MCR is coming to my town in October! I'm... not sure I'm going to be ready for stadium-level crowds by then.

Trying to find a new pet sitter (my old one moved out of area) and it's so stressful. I'm going to give this person a key to my HOUSE after what, a really brief interview?! Half my family doesn't have a key to my house!

Been slowly cleaning out my bookmarks... I was never an avid user but somehow I amassed almost 700 of them. Mostly broken links, old programming tips, and some fic that I've mostly managed to track down on ao3.

Networking woes 

I just want my scanner to talk to my computer! For some reason the setup tool just doesn't see my non-guest network at all 😭

But I guess since it only supports 2.4GHz, it doesn't matter - I'll have to swap networks to scan whether it's using the guest 2.4GHz or the private 2.4GHz. 😕

(Also: I live alone. I have two private networks, two guest networks, and two extended networks - 2.4 and 5GHz for each - for a total of six freaking network choices in my house. WHY. )

I kind of wish Greedfall would have skipped the customizable character thing if they’re going to keep telling me I look just like people I bear no resemblance to lol

On the plus side, this encouraged me to go hide them by default, which was set up on my old install but not yet on the new one 😂

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That said I am super excited about this move, I fucking hate those notification popups. I NEVER WANT YOUR NOTIFICATIONS.

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OK but:
(image: article about Firefox hiding notifications by default, with a notification popup over it)

It's been hard getting back into editing my longfic after almost a month away from it. Lesson learned: take no breaks 😂


In this blog post I talk about over-manipulation, a thing that can make you hate your writing. As well as what can bring relief.

This has been one of the single greatest problems facing me as a writer.


I love the fall aesthetic, but the start of the light change is a little like watching the incoming tidal wave of seasonal depression from the beach while water’s lapping at my ankles. Loading up on vitamin D and happy light time to try to stave off the worst of it but 😱😐

My vet always has fresh chocolate chip cookies in the lobby, and today they are even warm! 🍪

Gundam Wing, ep 7 rewatch 

Damn this was a big episode! I don't remember OZ taking over this early, and I didn't remember how they did it. Honestly, well played, Treize, you asshole.

I like seeing that Zechs is already having second thoughts, and it was SO GOOD to get all the Gundam pilots in one place finally ❤️

They really manage to cram a lot into these 20-minute episodes, don't they?

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I can't believe I have to get dressed for video calls. I'm cold and I want to stay in my robe! 😭


When I’m President Of Video Games, all games will have an “adults with busy lives” feature.

“Hi, I see you haven’t played this game in a month. Here’s a reminder of the last things you did and where you need to go next. Press X for a quick tutorial of the controls you forgot.”


Finished my rough draft of casefic last night, which is a huge milestone for me! Definitely the longest thing I've ever written outside of NaNo (~30k). Still on target to put chapter 1 out before EOM, but there is a lot of work left to do 😅


Yes, you heard this right - Ireland is yet another country to have formed a legal industrial union for games workers! Comhghairdeas!🎉🎊
Unions springing up like mushrooms these days, who's next?💪💪🏿💪🏽


Gundam Wing, ep 6 rewatch 

I can’t believe reporters are asking the 15-year old who just lost her father if his death means they’re going to war! Also, omg Relena, apologizing for not being able to save him? You’re FIFTEEN for god’s sake.

Man Okiayu Ryotaro’s voice is just 😘👌 as Treize, yes keep talking please you magnificent asshole

There are a whole lot of kids with death wishes in this show 😕

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