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Went and got a switch today! Got it used for a really nice price! It's missing the HDMI cord tho. FC is SW-4776-2531-2219.

I wish that Krita had an app with cloud save like Medibang. So convenient -v-

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My birthday is on the 28th, and I already know I want at cheesecake. I can't decide on the flavor tho. Gimme a hand.

After watching the Animal Crossing direct... I am now the living embodiment of hype. I'm practically vibrating with excitement.

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I'm writing this because there seems to be this misconception that artists have to be able to create everything just out of their head. And some can! Because they've been practicing for years. How? Be *using reference*, yes!
You can hone your observation skill and look reeeal closely how things work. It's a wonderful exercise you can do whenever you want.

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Crying at how cool all these Animal Crossing pre-order bonuses are, because I won't be getting any of them 😭

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So, my sim is sitting there playing her piano, when another sim walks by her house - her spitting image! Her honest to God doppelganger. So, I'm like, who could this be? I mouse over them to see their name - it's one of the sims I made. I guess I'm not as creative as I thought 😂

Dude, my sim was a adopting a baby, and the social worker arrives with the baby while my sim is at work. So, she puts the baby ON THE SIDEWALK and LEAVES.

Yucky digestive problem tmi 

The back of this shirt in Sims 2 has an anime girl on it...

"Who the fuck drank all the tea and didn't make more?" A Novel by Me

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I wish I had friends who had OCs that weren't D&D OCs :'/ Like, I'm happy to talk about my OCs with other people, and to hear about other people's OCs, but it's kind of awkward swapping OC stories when their OCs are all Paladin Tieflings and whatnot, and mine are all kids with mommy issues.

The vent in my room is making a dripping noise. I have to choose between warmth or peace & quiet...

On this fine Valentine's Day, I'm playing Sims 2 and eating cheese toast. Because today is about loved ones, and I love me 😍

Well, since my wifi adapter is dead, I guess I'll just play Sims 2 lmao

My archenemy... DETAILS ON CLOTHES!! I always do boob window to fill the collar space, but I don't wanna do boob window this time... Dang, I've been using boob window as a crutch all along 😩

"Hmm... Been awhile since I flipped the canvas..."
-finally flips it-
Mfw: 🤮🤢

My dumb, stupid computer won't connect to the WiFi... I have to wait till income tax comes in to buy a new WiFi adapter 😭

Sure wish people would stop posting SU leaks :))))

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