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Me: *looks at some Spider-man fanart*
My brain, delirious from trying (and failing) to speak German all day:




My year-long volunteer stay in Germany will be over in about a week. It's been a Big Year for me, with a share of good, bad, and generally memorable things.

So for once I'm emotionally messed up for generally expected reasons.


It was already going pretty badly (messed up the mixing somehow, had to free the kitchen for a roommate, the dough rose too much...) But I was SO SURE I won't burn it like last time. The recipe says 45 minutes, right? So I set my timer to 30 minutes, that's gotta be early enough to catch it!


Maybe it's also because the dough was already effed up, I don't know. Stupid bread.

Also, I have decided that Captain Marvel joins Bend It Like Beckham in the They Should Just Have Made This Gay club.

I gotta rec this awesome Carol/Maria Captain Marvel fanvid by AurumCalendula, because it's aaaaaahhhhh:

CALLOUT: I just found this Star-Wars Futch Scale meme and I unironically love it.

I've started reading Altered Carbon and it's intriguing so far... aside from the way all female characters are described in terms of their attractiveness.

It's really nice to realize that these days, a writer couldn't do this without getting flack for it.

I wish this wasn't the default for the last few decades. I could totally buy it as a narrative decision in this book, since it's a limited 1st person PoV, if it didn't push all my alienated reader buttons.

i ordered a bunch of sardines in bulk and my kids found them and have started saying to each other "i swear it on my father's sardines" and i dunno it just doesnt feel like im coming back from this one

Uhhhhhh is AO3 okay? I just got a kudos notification email that says "[username], [same username], [same username], [same username], [same username] and [same username] left kudos on [my fic]."

Anyone else has this? I don't want to report a one-time weirdness. (I'm definitely keeping the email tho, it looks hilarious.)

Oh, by the way, I like permaculture! I think it's a great approach and I have a dream of one day having a permaculture garden.

Actually, I'd rather talk about permaculture then unpleasant activism byproduct. Anyone here into gardening/permaculture/no-dig?

And unfortunately, not much got better since the 90s. Remember how we are supposed to save the world by banning plastic straws? Uh huh.

Is it really not possible to change things without twisting the truth to manipulate the masses to push for something?

*annoyed sigh* I wish nature-inclined people wouldn't so readily bend the truth to produce easily digestible scary pronouncements to promote their chosen savior plan.

Currently watching a 90s movie about permaculture, and in the last 5 minutes I've been told that modern agriculture has invented:
* monoculture fields
* wheat + rice + potatoes as keystone foodstaples
* pest problems

That sounds... suspect. I remember at least one fairly old, popular book that mentions locusts, wink wink.

YAAAHHH I set a foghorn sound for my "tea is steeped" alarm IT IS VERY EFFECTIVE 😆


Positivity, dammit: I finally made that red lentil & (frozen) cauliflower stew/soup which I had on my todo list for months! I had to improvise a recipe using about 1/4 of the ingredients that the online recipes had. And it was really difficult for my twitchy, disorganized ass.

But it ended up PRETTY GOOD. Even if I over-salted it a bit in the last goddamn minute, it was still tasty.

Now the leftover cauliflower is gone from the freezer and I didn't buy that red lentil for nothing. GO ME.

My bad habit: constantly changing the ratings on Read books in Goodreads.

Pretty much every time I add a new book I end up second-guessing my previous ratings. If THIS book is three stars, then this one surely must be less/more! I seem to be forever trapped between "it was OK" -- "I liked it" -- "I really liked it"

That said, the phrases they have as explanations for the ratings help me a lot.

why the ABSOLUTE FUCK am I still awake


hoooooly shit, that's a whiplash! I found some seriously amazing facial studies on Pinterest - amazing enough that I wanted to see more work from the artist. When I googled him... it turned out he's a self-styled "pin-up artist" with a portfolio full of the most stereotypical, boring "sex sells" material - contorted poses, vacant stares, vacuum-sealed shiny orbs, the whole bit.

Either there's two people with the same name online (doubtful) or... RIP, dude. 😬

I popped back to Tumblr in a moment of weakness. Wasted too much time scrolling and got an intense need to own that Energizer "thick boi" brick phone that everyone is making fun of. Like. If it's too heavy it's a problem, but 50 DAYS ON ONE CHARGE. *GRABBY HANDS*

I decided to compile a Spotify playlist for Berlin (meaning, not necessarily what I LIKED, just what I heard a lot from the kids). I weep for my recommendations.

cohabitation crapshoot 

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