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Are we doing posts again

Hi, I'm Amanda, I've been here since the Tumblr Titty Ban

I'm a writer, fountain pen user, history enthusiast, general fandom goblin, and maker of bad DIY projects. I have a dog, three cats, and four chickens, and I post about them constantly

Feel free to follow and to @ me about whatever!

I'm having a great time assigning super obnoxious personalities to real-life historical figures who appear in my WIP

Listening to fitness advice from people who experience runner's high is like listening to dating advice from hot people.

WIP is at 55k and I just put a bunch of scenes into an order that makes sense! We're hopefully approaching the end!!!

I solicited Catholicism beta readers on tumblr because I knew I'd want someone to do the same thing if they were writing a heavily Mormon story. Like britpicking, but for Catholic stuff

I am in an all-day, 2-day-long training from hell

Luckily, my boss is like "just keep using the old system unless they force us to switch" so I'm just kind of being a warm body behind a keyboard for this (and getting some writing done)

Signal created targeted ads for Instagram that show the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

They were blocked.

facetious use of triple parentheses 

@alpine_thistle "actually, in 1106 reports state that the setting sun struck the white smoke of the cistine conclave, giving it a GOLDEN FRINGE, and thus meaning that every pope since has been elected under ADMIRALTY LAW"

facetious use of triple parentheses 

It'll just be a normal religious chant video and then suddenly there's a commenter that's like "I love Orthodox music. It's so ~~~traditional. Not corrupted with the (((modernism))) of (((Vatican II)))"


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The latest kind of shitty tradcath I've learned to spot: the kind that tries very hard to ingratiate themselves with Orthodox Christians in youtube comment sections

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Every time I try to do WIP-related research I discover a new kind of shitty tradcath

I haven't done my duolingo Spanish in a couple of weeks because they kept adding lessons and it pissed me off

I was so close to being done!!! Stop adding lessons!!!

There was a podcast episode I wanted to listen to and I had to ask my wife "I can't remember, do we like [podcast host]" because it's a Mormon-adjacent podcast and the Mormon podcast world is full of bitches

I think mainline protestants have been/are doing this since their 20th-century decline

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I think I'll go collect some maple seeds today and roast them

Churches that do not reckon with their past (and present) will have no future

Shoutout to this lady at Target who has the ear loops of her mask pinned to the sides of her hijab

Women in hijab are truly innovators (compliment)

On one hand, I love my little car and I love driving around in it

On the other hand, FUCK car ownership

Also I maybe accidentally built a prime cozy habitat for mice by letting vegetation grow wild next to the house

One of the things was easy for the guy to fix but the other thing is going to cost like $500 because they have to order a part

And there's also a nail in one of my tires and it isn't fixable so I'm getting a couple of new tires which is like $300

You know the cool thing about public transit is that it isn't your problem when a MOUSE EATS THE WIRES or you get a NAIL IN YOUR TIRE FOR THE THIRD TIME

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