Did the dishes ✅
Did the laundry ✅
Brushed my hair ✅

Oh yeah, it's all coming together...

I just finished the dishes, but I still have so much to do today ;w; it's all stuff I've been putting off, because I didn't feel like it.... curse you past me....

I wanna scan some sticky note doodles and zhuzh them up in medibang, but that would mean I have to set my scanner up again lmao

Isekai novel idea: boomer reincarnated as zoomer

I started rereading Eleceed today, and I forgot just how much I love Jiwoo 🥺
Jiwoo protection squad! 😭

Image of bug 

Found this little fella on my bedroom window ☺️ (btw yes I know my window is dirty lmao)

Why would you write it as "gard" in one panel, and then write it as "garudo" in the panel literally right next to it?? Somebody's proof reader is slippin 😬

normalize replying with this image whenever someone you were mufos with turns out to be a dumbass

TMI, Period mention 

I was planning to do some cleaning this weekend, while my parents are out of town for their anniversary, but I woke up this morning to see I started my period! And it's a heavy one! So, fuck that noise! I'll do it next weekend 🥴

I bought some books a few months ago and I haven't even looked at them since then lmao

I gotta get up at 7:30 tomorrow for an appointment 😭 I don't wanna goooo

I've fallen victim to hype once again 🥲 I promised myself I would stop pre-ordering games, but once I saw the pokemon scarlet/violet trailers, I just couldn't help myself 😭

Outgoing stylish person x shy nerdy person is a god-tier dynamic and nobody can change my mind

Stardew Valley spoilers 

At this point, I'm gonna find a prismatic shard before I ever get dino egg 😭

Last night, I had the weirdest fuckin dream that my dad was a huge PewDiePie fan, and he wouldn't shut up about it. Irl my dad doesn't even know who that is lmao

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