Sidewalk salad I foraged while taking Fiona for a walk

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I read about half of that ~lesbian cruise~ Buzzfeed article before giving up, and I def agree about needing younger + inclusive but still specifically lesbian spaces

On the other hand, I’m tired of the framing in the article and so many others like it. When a lesbian has a problem, it’s always somehow a Lesbian Problem With The Lesbian Community. Can we all just accept the fact that some of us are just messy potato people and not try and turn it into a Defining Generational Lesbian Quandary

dad STILL has worms in his brain 

Also, SOMEHOW the single tiny baby raspberry cane with 3 tiny blossoms on it is all broken and dangling to one side, and I feel personally wounded

Have to buy some chicken wire after work to keep the NAUGHTY CATS from pooping in my garden beds and the NAUGHTY FIONA from trampling everything in the name of chasing tennis balls

Hi I haven’t done any work today because I can’t get over the idea that my brother is going to the Congo for two years

Some NAUGHTY NEIGHBORHOOD CATS have decided that I installed luxurious new bathroom facilities just for them


Mixed up a batch of rose and honey kombucha. If it turns out, I’m planning on having it as a beverage option at the wedding alongside my rose mead (which I really need to rack and taste like... yesterday. I hope it isn’t too tannic after being on rose petals for a month)

LDS mission, + for my family 

Another fun medieval European thing is how they didn’t use a lot of cotton (cotton being an expensive import compared to linen) and only knew that it came from a plant in India—“a wonderful tree which bore tiny lambs on the edges of its branches. These branches were so pliable that they bent down to allow the lambs to feed when they are hungry.”

Love how the Wikipedia page for every historical gay organization is like “factionalism and infighting eventually weakened the group and it disbanded a few years later”

Why are we like this??? Why have we always been like this??? Do we have to KEEP being like this???

Thinking about reinventing myself as a pixel doll maker circa 2003

The College World Series is in town and so are ALL the peanuts and Cracker Jack. Can’t drive home without dodging pedestrians with a death wish and drivers who have never seen a stoplight before.

I want to make it clear again that I don’t hate veganS even if I am openly critical of veganISM. I also don’t necessarily think that it’s more ethical to use animal products than it is to not use animal products—my problem lies with the assumption that everyone can or should go vegan, and that all animal use across all cultures is a moral failing to be corrected. If veganism isn’t a religion, it’s still definitely a form of colonialism.

veganism critical, snarky 

What’s up, it’s a day that ends with Y and I’m fighting with vegans on Reddit again

Really enjoying the Witcher so far. I needed another flower-picking simulator to fill the void between Skyrim and whenever the hell Elder Scrolls 6 is coming out

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Clinging to a pillow like a life preserver as I drag myself out of bed, emitting a 7 minute long death rattle

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