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Are we doing posts again

Hi, I'm Amanda, I've been here since the Tumblr Titty Ban

I'm a writer, fountain pen user, history enthusiast, general fandom goblin, and maker of bad DIY projects. I have a dog, three cats, and four chickens, and I post about them constantly

Feel free to follow and to @ me about whatever!

@alpine_thistle I feel like this is deeply emblematic of your brand. Like if I had to give your eulogy I'd be like "she believed in an afterlife, and she hoped to find a 13th century crusader pope there so she could fight him" and your loved ones would all nod to themselves and say "yes, that's our Amanda." (Also have you seen the Wikipedia entry for this guy? The section on the Albigensian Crusade sounds like it was written by Innocent III.)

The first 15,000 words of my WIP are 100% complete. The remaining 25,000 have gaps.

I'm slooooowly filling in the parts where I left directions for myself to transition between scenes, which is always difficult. Usually inspiration strikes in the middle of scenes, and I write down these scenes as they come to me and leave "working it into the rest of the document" for Future Me to figure out

My methods are a mess. No one should do anything like this.

Another meme stolen from the land of birds.

I dunno, this has a point...

I have more than one PILF (pope I'd like to fight) but every time I read something that mentions him I'm like "oh this fucker again"

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I am definitely going to find a way to fight Pope Innocent III in the afterlife

EVERY DAY I try to look up something about medieval Catholicism and end up on weird trad blogs by accident

Given that I think all podcasts are bad until proven not-bad, you can imagine what I think of any and all podcast meta-drama

The people in Persian miniatures all look like they'd be fun to hang out with

Full disclosure, I am also a 30-year-old white lady with a humanities degree from a (not-fancy) private college

So part of it is like "the only thing these bitches have that I don't is enough money to kiss ass at WorldCon"

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I am soooo deeply unimpressed with the vibes of everything Tor is trying to get me to read these days

How brave of you to print one million softboy m/m specfic stories written by 30-year-old white ladies who all have humanities degrees from fancy private colleges. Groundbreaking. Just revolutionary.

America’s covid response has failed in no small part because, from the very beginning, people have been looking for the Product to Buy to fix it — hand sanitizer, masks, plexiglass shields, disinfecting wipes — while maintaining the exact same lifestyle uninterrupted, without any consideration for what actually spreads the disease. every problem must, by rule, have some sort of consumption-based solution

A recurring Thing in my WIPs is writing a very early version of an important scene where the extent of emotional display is like "subdued, manful disapproval" and then, as the story develops, needing to rewrite the whole scene to suit the chaos that unfolded around it

40,000 words. I made some revisions to some stuff that wasn't very good, and moved a few things to the cutting room floor, which helped me see more clearly what I need to do next.

Idk if I'll have this finished by the time I go back to work on Monday, but my goal is to get it most of the way there.

It's happening!

The individual peat cups i tried last year didn't have a great success rate for vegetables, so I'm trying the little expanding soil discs instead. Plus there was only a limited selection at the hardware store (I bought pretty much all the natural-fiber starter cups they had)

One of my favorite things to do in CK3 is blackmailing the pope and using his gold to fund all my non-catholic religious stuff

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