don’t eat gold instead eat the rich

People criticize "cancel culture" because they're afraid of being held accountable for being shitty people.

This place in sells "street corn" and it's absolutely delish but I just learned that it's Mexican street food and it's also called elote and I just know that the white restaurant owners gentrified it.

When men manspread next to me, I “spread” right back. They often move, seemingly surprised that I won’t let them take my space.

Honestly, I am seriously considering skipping a shower due to the pain. I suppose that counts as "interfering with normal daily activities".

I'm bleeding with massive lower back pain. Normally, I would take a day off but I'll be shadowing an IHC today.

TFW you see a thumbnail of the dress that looks kinda cute but when you click on the link, you realize it's just a colorful sack for skinny people.

The CW's Nancy Drew is SO BAD. It may as well be an original series.

In other news, I just cut and filed my nails and that's all the energy I have for being beautiful tonight.

Nail polish is gorg but such high maintenance.

I’m not sure if it’s the rain or rush hour or all the vehicles associated with the MBTA exist outside space-time and your commute is distorted into a slow crawl and quiet sobbing in the extradimensional void.

Ah being bipolar in a mood-stable world.

Immunohistochemistry is a lot of hurry up and wait and then HURRY HURRY HURRY.

Got into Farscape. The pilot still holds up. We’ll see how the rest of the series does.

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