ME: I forget if West Side Story has a happy ending or not. JOHN: It’s Broadway Romeo and Juliet, Amber.

Know your capacity. Start working within it. Challenge yourself to expand your limits.

You can surprise yourself by how much you can do.

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There are a lot of different standards of whether one has done enough. The secret is that as long as there is injustice, it is never enough. But our capacity as humans is limited in different ways.

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Look, if someone says that people aren’t doing enough and you are doing enough, they weren’t talking about you. If you aren’t doing enough, then don’t be upset and go do more. It really is that simple.

"Fight with love" doesn't mean being kind to your oppressors but to love deeply your communities, family, and peers, to support and be supported, to remember the passion that got you in the fight in the first place.

The company that makes my hair dye just EXPLICITLY said Black Lives Matter and posted a bunch of mental health resources for Black people as well as all sorts of readings for allies.

oh hey just because i am anti-capitalist and have a mandarin surname doesn’t mean that i am a tankie

I would like all the grad programs that I was interested in last fall to read the damn room and stop advertising in my inbox.


This includes cops “taking a knee” “in solidarity”.

The meaningful gesture would be to stop being a cop.


In general, please don’t use ableist words (e.g. “crazy”, “insane”) to describe current events but ESPECIALLY don’t call the cops mentally ill.

This is about equating mental illness with systemic violent racist abuse. Don’t do it.

Just because you experience oppression in one way doesn’t make you an expert in other oppressions.

The president of Harvard just sent an email that can be best described as a bunch of words.

You don’t need to throw other movements under the bus to praise one.

Also, fuck tankies.

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There’s a meme floating around praising BLM protests (good) and denouncing HK protests to the point of misrepresenting them (not good). If it’s not your lane, stay out of it.

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How about if you don’t know anything about the HK protests, you don’t say anything about the HK protests, especially comparing them to BLM protests.

I’ve mostly been RTing the past few days. But just in case it isn’t obvious:

- Property damage is not the same as state-sanctioned murder.
- Don’t post/RT media of killings, beatings, or protestors.
- “A riot is the language of the unheard.” — MLK Jr.

Just watched Hairspray for the first time without knowing anything about it and in light of current events, I’m not sure how to feel about it.

2) ONLY USE WATER TO RINSE YOUR EYES. I’ve seen anything from milk to baking powder to lemon juice. Don’t listen to that shit. Bring a full squeeze water bottle. That’s all you need.

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