Made some bulk bin bags out of muslin remnants today! Been meaning to do it for ages. I made a cardboard template so future bag-making will be even simpler, but it was pretty much already dead easy.

It would be like the ultimate collaboration between artists/writers. Big Bang turned up to 11 lol

For years I've wanted to make a game engine for fic as visual novels, but it already exists?!

(I know about Ren'py but afaik it requires some programming knowledge and this does not)

I love branching narrative and would kill to see fic done this way lol

Was listening to ep 13 on the drive to the grocery store and thinking about how much willpower it must have taken for ZYL not to laugh victoriously and maybe fist pump when BCE makes his appearance while he’s mind-controlled lol

Just broke a password checker by using % in my password 😂

BY continues to be adorable 😭


trans for this interview in thread belowww! mwah 😘💋 (i'm too lazy to actually sub the video... I might one day.......)


Well I'm only 3 eps into Dr. Qin and I already ship these three like whoa.

Well between Medical Examiner: Dr Qin and the sewers eps of Shoujo Cosette, there’s been a whole lot of sewers in my media today.

Local cat won't stop stepping on keybhujh

Quarterly self-evals are the WORST as soon as I see the questions my brain helpfully pops up with all the things that went wrong all quarter and nothing that went right. It's like an exercise in "how can I feel bad about myself today?"

I finished an actual outline for an actual story (my Camp Nano story even) and now I feel like an actual author!

Uh too bad I still have to write the thing.

I want more coffee but if I make more coffee then will I be as easily distracted as I was yesterday, when I made another pot of coffee?

~ me, basically every day

Dear god please let this project transition be over soon so I can stop attending two projects worth of meetings

Look here is a cute gifset of Bai Yu with a bunny where nobody is getting hurt in any way!

On my new project I get to go back to JIRA and I honestly can't properly express how excited I am. You mean I can show the bug priority and the scheduled release at the same time? What witchcraft is this?!

Note to self: don't go to the store when your brain isn't fully awake. Definitely don't try to use the U-scan when your brain isn't fully awake if you have any produce.

I don't know why I would put Nutella ON things when I could just spoon it straight from the jar into my mouth.

Old Tech 

Time to see if making my slack sidebar bright pink and turquoise makes work any better.

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