Canceled all obligations today. Learned that I have until May to hand this damn thing in. Life is good. Time to cough while I try to sleep.

Every month or so, I get followed by dudes who follow “hot nude Asian women” accounts. It always feels like a bug in their algorithm since I rarely perform sexuality here anymore.

Still sick. Can taste black truffle. Cannot taste peanut butter.

Since we are sick, we spending the day being sick and making chicken soup for ourselves.

Gonna lounge in my red bathrobe all day. That counts, right?

At this point, I may cast my vote for Steyer.

It’s rat year!! And I’m a rat!! Classically, this will be an unlucky year for me. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Anyway I am sick and have been coughing all night and morning. Luckily no one in my apartment cares (not even

I don’t know if my mother has misophonia but her history of behavior has been controlling. It’s perfectly in character for her to try to use “be considerate of other people” to control the minutiae of your behavior.

My mother would also say that I swallow too loudly. One time, I tried swallowing smaller and smaller amounts until she was satisfied with the (lack of) sound.

When she was finally satisfied, I told her that I was literally not drinking anything.

Fun fact: I have a mild complex about coughing because my mother would sometimes glare at me when I coughed (even when I was sick) and told me to stop because I was being annoying and/or too loud.

I’m pretty sure we humans get names from our pets but we don’t bother to learn them.

Animals are so smart. They know that we give them names.

whyyyyyyyyyyyy do you think that putting the confederate flag in your background pic is a good idea

It’s going to be another day sleeping in bed.

ps “happy new year” in english is perfectly fine

i am not cantonese i do not speak cantonese if you cared so much about my culture then you should check what languages i know

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