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Are we doing posts again

Hi, I'm Amanda, I've been here since the Tumblr Titty Ban

I'm a writer, fountain pen user, history enthusiast, general fandom goblin, and maker of bad DIY projects. I have a dog, three cats, and four chickens, and I post about them constantly

Feel free to follow and to @ me about whatever!

@LaComtesseRouge @sweetmercury it's amazing how many charts exist where the game is "pinpoint where reagan was elected"

mocking christian fundamentalist arguments 

But what if the fossils are real, and Satan put the Bible there to deceive us?

gift of the magi situation with the upstairs neighbors — “i was watching anime to cover up your stomping!” “i was stomping to cover up your anime!”

Spicy Christianity 

Here's an idea: what if, when we say that Jesus was "born of the Virgin Mary," it actually means that Jesus was a trans man who referred to his pre-transition self as his mother

Hello naughty Episcopalians, I'm bringing a Mormon Food Crime™️ to your potluck

imagining a “Far Side pearly gates”-style heaven where there’s just a whole line of people waiting for their turn to fight Paul

Working on the WIP some more and I am literally.......... so......... tired of this shit

I keep trying to motivate myself like "the faster you finish writing it, the sooner you'll be done" and the brain is just like "lol no"

thinking about that weird trend that was like "call isis this name!! they hate it when you call it this name!!" as if members of isis were in my personal circle, and they would convey this insult to isis, which would cause every member to become red and mad and vent cartoon anger smoke out of their ears

Positive things about mormons 

Mormons aren't (always) biblical literalists but they do take the weirdest things literally (often in sweet, innocent ways)

Like, "loving your neighbor" is usually taken to mean Your Literal Neighbor. Mormons make excellent neighbors. They'll help you move and bring you food.

And they usually understand the parable of the talents to be about like, "talent show" talents

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Here's the kicker: I have posted exactly zero Mormon-adjacent memes. Someone just went out of their way to be shitty about Mormons on a meme about loving your neighbor

Yes Dave, Jesus still wants you to love your Mormon neighbor

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My meme page is like a week old and I already got some rando being shitty about Mormons!

This is a Mormon-friendly zone, bub

Well that was fast

They told me I'd get my test score in "less than 2 weeks," and I got mine in like... 18 hours

It was scored on a scale of 1 through 9, with 4 being a passing score, and I got a 7! Yay for sort of remembering my high school algebra

I love r/changemyview because people will post outrageous things like "PBS should not be publicly-funded" and I can turn into my alter-ego (the radical PBS propagandist)

I love r/changemyview because people will post outrageous things like "PBS should not be publicly-funded" and I can turn into my alter-ego (the radical PBS propagandist)

When the proctor was checking IDs at the beginning, all these kids pulled out their vertical drivers' licenses and I was like "ok so I'm OLD old"

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"Me, 30F, taking an apprenticeship aptitude test in a classroom full of 18-year-old boys who probably took algebra like two years ago" moodboard

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