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Ah, I wonder what it's like to have a family that isn't constantly at odds with one another. Must be peaceful.

It's so hard to make money in New Horizons ;w; how do people fund those extravagant islands?!

my brother??? bought me??? a brand new gaming mouse??? for no reason???

I have an appointment I have to do over the phone, and I'm wicked anxious lmao

Today was a "crawl into bed and stay there" sort of day.

At long last, every shred of fabric in my possession that needs washing has been washed. I'm finally free.

I pulled an all-nighter, forgetting I had to wash my bed sheets today. Not looking forward to making my bed later ;w;

the heater is making an atrociously distracting noise, so I can't sleep despite having already taken my sleep meds ;w;

For context, that's sparkling grape juice. It's one of my new years traditions to drink it once the clock hits midnight. A hobby of mine is to overinflate it into some kind of blood ritual to preserve our bountiful harvests and divert calamities.

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We had enchiladas for christmas dinner, and boy golly am I FULL. I haven't eaten that much in ages.

My mom made these chocolate truffles for Christmas tomorrow, and I'm not supposed to eat too many of them, but holy hell they're good ;w;

Well, after going through the tedious process of filling out paperwork and playing a nauseating amount of phone tag, I very well may be able to resume coverage for my medications through a local mental health organization. They might even be able to cover my thyroid medication!

I just finished season 3 of Overlord. It's fun. I love how in depth it gets with each character. You get so attached to each one, to the point that you aren't really sure who you should be rooting for. Looking forward to season 4.

I am not immune to over-powered MC propaganda.... Ains is pretty cool.... lmao

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