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I realized my header looked like garbage on desktop, so I exchanged it for one that's at least ENTERTAINING garbage: the glorious 80s cover art for The Two Towers

(no joke I unironically love this cover art because it's the only one that speaks the truth: it's a romance novel about Legolas and Gimli)


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I am SO tired of all these sentimental “times are hard :))) we’re in this together :))) here for you :)))” TV commercials I’m seeing

Like seriously????

Brownie babka. Waiting for it to cool, and then we’ll see if I did actually create an acceptable enriched dough for once.

What’s this?? I might have made an enriched dough that doesn’t suck??? Someone get the USDA on the phone, I have a breakthrough to report

Ohhhh we tried out the “cloud coffee” that’s been popular on the internet and it’s everything I ever wanted in a coffee drink tbh

Me making mead/kombucha/kimchi/pickles/no-knead bread: THE MICROBES ARE MY MINIONS. FERMENT! TRANSFORM! RIIIIISE!

Me making anything with an enriched dough: what do these microscopic bastards have against me

First time trying to make a yeast dough in my stand mixer. Really cool how yeast hates me and resists everything I try to make with it


The fact that Joe Exotic came in 3rd in the Libertarian gubernatorial primary

How crazy do you have to be to come in THIRD in a LIBERTARIAN PRIMARY

food, lewd, only partially a joke 

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a medical fetish shop in the UK donated its entire stock of disposable scrubs to a desperate NHS hospital which contacted them for help. so that's where the world is presently.

Every passing day that my work does not issue me a WFH laptop is a day I do less actual work

In the words of the embroidery I did for my wife, “your poor planning is not my emergency”

“The Onion but for specific professions/subcultures” is the best form of humor tbh

Was anyone going to tell me that an Ebola vaccine exists now, or was I just supposed to figure that out on a wikiwalk myself

I’m so sorry for all the things I said and thought about Britney Spears when I was a little ogre who Wasn’t Like Other Girls

Me, texting my dad a picture of a bump I found on my foot: what do you think this bump is

My dad, a doctor: gross

Fiona cannot understand why I would possibly be grumpy with her after she so bravely rescued the entire house from the German shepherd puppy that was walking down the sidewalk (with MURDEROUS INTENT)

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