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Apparently TikTok made sea shanties a thing now. Awesome! Because I'm a sea shanty nerd, I decided to make an "explainer". If you're new to sea shanties, or just want some recs, follow the thread!


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cats, I think I'm funny 

My cat: screams
Me: "Screams of the damned! Are you damned? Damn you! Well, now you are."

Now I've seen it all: Vienna museums have an OnlyFans account.

(it's a PR gimmick, but some of the concerns mentioned, like trying to promote art on social media that increasingly bans nudity - has a point)

Are you using a screen reader to access Mastodon?

It's not even (just) the "queer flag" thing. I like rainbow things! 🤷‍♀️

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RE: the last boost (

no, I did not buy a rainbow kite specifically. It MIGHT have influenced my decision somewhat, I admit 😂

digital art woes, Android (?) 

Problems I was afraid of before I bought the art tablet: the pen won't work properly, bad palm rejection

Problem I actually HAVE: million apps and none of them has the brush dynamics I know from desktop! How the FUCK am I supposed to paint???

No seriously, what the hell? All I need is a basic pressure-controlled opacity brush, but every app I've tried has weird stroke layering issues when I try to make one. know what I miss? deviantArt emoticons. They were super cute, and I got so much mileage of some of them. The one with the with the flappy hands that went "AAAAAAAH"? PERFECT.

Have you ever fallen love with a character from an unknown series just by watching a fanvid? ...I might have right now. *hearteyes*

Weird question, but I need perspective:

A situation: you want to buy a toy, i.e. a thing that you don't need, but desire for some reason.

How do you decide to buy or not? What factors into your decision - price, utility, category of toy (e.g. electronics, hobby-adjacent, etc), something else?

For price, what's your logic? Comparison to your income, some cut-off that's okay to spend (instinctive or predefined), dedicated "for fun" money?

writing, reading, gender 

I know that "woman decides she wants a baby" is a normal thing, and it's just my own issues that cause me discomfort when I read about it. But when it's the only female character... and there is this clear delineation of "family = a son" (and it's not "baby", it's "son" specifically)... and the character's experience of the relationship feels oddly aseptic otherwise... that's weird, right?

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writing, reading, gender 

What would you think about this?

A story with only one woman in the main cast. She starts a relationship with a man, and realizes she wants to leave her career (something she'd done since childhood) - not caused by the rel., but related. She then decides that her new life goal is to give the man a family, specifically carry and birth him a son.

Is it just me, or is it weird?

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writing, reading, gender 

This gendered plotline makes me uncomfortable, and I can't tell whether it's because it is actually sexist, or just because it's something I personally have issues with.

It's by a female writer, too, so that's an additional layer of "is it me or is it you".

dance, partial nudity, nsfw in general sense

A half-dressed man in a full-face mask and black clothing performs a modernized belly dance piece.

Don't mind me, I'm having a Moment over here.

maybe it's because I've been in slash fandoms for decades and am used to ignoring canon for the sake of shipping, but who cares what canon says. make everyone gay in your fanfics, who gives a fuck

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Hey fedi, by chance, do we have any fencers here, or modern?

If so: what are your thoughts when you fight? What do you focus on, what goes through your head?

Alternatively, does anyone here know good 1st person accounts of fencing? Both fiction and non-fiction is good.

This poor sod has and nobody to ask. 🤡 My own fencing experience is sadly limited to larping and a semester of foil in college and (I was terrible at both 🤣)

writing challenge status 

I wrote a few hundred words both yesterday and today, which is also the last day of my . Final count: 20 points. Nice!

I wish I'd done more actual writing instead of so much other work, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome. The story is in much better shape now, I have a working weekly schedule, and I settled back into morning writing again.

Thanks @vicorva for the challenge!

Time management, weird things that work 

This concludes today's edition of "Boring Personal Things Crow Wants To Talk About For Some Reason"

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Time management, weird things that work 

IDK what the takeaway here is, but probably "trying new things can be useful even when you fail to implement them" and "weird solutions are good if they work for you"

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Time management, weird things that work 

A few months ago I tried a pomodoro alternative where instead of manually setting a timer, one is supposed to work from :05 to :30 and :35 to :00 instead. I didn't keep it up for long, but I have set an app on my phone to chime those times, and I discovered it helps my general time awareness. When I notice what time it is, I'm more likely to do things on time (unless it's bedtime, that's a complete crapshoot most days, but it does help even then).

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