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Awesome things found on the internet: a reddit sub where people turn gatekeeping/internalized sexism cartoons ("me vs other girls") into yuri:

Evan Dahm, the author of the famous(?) webcomic Rice Boy, has released all his currently public work as a free/pay-what-you-want download,
"In case you are need of easy and free indoors entertainment. Good luck in this weird and anxious moment my friends"

covid-19, but funny 

Homeoffice has been alright, but today it's 18 fucking degrees Celsius in my room and I'm NOT enjoying myself. 😬❄️

Art interpretation is wild. Ever since I read a book on Klimt that explained the famous Kiss painting as being not of a happy couple but a man desperately trying to reach an indifferent (if amiable) woman, I can never unsee it.

(This was apparently the writer's invention, because I can't find it anywhere else. Still, the book was otherwise based on Klimt's diaries, so... who knows?)

In 1999, a gang of thieves was forced to do community service along a road in Rotherham. The next spring the daffodils coming into bloom spelt out the words ‘shag’ and ‘bollocks’.

OMFG I just found out that "none pizza with left beef" is 12 years old????? I thought it was a new thing when I was on Tumblr, and that was 5 years ago!

LOL, I totally forgot I found this book in the library 😆 Turian B&A pose! For bonus hilarity, the title means "uncovering" (also as in "taking your clothes off")

My timeline is pretty oppressive atm. Anyone up to talking about something not related to the current global clusterfuck?

I've been reading a shitton of fanfic in a seriously dubious and embarrassing fandom. The fans love their porn A LOT and I... don't, so it's been an Experience.

I waffle over purchasing a fancy scanner that can do medium format film. It's stupidly expensive, but I just want to scan my films dammit.

I moved to a new Darebee exercise plan and it's totally kicking my ass.

covid-19 semi shitpost (the news is real) 


2019 Nautilus Expedition Highlights

Deep sea exploration, aka the closest we get to real life aliens. Where else can you see a deepstaria enigmatica with a resident isopod?

No better way to start a day than wanting to slap the extreme libertarian in the next row over. 😠👋🖕

"I Like Boys" from Teen Witch
- wellll, judging by those looks, Luise does not 😉

(I like reading queer subtext into things, try to stop me)

There is only one known pink manta ray. Scientists suspect his unusual hue is due to a genetic mutation.

(Image: Kristian Laine /

I might be the only Narnia fan who LIKES turkish delight.

Whenever I’m feeling kind of bleh, I look up the “American baseball player” names from a 90s Japanese video game and immediately start ugly-laughing. It never fails to make me feel better

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