The jury’s still out on whether I totally killed my plants by planting them in bagged topsoil instead of potting soil because I thought it didn’t make that much of a difference

I noticed more of my plants starting to grow this morning!!! I moved all the pots outside since it’s been warm and last night we got some rain and humidity, which I think they liked. So now three of my five herb pots are FINALLY growing

Watching a documentary about Jesus and they’re talking about Roman authority and I feel like I need to announce/remind everyone that I have a cousin named Jupiter

We like to day-drink and watch Dateline on Sundays and this week’s episode is about an Omaha case, and let me tell you, turning on Dateline and seeing the building you work at is WILD

Transcribed 2500+ words from my notebook to Scrivener 🥵 I usually only go 1000 words or so before transcribing, because that’s when the executive dysfunction gets me. Can’t write because I have a bunch of stuff to transcribe, can’t transcribe because that’s a pain, want to write but I can’t because I need to piece scenes together and I can’t do that until I transcribe everything, etc etc etc

Spiced chocolate hot cross buns with dried cherries and cranberries and cinnamon glaze. I got tired of waiting for them to cool before applying the glaze 🤷‍♀️

Luring one of the cats down from her hiding place upstairs with a trail of treats, ET’s-Reese’s-Pieces style

She just wants to be best friends with the cats, even if the cats think she has bad manners

My fiancée, who also has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, watching Yvie Oddly lip-sync: “don’t dislocate anything, gurl”

Every new week I have to look at Silky Nutmeg Ganache is a week I age another 10 years

Snatch Game is always the very best week on Drag Race

After most of a week I can conclude that the most dangerous part of a pit bull is its farts

There’s this billboard on my drive home from work that says ESTÁ VIVIENDO CON MIEDO? and I’ve enjoyed driving past it every day and going from “I can guess the general idea of what that means” to “I know exactly what it means AND I can explain the grammar” as I’ve learned more and more Spanish

for real by making all the cake and booze for the wedding we’re probably saving $1000

I also want to get the wedding mead label done as soon as possible because I WILL hate myself if I do this at the last minute.

I’m thinking I’ll do an oval label and work with the shape to make a nice little wreath of roses and bees with our names and the dates in the middle

I didn’t do the cake trial last week because I didn’t feel like it, but I AM going to do it this weekend. Not the full stacked cake, but I’m going to pick up an 8-inch cake tin and practice the baking process for my 6 and 8 inch layers, and then freeze them so I can see how they hold up. I’ll also be practicing some frosting.

My birthday is the 30th so we’ll probably be having Practice Wedding Cake as birthday cake hahaha.

Anyway I emailed my shitty republican congressman like “hey I totally voted for your opponent last year but you’re supposedly my representative and I think you should help impeach Trump”

Pls light a candle for my fiancée as she starts a new medication and hopefully stops having migraines that last 2 weeks at a time

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