Look here is a cute gifset of Bai Yu with a bunny where nobody is getting hurt in any way! bai-yu-thirst.tumblr.com/post/

On my new project I get to go back to JIRA and I honestly can't properly express how excited I am. You mean I can show the bug priority and the scheduled release at the same time? What witchcraft is this?!

Note to self: don't go to the store when your brain isn't fully awake. Definitely don't try to use the U-scan when your brain isn't fully awake if you have any produce.

I don't know why I would put Nutella ON things when I could just spoon it straight from the jar into my mouth.

Old Tech 

Time to see if making my slack sidebar bright pink and turquoise makes work any better.

It's been decades now but the sound of large-engined vehicles coming to a stop outside still makes me think I'm missing the bus to school lol

I like that Academia.edu thinks I want to write papers and do Studies because I downloaded someone's French academic paper about Enjolras and Grantaire.

Anxiety & Depression: good days vs. bad days 

Anxiety & Depression: good days vs. bad days 

I just killed 2 hours looking at 520 exchange stuff instead of working 😭

OK well I really thought that by the time I wrapped up where I wanted this story to end, I'd find enough hooks in the first draft to find an actual plot, but I'm at ~7500 words now and no plot is forthcoming. 😫

Guardian ending spoilers 


Cleaning out all the grit in my Netflix queue (with one or two exceptions). Moving on to that fluff life.

I REALLY WANT one of these, but can I justify the price when I haven't been sewing much? Or would it encourage me to sew more?

I responded despite my rage because I am weak.

LOVE getting emails with obnoxious requests at 6:15 Friday that say shit like "time is of the essence, we need an answer by Monday" Thanks, assholes.

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