're SOL.

Maybe I want something *actually* breathable that won't fall apart in ten washes, huh? HUH?

Something actually usable and sturdy and worth the money put into it instead of paying a premium for yet another bare-bones Hylian crest.

Who'da thought that if you turn your ceiling fan on high, you can sleep comfortably all through the night even wrapped in polyester sheets when it's 85 degrees in your room.

I was eyeballing some cotton-linen sheets at the store the other day and jonesing very hard but they don't have Triforces on them, so that's a no go.

I've got one bar of honey soap left in my closet, and when I ducked in there today to grab a clean shirt, all I could think was that I should find some nice spicy incense to stash in here.

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07-31-2019 Sketch - The Fly trying to deliver a message on behalf of House Muscidae to a representative of the Formicidae, but the ant is unresponsive.

And we have liftoff!

This is the only cutting out of eight to take root. I should get some rooting hormone. That's a bad ratio.

Another one looked like it would take, but then it got attacked by borers, which seemed to have come from another cutting that didn't make it. I don't have high hopes for it, but who knows.

There's plenty more where that came from. The area's lousy with sea grape.

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I swore to myself that I would not look on Kickstarter for tarot cards but I DID

And now I have a beautiful set coming next month!! WITH BONUSES!!!!

My new humidity/temperature sensor board came in the mail today! I ordered a new anemometer assembly, too, since one of the magnets had corroded.

Had a big scare when I turned everything on and the temp was reading -40 and the humidity was 1%. Reset everything (lost my year's data, poo), let it sync, nothing!

The batteries were low, so I swapped in some new ones, opened it up and made sure the board connection was good, resynced it, and it works!

No more 158+ heat indices.

Oh lordie...

Every single spot of green is a seedling. Every inch of this 4' x 4' plot has seedlings.

My bolted and I let them go because the bees seemed to enjoy the flowers. Lots of teeny tiny metallic sweat bees and other solitaries. How could I resist?

They're heirlooms, so I'd be tempted to let some of them grow, but I have a second, unknown variety growing in a bucket nearby and I don't know if they crosspollinated.

This is going to be fun to clean up!

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'Zelda: Aftermath'

Zelda's short hair made me question why she would have cut it in BOTW2, and what event might have precipitated that.
#BOTW2 #Zelda

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"Put the bread slices in the oven with the patty," I says. "They'll thaw out and toast at the same time!" I says.

It's a sandwich made from two giant croutons, gads my face.

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07-22-2019 Sketch - I jump higher then my brudder please don't tell him.

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