Who has two thumbs and forgot her meds this morning??? 👎👎 this girl

Turns out I can get a new video card for much, much cheaper than I originally anticipated 👀

Person: [carrying a covered foil pan]

Everyone in the office: 👀 whatcha got there?? 👀

Also last night I dreamed that Jake Peralta was confirmed bi on the show. Imagine my irritation at waking up to a world where this was still not the case

Hahaha so my city got totally befuckened last night. It’s kind of “fun”/clever how you don’t know what the weaknesses in your city are until it’s already too late to fix them.

Anyway, my people banished me from the city to die in the wilderness, going to try again lol

I finished A Wizard of Earthsea and accidentally spilled feelings all over my Goodreads review


My least favorite part about the city-building gaming community is the people who are like “your city is totally inefficient!!! Your houses should be in 4x4 grids!!! You aren’t maximizing your coal output because your road is 2 units too long!!!!” like ok maybe my town isn’t 100% efficient but isn’t the point of this to have fun and be creative so you don’t end up with the same city every time?

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i've had this image open in a tab since monday because it's such a relatable mood

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*sits down across from you*
The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right... and who is dead.

Side note, paczkis are great, shoutout to Polish Catholics for blessing us non-Polish non-Catholics with your tasty donuts

I’m still kind of grumpy and unmotivated, but I keep myself in perspective by looking back to where I was in February of 2017

Shit was BAD and DARK overall, but a useful reference point is the time when I woke up at 3am, disheveled and unrested, and got up to eat a paczki (standing over the sink) instead of lying awake in bed, and I tend to do gross things like that in an attempt to feel any sense of joy or pleasure in the midst of depression

Reality check 2019: I’m not doing this!

So far Frostpunk is like if Banished and The Long Dark had a sad, cold little baby

Wow!!!!! I gave my CPU and GPU a little baby boost each, and Frostpunk is now playable! Still potato, but not intolerable!

Overclocking for the first time. Pretty sure I’m going to break something, buuuut new hardware is on my shopping list anyway...

I GOT FROSTPUNK RUNNING! Graphics are set somewhere between “Etch-a-sketch” and “Tamagotchi” but it’s working!!!!

“Some days you’re the chimpanzee riding on a segway, and sometimes you’re the segway.” - my fiancée

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