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Things I want to have done by the end of 2019:
1.) Buzz all my hair off
2.) Play ever Rune Factory game
3.) Figure out how to get people to give me money for my art
4.) Have a complete conversation with a stranger in public
5.) Make some actual irl friends and hang out w/ them

Things currently holding me back from all of these goals:
Money, Fear, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem

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A quick Nidoking, has been a while since I did traditional artwork so did this as a warm up of sorts. And I just love Nidoking. #pokemon #nidoking #traditionalart #creativetooots #mastoart #drawing

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defense-form deoxys reminds me of when you pull the back of your shirt over your head so the collar frames your face like a hood

Curse these horror writers and their superhuman ability to craft titles that irrevocably pique my curiosity!

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Still got some stuff to do today, and I'm REALLY fighting that urge to just go to sleep. I just had dinner, so it's only made it worse.

Went to a thrift shop with my mom & grandma. Found this + a neat looking book.

I went outside today and was promptly reminded that I live in Satan's armpit.

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Yaoi manga does this really weird thing where everything will be some regular setting with nothing out of the ordinary. The story will progress and then they'll just be like "wait except this guy is a SNAKE PERSON with crazy YAOI MAGIC" and play it totally straight. Just totally slip it in with no context, as if we, the audience, were suppose to already be in the know about it. And then it turns out there's just a TRIBE OF SNAKE PEOPLE that are like this?? In modern day Tokyo or smthn??? Weird.

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My mom and I get heartburn pretty bad. Her favorite antacid is this liquid stuff that tastes like dusty plastic. It's so nasty. It works like a dream, but it's so disgusting!

We had our youngest dog spayed, and we just brought her home. She's so out of it. Right now, my mom is watching her to make sure she doesn't flip out and that the other dogs stay away from her. Poor lil thing.

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finally get to use krita again! painted Josef from The Ancient Magus' Bride to celebrate.

#mastoart #creativetoots #anime #fanart #krita

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Me? Watching creepypasta/ horror story videos at night, despite knowing it'll scare me so bad I can't sleep? It's more likely than you think.

You know, I do enjoy the "mysterious and unknown" side of YouTube quite a bit. True Crime is fun to be scared by. However, it also comes with a fair number of "paranormal" videos. I love the paranormal, don't get me wrong! The thing is, 99.999% of these videos are INCREDIBLY and OBVIOUSLY fake, but they're played totally straight. It's comical how seriously the narrators try to convince you that it's 100% Real Proof™ of ghosts, aliens, ect.

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Asking for Money :boost_ok:​ 

Lmao I was just thinking I've been sleeping too much anyway

I think the only kinds of friends I want are people that give me an honest and detailed answer when I ask them what their favorite cryptid is.

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