.@johnmtowey@twitter.com got this mug and it’s just the cutest.

Now that I’m 36, does that mean that I’m invisible to cishet men? Has my dream finally come true? Am I now free?

I’m kinda proud that I’m the “taster” in the household.

I'm not linking because it's bad. It's really bad. Don't get your social movement tips from HBR.

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I did NOT expect the Harvard Business Review to have an article for a 5-point plan on how to turn your protest into a successful social movement.

I feel like biology (and most STEM) teaches concepts as facts, and we miss that science is a construct, a type of philosophy. Reading sociological texts lays that bare for me, and I am extremely humbled.

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Sociology is wild. There are different, competing theories, and depending on the POV of the authors, they can say completely different things. It feels like a continuous battle for your theory.

Also, the absolute work to take a marginally okay photo of yourself is wild.

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Pride was last month but I just got this shirt in yesterday.

do iq "scientists" understand that the standard deviation is 15 points and what that means

A major problem with Hamilton is that it's about Alexander Hamilton.

I will now infuriate every single nerdbro by saying that I will never need to watch Monty Python ever again.

tfw the book you picked out for research is too good and you have to read all 400+ pages dammit

I am writing an essay on cancel culture and now I have anxieties about my framing but it’s getting there so fuck it.

ME: That's a lot of coffee. JOHN: That's one pot of coffee. ONE COFFEE.

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