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Went and got a switch today! Got it used for a really nice price! It's missing the HDMI cord tho. FC is SW-4776-2531-2219.

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Things I want to have done by the end of 2019:
1.) Buzz all my hair off
2.) Play ever Rune Factory game
3.) Figure out how to get people to give me money for my art
4.) Have a complete conversation with a stranger in public
5.) Make some actual irl friends and hang out w/ them

Things currently holding me back from all of these goals:
Money, Fear, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem

depression talk 

Whenever artists I like do those flash requests where they'll draw ur character for free for a limited time only, I super struggle to pick just one of my ocs, and its really making me feel like I should just make a sona already.

I HATE summer for one reason, and one reason only. It is ant season. There's always like 50 ants IN MY BED.

Also, I wish I had a chromecast or something equivalent so I could watch youtube on my tv. Tbh, I just wanna be able to watch youtube while in bed. My phone and tablet don't have the battery life or resolution to watch twitch VODs on.

I really wanna trade my switch in for one with better battery life, but I don't have the money!! D:<

Honestly, I'm over well-lit rooms. I want all the rooms in whatever abode I dwell in from here on out to be dimly lit, if they're lit at all.

Sooo, finally got a call back from my doctor. Turns out, I missed an appointment in May that I had no knowledge of, so I have to restart the program from scratch!! :)))

Our internet was out all day yesterday, so I decided to pick back up on some of the games I have on my computer. I realized at that point that I'd left them so long I didn't even remember what I was doing.

What do you call having dinner with a skeleton?

I will take any chance to use the :3c emoji

I took a nap to escape my emotional pain, and now I have heartburn.

Currently going through a "In my twenties with no personal achievements to speak of" freak out. Again. I get into this downward spiral that ends with my pulling my hair out and screaming about how I have no skills and I'll be homeless after my parents die.

I wish I had one those things where you clap and it turns your light off.

I just opened my pencil bag, which has had a sharpie in it, and a CLOUD of sharpie fumes comes wafting out.

Legit, like 50% of the reason I want dual monitors is so I can watch youtube while I draw.

if you cut me, do I not bleed? if I J/O with my bros, does my crystal not charge?

I wish SuMo had the Vs. Seeker. Thatd make training my pokemon post-game so much easier.

Some Pokemon gijinka doodles I did. I'm gonna do more, cause it was fun. Suggest some Pokemon??

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