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Went and got a switch today! Got it used for a really nice price! It's missing the HDMI cord tho. FC is SW-4776-2531-2219.

Sheep update: ANOTHER baby has been born. Like, JUST born. It's very little and cute. Pictures pending.

listen, maybe I would just enjoy my salary man romances more if some of them had dad bods is all I'm saying

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why are all the thirty-something salary men in bl manga fuckin shredded??? when do they get the time??? especially the ones where they point blank say they only eat conbini food???

I wore my MHA shirt to walmart today, and had a very pleasant experience when I encountered somebody wearing a MHA hoodie by the pharmacy.

Today was a lot. Honestly, it's only 6pm, but I'm so ready to just go to bed.

if we get sinnoh remakes for the 25th anniversary, i will probably cry lmao i won't be able to afford both that and the new pokemon snap :')

Y'know... a part of me was kinda hoping that Looker would be in Sword and Shield. I don't even really know why.

this is one of those mornings that started against my will

it's 2021 and sega still hasn't made a fully stand alone chao garden game. it's basically free money, dude.

I forgot to post about it, but the sheep down the street had a baby.

so, about that 15 oz bag of skittles i bought. the smoothie kind are my favorite, but the last time i had them, i was like 9. i thought they were discontinued, because i never saw them anywhere. so, my mom and i are at walmart the other day, and there's just this big ol shelf of the 15 oz bags of them by the registers. i was like... way more excited than i ought to have been lmao

to add to that, i'm also killing a 15 oz bag of smoothie skittles by myself

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Sometimes I feel like a Sim or something. I sit there fucking around on the computer, get up and walk around the house aimlessly, then return to the computer. Repeat.

100 pieces in 1 year, I can hardly believe it & I made it all (missing 2 pieces for a Zine that isn't published yet, a book cover, & the last 3 pieces I made in Dec b/c they wouldn't fit)

why, yes, i DO love being woken up at 4am by the neighbor's legion of puppies crawling under our house and wailing as loud as they can!! /s

Well, it's officially 2021 here. I've drank my ceremonial sparkling grape juice. I'm going the fuck to bed.

still several minutes until midnight for me. my dad is smashed, so i'm not leaving my room tonight. happy new years, everyone. 2020 will not be missed.

For some reason, last night I had a dream I was eating taiyaki??

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