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2022 edition

Hi, I'm Amanda (she/her), I've been here since Tumblr banned titties in 2018 (but I'm also still on Tumblr. Go figure.)

I'm into , , , , , , , , , and . I love my wife and our pets.

Follows are screened to catch bots and right-wingers, but feel free to request (no need to DM first).

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Philosophically, I'm not even an anarchist. I remain a "socialist with a small s," unmarried to any particular ideology and recognizing a diversity of opinions and tactics

The anarchists I hang out with put "praxis first," which is the way it should be, and it's why I hang out with them

Me to my church friends: hey wanna go do some crime?

Me to my anarchy friends: I'm here because this is what Jesus would do

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I am the sketchiest friend at church and the most straight-laced friend at anarchy lunch

I'm not going to give up on this piercing

It's been healed for like 5 years and I love the way it looks

And it was an absolute bitch to take care of when it was fresh!

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I have to take out my industrial piercing for work, so it's been out for a couple of weeks, and I just put the jewelry back in because it's the weekend, and owww

(I wonder if I could eventually get away with wearing it at work once I solidly prove myself to be a hard worker with a professional attitude 🤔)

Every nonhuman character in The Good Place is like, someone's primary concept of God

I fucking love my job. Have I mentioned that yet

The idea of "loving my job" is so foreign??? Still not sure this is real

disordered drinking 

I don't drink very much anymore--my antidepressant gives me unbelievable hangovers and malaise if I drink more than like... 1 standard serving a week lol

Which is good, because when I was depressed I was definitely self-medicating with alcohol. It never got to the point of a "serious drinking problem" but it very much could have gone that way if I hadn't gotten my mental health under control.

I still like the Mad Science aspect of brewing alcohol. Other people can drink it

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I'm going to get to do some mad science at work!

At least a few hours a day are spent testing new recipes and experimenting with the stuff we have on hand, so I noticed some juice at the bottom of a tub of roasted pears and asked if I could make alcohol out of it

So David picked up some brewing supplies (!!! I sold all of mine about a year ago) and I'm going to see if I can make a little bit of pear hooch

There's a quote that floats around in Mormon culture about how, one day, there will be "Mormon Miltons and Shakespeares." (This was received with GREAT hilarity in my creative writing classes at BYU-I.)

Anyway, I want to know how many Mormon-adjacent people worked on The Good Place

Cursed food experiments 

David had a bunch of asparagus, so he's making us do weird shit with it

Like making an asparagus puree and using it instead of zucchini in chocolate zucchini bread

The loaves are cooling right now and I'm scared

Like, yesterday David showed me a cutout sugar cookie and very kindly explained that I needed to space them further apart on the sheet because the edges were running together and compromising the structural integrity of the cookie

Zero problems with this

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I do not mind taking instruction and correction!!! I am a perpetual student!!! But there's a difference between being corrected and being doubted

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This morning he also ~questioned the way I had been previously instructed to put together the herb-cheese croissants, and said "you don't need to get upset with me" when I explained that this is the way I had been told to do it

Needless to say, I do not trust this man

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Something about how the guy who destroyed his own pizza dough yesterday (because he didn't believe me when I said I put enough water in) is also the guy who has expressed uhhhh Several Opinions about high-profile abusers and abuse cases

you know the whole tetris effect thing, where if you play a lot of tetris you begin to see the patterns of the game in real life? well I’ve been looking at the back of this white guy’s head all bus journey and thinking “hmm, I could knead him in to a wonderful dough”

Sure, I talk a lot of shit about the anarchists, but it's all [affectionate] and they're learning REALLY well and REALLY quickly.

Soon I might be able to say ~organizing~ in a non-sarcastic tone

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I genuinely love ~organizing~ in Nebraska

Government full of fascists and the rest of the country gives less than half a shit about us? This sounds like a job for people who want to take matters into their own hands

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