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@lj_writes @alpine_thistle "Holier than thou - the real human tradition, from St. Paul to Lenin and beyond!"

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dreams, weird animals 

Everytime some nimrod grandly pronounces that people should not feel THIS emotion about something, or feel THAT one, or not feel emotions about it AT ALL, I lose a bit of will to live. 😒

No advice at all, just: of course! With your willpower you can (and must!) change your emotions! GRIT! PERSEVERANCE! NYARGH!

online shopping, craft supplies (-) 

online shopping, craft supplies (-) 

I renewed my public library registration today! (ALMOST) FREE READING, YAY!

PSA: If you're doing research but don't have access to a university library, you should definitely *not* use a website to pirate a large amount of journal articles. That would be illegal and wrong. I post this link so you can bear witness to this unlawful activity.

This is hilarious!

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The pizza joint I went to framed a hole in the wall in the men’s washroom and called it “Fragile Masculinity”

me, thinking about SW: TROS a week after I saw it: "...the garbage will do."

Speaking of Mandalorian, apparently SW: Clone Wars is still canon, which.....hmmmmmm. Does that mean M has to be compatible with SW: CW worldbuilding? 🤔

The downside of watching the entire season of The Mandalorian in one night: THERE IS NO MORE OF IT.

(YouTube, the asshole, has recommended me some soundtrack remix and I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Don't binge-watch, kids.)

I spent some time on DW tonight but my energy for serious posting and interraction is all gone now. Have you ever seen a gaggle of oppossums munching banana slices?

mild Mandalorian spoilers 

I thought I would start walking up early so I wouldn't have to stay at work that late... but I also thought I would watch just one episode of The Mandalorian.

Sleep Schedule? I don't know him!

also fun: the HTTP error code 418, "I'm a teapot" (as opposed to a coffee maker). it was a joke that went too far, people fell in love with it, and when threatened with removal, fought to keep it. 418 is still an official HTTP error code.

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People seem to think that opposition to 'cancel culture' is about easy forgiveness or not holding people accountable at all, and it isn't.

It's about opposition to the way 'made a bad post' becomes 'is completely worthless and everything they ever made is tainted by their worthlessness and if you reblog their stuff you are now tainted too and everyone who reblogs your stuff is tainted and everone who reblogs people who reblog your stuff is tainted, etc.
That's what is so destructive.

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