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Apparently TikTok made sea shanties a thing now. Awesome! Because I'm a sea shanty nerd, I decided to make an "explainer". If you're new to sea shanties, or just want some recs, follow the thread!


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holocaust mention (within a mostly unrelated positive post) 

in other news, today I came to work, talked with coworkers about quinces, and fell into a wiki walk that ended in:

* rakia, all the variants thereof
* that slivovice is technically brandy
* learning that Rudolf Jelínek, the famous producer of slivovice, was a Jew and died in Auschwitz
* cornus mas and the dogwood family (cornus mas wood doesn't float???)
* buttero, the Italian cowboy
* Appalachian mountain dulcimer

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Random game music history moment: the "Fun and Minigames" track from the Beyond Good and Evil soundtrack is an absolute bop:

The soundtrack is great in general - mostly background pieces that do a lot of emotional heavy lifting for the game, and then a couple of real earworms.

Sometimes, I get concerned about what, exactly, has this or that site's algorithm profiled me as.

Today, Pinterest is convinced I want to see shawl draping tutorial videos, screen shots of tumblr star wars meta, and moody women in Wild West costumes.

...okay, yes. But why the shawls??

Partner had some input on my gendering of a character in my book - that I'm stating someone's gender the first time they show up in the book, even if the text is written rather much in a character's perspective.
And I thought I need to put together a policy on that.


omg, I love this video

Snakes, All of the Snakes (If You're Into That Kind of Thing)

the guy is so enthusiastic, but also it's such a great overview!

I am still alive! I'm just taking part in this years Battleship Exchange, so I'm living on the Battleship discord, and inside the spreadsheets (there's a LOT of spreadsheets 😁)

Re: the last boost, welllll. I love it when I manage to write something short and quick in an evening! But I was supposed to work on Do Re Mi today, and I haven't managed a single word. And I want to write it! I kept trying to write my daily 100 words ALL DAY, and it just wasn't happening... and then at 8pm I'm like "oh hey, prompt fest, super vague prompt but I just got an idea, lets go!" and dash out 1k.

So, uh. Great job brain? But maybe, two steps to the left next time???

Out of context quote from a youtube video that cracked me up:

"kind of fruity, but not in a bad way!"

not quite my vibe, but I'm sure there's someone on our side of the rainbow who would love that as a self-descriptor 😂

Hey, Shelley, Percy-boo, a question!

Who the fuck rhymes "die" with "memory"????

'Music, when soft voices die' -- and yes, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to rhyme since it's all couplets!

writing, wordcounts, flailing 

I expanded a scene from the dialog-and-stage-directions state into a properly worded first draft, and I gained ~1.5k words.

I have over 50 more scenes to go.


I thought this would only be around 30k!!! Maybe some of the later scenes will increase only a bit?? At least the writing is going pretty fast, I guess???

Amazon Kindle rant, cursing 

Isn't it wonderful, how with every major Kindle update I lose the ability to do things? Jesus fucking Christ, Amazon, WHY.

(All I want is for collections to act like folders. Sort them first, show books not in a collection below, show collected books inside the collection only. Why is this use pattern so freaking objectionable???)

Yep, I bought the meme book. It's expensive, but it's just as deranged as the memes promise. Once I have a proper bookshelf, I think I'll put it beside "Medium is a Massage" by Marshal Luhan, they will fit perfectly together.

Tonight's YouTube find: All Winners of the Eurovision Song Contest (1956-2022)

Some surprising entries in there!

Also, I guess I don't get to cry about ballads anymore, it seems they're traditional.

writing woes 

NOPE, I give up. Tonight, I mean, not on the whole fic. I'll leave the stuff percolate and hope my subconscious will figure it out somehow.

Pffft. This isn't the first time this story has done this to me, either. Reason number X why I should keep going - it's such a goddamn learning experience.

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writing woes 

evening update: what the everloving fuck

I managed to drag myself back to the longfic. An attempt to fix a plot hole ended up in me completely obliterating the final quarter of my outline. It took me hours to rewrite, then when I was done? I take one look at it and go "nope, that is bad, I do not want that".

Only I don't want to go to the original either, because the problems that made me redo it are still there!

Now my fic looks as if a shark took a bite out of it!!!

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writing woes 

tfw you plan to use your Saturday to write your longfic, but instead end up writing a random plotbunny from your WIP folder that randomly bit your brain as you were getting ready to start.

I mean... good that I'm writing? But this helps literally nothing! I have like six other fics with higher priority, why am I writing this one!

Time for my periodic geek out: Bloodywood is AWESOME.

(indian folk metal; sometimes funny, but they're not afraid to talk about serious issues, either - this song is a call to action against sexual violence, for example.)

Dracula Daily (24 May) 

It's the cowboy!

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