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I realized my header looked like garbage on desktop, so I exchanged it for one that's at least ENTERTAINING garbage: the glorious 80s cover art for The Two Towers

(no joke I unironically love this cover art because it's the only one that speaks the truth: it's a romance novel about Legolas and Gimli)

Legit not trying to brag or make anyone feel bad, but I’m glad I’m at a point in my life where I can choose to spend an extra dollar for pasture-raised eggs (and I wasn’t always at this point)

Fiona had a hard time at Dog School. 😞 I brought some cubed cheese for her, but she barely cared about it in class, and luckily the instructors had some other treat options for the dogs to try if they didn’t go for what we brought. She loves cheese when we’re at home but I guess Dog School was just too stressful.

I think I’ll take her on some more chill outings (to the hardware store, for instance) to practice what we worked on in a setting that’s just a little more stressful than home.

Approaching 30 in my circle means that my Instagram is like 1/3 babywearing, 1/3 pictures of organic vegetables, and 1/3 inspirational struggleposting

Fingers crossed for a good first day of Dog School!

(She’s much calmer after I dismantled the multiple-contraption bondage nightmare we’d been putting on her to take her to the groomer. Lesson learned I guess)

Last night I saw a pineapple and imitation krab pizza in a dream and I might be obsessed with the concept of this now

That’s right, I like pineapple on pizza and I think krab is tasty. Your pitchforks mean nothing to me

The face of a cozy girl who has no idea she’s going to Dog School tomorrow

The Knick 

Civ 6 verdict: wilder than Medieval 2 Total War, and just as addictive

I really struggle to understand the kind of mindset it takes for a Lord of the Rings fan to “despise” the movies (actual word choice from r/tolkienfans, of course)

First of all, congratulations on your giant brain, us mere mortals are in awe of your magnificent cerebral crevices

Second of all, of course you don’t HAVE to like anything? But dude, they’re pushing twenty years old at this point, why the fuck has your hatred not subsided into indifference

The Knick, racism 

The Knick (drugs, genitals) 

One of the wildest things I remember learning in college (over the process of writing a paper) was that Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her husband DISAGREED about women’s suffrage. She was a famous suffragist in a mostly happy and functional marriage with someone who didn’t believe her right to vote important enough to fight for. (They met as abolition activists, so that was their common ground, but still... wild)

The Handmaiden is better than Fingersmith (of which it is an adaptation) in pretty much every possible way

I could switch Gentleman Jack and Colette, come to think of it

Compare Gentleman Jack, where there’s some appropriate angst but very little viewer suffering and the leading ladies get happily married at the end of like 8 episodes

Versus Downton Abbey, where the viewer has to watch Thomas get teased with happiness that gets jerked away from him every single time, for six straight YEARS

The chart is less about the in-universe morality of the characters/stories, and more of a “how happy or satisfying is the story/how much do you want to suffer along the way” plot

I want to put Black Sails somewhere on the chart but I’ve only seen like two episodes of it, sooo

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