The google results for "black widow comics" got... better, oddly? There is still a handful of those Greg Land cover abominations and "T&A stuck in quicksand" cheesecake pin-ups, but mostly it's panels, and pretty okay ones at that.

"Don’t tell me the stereotypical hetero-male comics fans are turned on by SHINY PLASTIC ORBS"
-- quote from a rant about sexualized comic art I wrote in 2014.

Five years later and I'm still baffled why anyone thought the Black Widow "zipper to the bellybutton" costume was sexy.

Well, getting invested in a 4 year old post-CACW fanfic idea was one of the less expected things to happen today, that's for sure. 🀨

I just wanted to catalog that fanart on AO3. And then I thought, I should explain it a bit more, this makes no sense. And then... πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I'm pretty sure there's at least one bread baking fan on this instance...

I share this for you!

@samuelpepys being like "saw some paintings of Lady Pen, but my wife's are WAY better" is just... amazing.

I had to go check the original diaries but yep, it's there. I love this bot. His constant "staying up late because my budget is a mess and I'm shit at accounting" tweets are HILARIOUS.

The GitHub README of my last dev project has turned into an essay πŸ˜• 3k words and counting. That's probably not a good idea, is it? I don't want to have people looking at it shifty because this isn't "the done way".

The text is arguably more important to the project than the source code, so I have no idea how to handle this. Post the "case study" part of the README on Medium instead? Or should I go and make a GitHub Page?

Hot take: Batman is the superhero with most amusing misspelling opportunities.

(So far I have accidentally created Batmat, Batmam and Batmad; I am sure there will be others.)

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Oh man, I completely forgot that back on DeviantArt we used to do whisperspace using the sub/sup markup! That was nifty, I should start using it on Dreamwidth.

The tragedy of being a programmer in fandom is that either you have a lot of great work that you can't use in a portfolio because it's done under your fandom handle, or you need to accept that a potential employer might find your slash fic.

holly shit artsy types, did you know those orange Stabilo liners are water-soluble??? 😲 😲 😲

To be fair, I'm clearly not the target audience - the book explains the placebo effect, ffs. And the author gives some good tips. It's just a very... classic self-help book, with My Original Method and million of "clever" acronyms.

A chapter of the impact of stress on the body, pretty much a textbook illustration of a "scare tactic". Complete with the classic anecdote of "woman didn't go to the doctor because she was afraid, and so she died". -- great, my health-related anxieties thank you for the fuel.

Why is a whole half of a book on perfectionism just about how perfectionism is bad? I know that! That's why I bought it!

I also got TWO drabbles for the 11Foot8 Bridge πŸ˜‚ I have no idea who offered this but they deserve a medal.

four (4!) people wrote a drabble for my "Shmi lives" request and I'm LIVIN'. They're all so great. 😍

Sit down. Take a breath. Welcome to April 1st, the International Critical Thinking Day.

Well, at least it gave me an excuse to turn off my old WP-based portfolio that gets targeted by hackers on a weekly basis.

bye bye suckers the next version is gonna be three static html files in a trenchcoat.

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