That sad little dried-out raspberry bush I bought is all grown up and big enough to need a trellis! Though I’m not sure this really counts as a trellis (it’s made out of more busted trash wood from that pallet I got)

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Everyone's favourite author of surreal erotica 

Being set against a backdrop of the New York publishing industry is a black mark against Severance, but so far it’s the only one, and I’m intrigued by everything else about it.

“Publishing industry underling” is to contemporary fiction as “orphaned farm boy” is to fantasy tbqh

I tried to take a nap under my desk, but it was uncomfortable and I suddenly remembered that I can check out ebooks on my phone!

Speaking of the millennial zeitgeist, I’m moving on to the next book on my to-read schedule: Severance, by Ling Ma

LESSON LEARNED: when I have a chapter that’s the texture of Swiss cheese, it’s much easier to print it off and edit/fill in gaps by hand than to try and confine myself to the computer until it’s done. I’m trying to write in a more linear fashion, but this chapter in particular contained a lot of little clever bits that I thought up and wrote down over the course of several months, and the hard part was stringing them all together in a way that made sense.

Total word count is just over 10k, which is chunky but not significantly chunkier than some previous chapters

I’m finally done!!!!! With chapter 11!!!!!!!!

It goes off to beta now, and hopefully it’ll be posted soon!

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World politics, India, Kashmir 

I remembered to bring ELRoND with me today! Time to type up the rest of this hellchapter and be DONE

I have only eaten cookies today and after 1 (one) alcoholic beverage and large crowds of Youths I am HANGRY

Luckily I’m in line for BBQ now

At a “late nights at the zoo” event and every person in Omaha between the ages of 21 and 30 is also here

Today I learned that “Losing My Religion” is not, in fact, from like 2004 (when I started listening to the alt-rock radio station)

TURNS OUT I am actually “Losing My Religion” years old

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Cold brew is great I can actually feel my face un-sagging

The funniest Vegan Black Metal Chef shit is when he’s got a satanic cutting board and cutting up vegetables with an axe and then in the next shot he’s using a regular spatula to scoop something out of a regular plate (with flowers on it)

For anyone who may have missed his original introduction, ELRoND is a raspberry pi that loads FocusWriter on bootup so I can write without distractions

He lives in an old WordPerfect tote bag and his screen sits on an empty box of granola bars. He is my modular garbage son and I love him

Fuuuuck I was going to bring ELRoND to work today but I left him on the kitchen table

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