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Apparently TikTok made sea shanties a thing now. Awesome! Because I'm a sea shanty nerd, I decided to make an "explainer". If you're new to sea shanties, or just want some recs, follow the thread!


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TIL newton’s pendulum has way more „moves“ than I originally thought it has (never owned one myself and just always saw one in films etc.)


gangnam style ft. newton’s pendulum by xmphysics

re: last boost, that's me! @thegarbagewilldo is my SW sideblog.

...which you might know.

Look, I'm really really AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH right now because the original Fic Of Doom is finally all done and published, I just want to yell about it to everyone.

It never got the amount of attention I hoped for, but some people read it, some people liked it, and hey, IT EXISTS. That's just so cool.

since I'm working from home today, I'm testing my new "Shouty songs" playlist on tablet speakers.

Verdict. LOVE IT.

...the neighbors, probably not as much XD


saw the official Eurovision recap vid! Verdict: huh! That was surprisingly "listenable". I'm gonna put on the whole playlist now, but some random thoughts:

* Armenia was cute
* LOVE Australia's costume
* Cyprus is... sorta gay...
* very tempted to nominate the vids for Czech republic and Estonia for next Yuletide
* weirdly into France
* Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, and Norway are just fun. Norway especially has BIG "What does the Fox Say" vibes, I love it.

work, IT, anxiety 

the head of my team is chatting with another about job interview questions and whow, I'm NOT feeling good about this.

No, I wouldn't be able to code a bubble sort function; no, I don't remember all React lifecycle functions.

It's not so much impostor syndrome - I know nobody needs to code freaking sort functions for the kind of job I do - but it's still giving me anxiety.

(React lifecycle methods, maybe, but I still think you're good with the main ones and some google.)

Instead of doing anything worthwhile, I spent the entire weekend procrastinating on writing a fanfic.

Brains suck sometimes.

Dunno if it's just my circle, or Tumblr is really going off on Dracula Daily 🤔

Either way, lol yes, same

why had it never occurred to me to use line of action when drawing objects????

TFW your internet existence absolutely freaking RUINS a poem for you 🤣

poem: "That is the land of lost content"
me: *laughs like a hyena*

the poem btw: 'Into my heart an air that kills'

I would like it quite a lot otherwise! That one line though, I just. I cannot.


Ugh. I really wanted to get this exchange treat done before the collection opens, but I only have today and tomorrow. Even if I pull an allnighter on it (and I'm tempted!), I won't have enough time to edit. That would be a waste of a story. So, new goal: get it done before author reveal.

(I am SO grumpy about it though...)

why did I think writing a 5k+ fic for an exchange with the deadline the following Wednesday was a good idea?

(Well, I didn't realize it would be that long, for one. But I SHOULD HAVE, dammit, I had the scenes outlined from the start!)

pep-talking myself out of creative paralysis 

I'm procrastinating on a fic, and it's 100% because it's iddy and I'm embarrassed by what it says about me.

Honey, you've written smut, that ship has sailed. Now go and GET IT DONE.

Oh hey, I've just been reminded of this: have you read my Nin Me Sara fanfic?

100 words, Enheduanna/Innana
"On her way to exile, Enheduanna prays."

It was written for an exchange, and I'm so glad I got that assignment. How cool is it to write a fanfic to one of the oldest works in known history?!

"inbox zero" on AO3 fanfic comment replies: ACHIEVED!

I love getting comments. I do not love trying to reply to someone who's comment is just "nice!" or a string of emoji.

I don't blame anybody! We're both products of the same discourse, where writers would implore readers to write comments, ANY comments, and then readers would say they expected replies. And I definitely prefer these over some asshole tearing my fic apart.

But good god, is this hard.

The whole article is super interesting, btw, highly recommended. Basically, anything the general wisdom and various media say that people behave like? Is wrong.

* they do not panic
* they do not run away
* they do not become paralyzed and require outside help afterwards
* they do not become demoralized, requiring pep-talks from politicians and the like
* they do not need resources sent immediately
* they do not loot

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death mention, research on human response to disasters 

from the Wikipedia page on human response to disasters, specifically the myth of post-disaster epidemics:

"If a body does carry a communicable disease, the person already had it when he or she was alive. The fact that the body is now stationary and will remain in one place makes it less of a risk than prior to death."


oh crap

tfw you forget the black ink in your fountain pen is a different brand than the one you've tried before, and your nice planned colorized ink drawing turns into ink-and-wash 🤣

screw it, I'm gonna run with it. Lets see where this goes!


This method worked out much nicer last time I tried it, sigh. Note to self: NARROW paint vessels, not wide!

Oh well. We learn from mistakes, etc etc. At least there are still eggs to eat.

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Guess who is dying Easter eggs at 9pm

(I choose to call it dedication...)

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