If dragons were real, I'd be a dragon.

McDonald's, objectively, has the worst fries.

can i mute baby yoda but especially the gif

Today someone asked me if I were a college freshman and it was adorable.

Gourmet Makes is amaze but the steps to make the home versions of commercial snacks are just WILD.

The @bonappetit@twitter.com YouTube channel is all I want from cooking shows.

It’s that time of year when we all board the Trauma Train!

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non mathematicians: i hate math because i hate numbers

me, a mathematician: what the frick is a number

Turning 18 is not a magical switch when someone turns into an adult - and therefore a human being.

People always were human, at any age. And we all deserve to be treated as such.

Hating children is socially acceptable. Violence against children is also socially acceptable. Condescension towards children is socially acceptable.

We don't treat children as people, and it's deeply damaging how generation after generation have to earn personhood.

This is an immensely cruel world, and it's especially cruel to children.

Children are treated like objects, not fully human because they're not grown humans. Children are only important as accessories to the family or ego.

That inner child deeply wants to be seen, comforted, and loved. That inner child is very, very sad and angry.

And honestly, I've done all that I can. I've journaled and went to therapy and got a supportive network. I've lost hope for peace.

I'm at that stage where I run scenarios in my head where I (bluntly) tell my parents how I feel and they (somehow) get it.

It's a type of self-soothing. There's a deeply traumatized inner child that surfaces every time I interact with my parents.

If I have to have my life dramatically changed, I may as well be the fucking QUEEN of my new domain.

I know that it's on trend to imagine the myth of Persephone as consensual and romantic (and not incestuous) but Kore has always spoken to me as someone who was also deeply traumatized in youth but takes ownership of her fate.

To their credit, when I called them out on this yesterday, they immediately corrected themselves and apologized.

But it's been almost 20 years and they still kinda think this way. I've accepted this as status quo. But it still triggers me to all hell.

For my parents, ME ALMOST DYING wasn't about me. It was karma giving them a life lesson. I AM A PERSON NOT AN ABSTRACTED EVENT.

I am a deeply, immensely traumatized person.

I almost died.

I almost died.

I almost died.

It's been almost 20 years of this. In the beginning, they were very confused as to why I didn't become an "enlightened" person with a "fresh look on life". I told them straight up that those stories are not my reality. I had to FIGHT objectification into the "perfect disabled".

It's so DAMAGING when your parents tell you that their primary reflection from their kid ALMOST DYING is "rethinking their values". I ALMOST DIED. I HAVE A PERMANENT DISABILITY. I DID NOT GET HIT BY A CAR FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S PERSONAL GROWTH.

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