Forgive my dry hand but look at my riiiiing

Phone pics alone can’t do it justice

One of my favorite small pleasures is balancing a stroopwafel on top of a cup of coffee and waiting for it to get warm and soft from the steam

I asked my cousin if she’d seen Chernobyl and she was like “nah, learning about and avoiding nuclear disasters is all I do all day” and that’s how I found out that she’s a nuclear-submarine-adjacent mechanical engineer (because it somehow never came up in our ugly denim group chat)

I can’t remember what her dad does but deep memory is telling me “rocket scientist” so apparently that side of the family is just a bunch of quiet geniuses

I’ve been post-wedding decompressing with Surviving Mars and it’s everything I wanted tbh

It’s like if Cities Skylines and Banished had a baby and named Frostpunk the baby’s godparent

Still hasn’t really sunk in that the wedding is actually OVER. Like, it HAPPENED. “We still need to—“ nope, we don’t, because we already did it, and everything turned out beautifully and wasn’t just an especially gorgeous dream I had last night

Started playing Surviving Mars and waiting for my first colonists to get here felt like the Valar waiting for the Children of Ilúvatar to wake up

please appreciate this pic of me as a baby 

Paradox games are steeply discounted on Steam this weekend, so maybe take this opportunity to get some very fun games that are very very badly chopped up into a bunch of separately-paid DLCs

If our houseguests don’t help us eat all these wedding leftovers they’re not invited back tbh

pro photos coming later but A PREVIEW 

Happy Saturday, my neighbor is letting his 6-year-old drive a Bobcat

It’s been terrible and cold and wet for like 3 years (apparently) but we could not have asked for better weather today. 65 and sunny!!!

Getting married today! I started off by nearly losing my McFreakin’ mind in a Michael’s because there was a sliding display positioned right over the exact thing I needed and I wandered around for an hour before figuring it out

At the restaurant for our “rehearsal dinner” (not actually a rehearsal dinner, just our immediate families having dinner) and the parking across the street was THE. WORST. SO BAD. As in, too expensive AND their machine didn’t work AND their website was designed as badly as possible so you’d download the app. AND you had to get some kind of “membership.” So I drove off and happened to get really awesome street parking instead.

My sister and a cousin are staying here for the wedding, and we also have my brother and another cousin crashing tomorrow night probably. I love all of these people and I haven’t seen them in several years and I’m happy to host them, but part of me is still like... I can’t be gross and slothful while you guys are here :(

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I'll dog-ear a page. I'll eat your whole fuckin family

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