Dark shoutout to Delilah, who marred my EXPENSIVE ARM DECOR when she jumped off my lap

Someone needs her claws clipped



Happiest Season 

Also I HIGHLY appreciate that the appropriate apologies, restitution, and renewed promises were made, as opposed to so many other romcoms where terrible partners get away with terrible behavior and nothing seems to change

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Happiest Season 

I relate to Harper and her relationship with her family, but if I pulled that shit now, at my age, I would fully expect Sarah to break up with me and NOT take me back

Especially since the dad seems to be a TV republican. Like my dad is a real-life republican, and if I prioritized my good standing with his crowd over my relationship with my wife, I would deserve everything that I had coming!!!!

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Happiest Season 

This was kind of a bummer of a movie but I appreciate that it's a queer-centered narrative as opposed to being a gay story for straight people

Sarah started a new medication called "Sprix" which sounds like it should be a little crunchy, savory pretzel snack or something

Hot take about queer rep in media 

tl;dr I want to erase The Old Guard from my memory so I can watch it again for the first time

Also more Gentleman Jack WHEN

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Hot take about queer rep in media 

Also, I'm tired of coming-out narratives, especially stressful ones that involve a conservative family.

I'm sure Happiest Season is an okay movie but I'm like... hssssss

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Hot take about queer rep in media 

I would much rather watch passionate and respectful straight actors cast as interesting gay characters than just like... "Kristen Stewart? Lesbians like Kristen Stewart, right? Here's a movie with Kristen Stewart in it! Hashtag gay culture"

(Does not apply to trans characters. Trans characters should always be played by trans actors. Make it work)

My wife and I apparently pronounce "binary" differently

How do you say it (and where are you from)?

I do the first one (US west coast originally) and she (Michigan) does the second one

I would love to take a DNA test specifically because my ancestors have been violently displaced (or were otherwise involved in mass migration) so many different times, were often an ethnic minority within their countries, and intermarried with other immigrants

But even more than that, I don't want to give my DNA to a corporation

I especially love watching Henry Louis Gates exchange "Black in-jokes" when he has a Black guest on. I'll be like "ha! I recognize that this is a joke! I'm not in on the joke but I appreciate seeing it anyway!"

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Whomst else is 90 years old and loves watching Finding Your Roots

"Ah shit she's talking about Mormonism again" - my followers

Mormonism is the OG Wacky Space Jesus religion and even though I don't really believe or practice, I'm proud to be a part of this tradition of people with rich imaginations and enthusiasm for SFF (as opposed to churches that think it's all blasphemous and/or satanic)

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It's not just Orson Scott Card either. Look through your (or your kid's) collection of books, movies, and video games and I'll bet several dollars that there are a handful of surprise Mormons in there

(If you played the original DOOM or wached a Don Bluth movie? Mormons were behind them. Brandon Sanderson? Is a Mormon.)

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There's a quote from a Mormon leader (can't remember who) saying that one day there would be "Mormon Miltons and Shakespeares," which caused a lot of cringe and hilarity in my English classes in college when we compared it to actual Mormon creative output (Twilight...)

But. Maybe they/we don't have Miltons and Shakespeares yet, but we do have a vibrant culture of SFF writers, illustrators, etc (who are much better than Stephenie Meyer). I'll take it.

@InternetEh apparently the Onion is selling a sweatshirt that just says SICKOS

Fuck maybe I should do some French Duolingo after all. Just to brush up

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