@vamp It’s just so hard for my old ass to learn new things.

I don’t feel like I’m old enough for my Jedi Child to be signing his life over to the US government, guys. 😢

Damn Boy and I both have plans to Rickroll each other in our wedding vows. The guy goes first, doesn’t he? :/

I’m tipsy, out of wine, and angry (because of it). Damn Boy and I are getting married, and I’m stupid, so I figured I could DIY the whole damn wedding.

I’m so gd inept. Where are you, vamp??! 😭 😭

@vamp Talking with my friend right now about a trip to see you.

I have questions about this toot bid’ness.

Since this is a fandom specific instance, do all of our “toots” (I hate that word, btw) have to be fandom based?

2 weeks into the semester and I’ve already got a life-ruining crush on my art professor.

Send help.

@vamp My god. I remember when “Miss 12” was “Miss 5” and now I’m freaking out.

I don’t really know how to find people on here yet.

Chicklette is here somewhere. I need her. Anyone know her?

Parked behind some redneck with a confederate flag bumper sticker that reads “If I knew it would be this way, I would have picked my own cotton.”
And, of course, a “Trump 2020” sticker.
I’m nauseous.

All time favorite fic: Accidental Memory in The Case of Death
: Turn, by saras_girl
: The Twice-Told Tale
: Shatterproof ... or It’s Been Four Hundred and Ninety Days, or Wake Up (holy shit, I almost forgot about that one)

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