Weird how “I don’t personally care for Discworld” is somehow like... a personal attack against Terry Pratchett, each of his fans, and the craft of writing itself

Really looking forward to not having to make any more phone calls for random bullshit like “is there an ice maker on-site” after Saturday

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If you’re prepping for the apocalypse so that you can survive alone while your neighbors are starving,

then you’re the reason we’re going to have an apocalypse in the first place

Earlier I saw a pickup truck with “IT’S IMPEACHMENT TIME” written in electrical tape on the tailgate.

I fuckin love Woke Redneck Rides.

The “Little Miss Teacher’s Friend” SNL sketch was maybe written about me by people I went to school with 😬 aaaaa

reddit was a mistake 

I’m cool with self deprecation but this bugs me 

I’ve noticed that I’m more productive during the day if I make myself start work while I drink my morning coffee. Drinking coffee while goofing around = goofing around inertia. Drinking coffee while working = working inertia

The office is like if the Picture of Dorian Gray was a room. The more beautiful the rest of our house/wedding/life gets, the office just gets worse and messier

We’re having siblings and cousins stay with us for the wedding so we had to frantically organize the attic and buy pillows and air mattresses and shove all our garbage into the Garbage Office so we don’t have to be like “welcome, cherished kinspeople, to our Roach Nest”

Making my way through Maangchi’s cookbook with some dwaejigogi-bokkeum

Pro tip: if you buy very overpriced printer ink at Best Buy and then try to install it only to realize you got the wrong kind, they will not give you a refund if it’s opened.

HOWEVER, Target may give you store credit for the ink you bought at Best Buy if you ask very very nicely and be cool about whatever answer you get.

You might end up with 30 extra TargetBux in addition to the right printer ink. This has been a pro tip.

im lov vampire dad even though his kid sold me oregano instead of weed

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Favorite dads so far are Mat, Robert, and Damien

Benefits of fake flowers: doesn’t wilt. Less expensive. Less delicate. Limited only by your imagination. You can reuse them. Etc etc etc

Still a WIP, but I really like how our gallery wall is turning out

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