I just finished season 3 of Overlord. It's fun. I love how in depth it gets with each character. You get so attached to each one, to the point that you aren't really sure who you should be rooting for. Looking forward to season 4.

I am not immune to over-powered MC propaganda.... Ains is pretty cool.... lmao

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I'm rewatching season 1 of Overlord, and that op really is a bop tho

It's December 1st. Time to make my yearly purchase of eggnog, which I will slowly drink over the space of several days, even though I only ever buy a pint.

i should be eating actual food for lunch but i'm eating nutella and graham crackers instead lmao

tonight was a productive night. I drew for the first time in a while and I picked up all the trash in my room.

Lmao you KNOW I love when my neighbor rides their stupid loud go-cart at midnight when I'm trying to sleep :))))

Iruma-kun spoilers 

Okay, I do have one favorite... it's gotta be Alikred... He's simply peak character design...

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I started reading Mairimashita! Iruma-kun, and it's so hard to choose a favorite character! They're all so endearing lmao

Time to eat some candy and watch a paranormal docuseries C:

I'm pretty sure I had a dream about sharpening pencils last night...

can't wait for all my ac villagers to beat me to death on november 5th

kouri posted on twitter that there's gonna be an Ib 10th anniversary remake!! So excited!

chris pratt... as mario... i don't understand...

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