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worrying vegetables 

(can you tell I'm bored at work)

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worrying vegetables 

"Unusual Vegetables You've Never Heard Of", with a photo of celeriac


(I hate it. I hate it and it's in every soup, yuck.)

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worrying vegetables 

On the other hand, why is kohlrabi on all these lists of "odd vegetables" among things I've never heard of??? Are you trying to tell me these aren't ubiquitous in other countries? Y'all weird. (jk jk I love weird veg differences, hell is a world where everyone eats the same four apple varieties whole year long)

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worrying vegetables 

World's largest pumpkins are scarier than I would have thought. They're so HUGE, yet oddly fleshy...

re: recent Karen discourse

found on a random sentence generator: "the wedged karen speans pugnaciously"


Random Sunday evening take: It's a goddamn shame that Were the World Mine is kind of "Consent Issues, the Musical", because the music is AMAZING.

Reading contemporary art theory is often like... do Iack the necessary scientific/philosophical background to understand this, or is it just babble?

(Could be both.)

do I want to spend the time and effort on prettifying my pages or not 🤔

I wanted to leave it unstyled and focus on content, but waaah, it ugly 😥

I did some research and then threw PhotoRec at my old CD.

Bad news: it got bogged down a quarter way in, now predicts 5+ hours to finish and the CD reader is Suffering

Good news: FRIENDS, my teenage collection of unicorn art LIVES!

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I'm trying to back up a personal CD from 2008. Four I/O errors in the first 5MB. Long-lasting format this is not, apparently.

It's like a messed up child of District 9 and Short Circuit, and I'm SO INTO IT.

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I can't believe that the thing that trips me up the most upon joining is be IRC. 😩

Wicked-the-book spoilers 

I am torn whether to complain that they ignored Glinda's canonical crush on Elphaba. On one hand, how dare you turn into just subtext, cowards! On the other, the actual crush is unrequited, a side note at best, and that one last scene between them hurts my soul.

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I finished Maguire's Wicked today. It was... certainly an experience. Not a bad one, but oof. This ain't a happy story.

Also, and I'm saying it as someone who loves the musical: how the FUCK did someone read this and think, "you know, lets make a peppy college story about friendship out of this"????

gay art woes 

tfw when you sketch a Very Gay picture but then you're too embarrassed to work on it because

* you always get very emotionally invested when drawing characters and it's A Lot
* you don't live alone so there's a non-zero chance someone might walk in on you, leading to A Talk

(it's not even NSFW, just. Hands are places.)

If you're into litfic and like the idea of "literary fanfiction", I highly recommend Sena Jeter Naslund's "Ahab's Wife".

I think reading Moby Dick and then this book was one of the best reader choices I made this decade.

light spoilers for The Half Of It 

It's not a happily-ever-after movie, but it's... kind? optimistic? Also I like the "different kinds of close relationships" vibe it's got.

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If you like teen movies with queer protagonists, the new(?) Netflix movie "The Half Of It" is pretty cute.

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