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Apparently TikTok made sea shanties a thing now. Awesome! Because I'm a sea shanty nerd, I decided to make an "explainer". If you're new to sea shanties, or just want some recs, follow the thread!


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(a "tag cloud" of every??? music genre with a sample that plays when clicked, and artist info in the tooltip)

The muffled sound you hear is my inner perfectionist screaming. I swear, I feel like I hit every bookbinding mistake known to man on this one, up to and including gluing the block in upside down(!), but somehow the thing survived all the way through. Truly a Spring miracle.

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I had a week off and I used some of that time to finish a project started and abandoned 2 years ago.

A6 format, blank, basic printer paper, hand-sewn, case-bound, the covers are book cloth and a reused paper bag I got at a confectionery shop in Berlin.

can you publish a unicode npm.js package? 

Guess who just created a npm.js account for the express purpose of trying to publish a package named "ř"!

...nope, it doesn't work.

First defense is `npm init`, which won't accept the name with the complaint that "name can only contain URL-friendly characters" (hey, that's not right! Unicode in URLs is valid now!)

Even if you modify `package.json` manually, `npm init` fails with `npm ERR! Invalid name: "ř"`.

...and now you know!

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languages, silly dreams, cruelty to npm.js 

losely related: last night I dreamed that a colleague (Czech, most likely doesn't know Cyrillic at all) used the letter "и" ("i") in the name of a new npm package his team released, and I angrily explained to him why that is a terrible idea "even though unicode allows it".

Which... it doesn't? I THINK??? It's not in the docs and oooh, I broke npm when I searched for it:

Thinks my brain comes up with, ffs.

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Every time I try reading hand-written Cyrillic cursive I feel like someone took an egg beater to my brain. It LOOKS like I should be able to read it, but it makes no sense to me.

I can read print Cyrillic, and I can decipher printed italics when I try hard enough, but written cursive? Ohhhhh no. Nope. No can do.

I have a huge respect for anyone who had to learn English from a language with a different writing system. Talk about playing on hard-mode...

ahhhh the pain of a missed joke potential!

Someone did a funny video edit about "if Star Wars was Shakespeare", and while it's sort of funny with the "hath"s and the wordiness IT'S NOT IN IAMBIC PENTAMETER! That could have been so much funnier! Even if it was bad... heck, ESPECIALLY if it was bad!

Argh! I can't write poetry but I'm TEMPTED.

fanfic writing, bad life decisions 

I also wrote a scene that technically goes at the end of the sequel. Uhhhhh... I'll count that as a win, I think.

It's not like The Draft isn't moving. Yesterday I transcribed over 2300 words, and I've actually hit 39k today. That's freaking bizarre.

But it's starting to feel like I'm almost... there... and I'd just like to be all the way through so I can turn this thing into an actual fic! Please! I'M BEGGING YOU.

Yet here I am, chasing the shiny.

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fanfic writing, bad life decisions 

guess who has two hands and just spent half a day writing a ficlet that will never see the light of day, because it's set AFTER THE SEQUEL TO HER UNFINISHED FIC????

*raises her hand tiredly*

(It's just so iddy, tho. Couldn't help myself.)

too many books 

Oh lol. Currently eating lunch on the bed, reading a book on the phone (bc ofc I don't want to get food on paper books)


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too many books 

Can't go to a library? Get the library experience at home!

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too many books 

I will read ALL THE BOOKS!

(15 minutes each, less if it's boring and up to 30 if I'm vibing. Or more. Who knows!)

TikTok, funny videos 

I usually treat TikTok as a faraway land from whence interesting goods come but I never plan to visit, but today I actually opened the site for real to watch all bdylanhollis' series of cooking videos, and... A+ CHOICE OMG, I laughed as a hyena the whole time.

( if you want to partake)

Ever Given, silly 

I'm gonna miss the big stuck boat. So simple, so dumb, so funny. Nobody got hurt. We didn't care if it was someone's fault, or whose. Had a straightforward solution. Truly, the exact opposite of the current global situation.

Bye bye, Ever Given. You made my life brighter for a week.

I don't know! I guess that if you angrily journal about something for long enough it starts manifesting in publishable creative writing form!

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Update: instead of doing LITERALLY ANYTHING on that todo list, I have written another essay.

"I Don't Love It, And I Hate That" --

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Ironically, one (as yet undone) point on that very long todo list is SW:CW.

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Me: I have so much to do today! Long list! Gotta hustle!

Also me: *spends four hours writing a personal essay about a TV show*

"On Not Loving the Thing: Consuming Media You Do Not Enjoy"

(heck yes I'm promoting myself, gotta try for some of that sweet sweet social validation to pay for those four hours...)

Silmarillion read-through update 

Chapter 20 is "The Fifth Battle". This is a place where Silm fights (and loses) against its stylistic choices, I think: Tolkien tells us this is a tragic moment, but since the story is narrated as a legend, with such a distance, I have no investment in anyone mentioned and do not care. Sure, people die, but they have been dying since Fëanor got tetchy about his shiny rocks. There's no good reason for me to care now.

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