ALSO FYI: Masturbation Day was formalized due to the firing of the first Black Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders for saying that masturbation should be part of sex ed.

This was in the mid-90s so the POTUS who fired her was Bill Clinton.

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FYI it’s Masturbation May! There’s even a National Masturbation Day on May 7 to celebrate one’s right to get themselves off!

Just gotta laugh or I’ll just end up worrying about it.

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May is and I would just like to say that I am VERY aware of my anxiety thanks.

The discourse about whether physical or mental disabilities are worse is exhausting and usually doesn’t validate anyone’s experience with either or both varieties of disability.

Disabilities suck. And different kinds suck in different ways. Let’s just respect that.

I can’t spell today. Perfectionism be damned.

I imagine that this is a really hard concept to digest but you do not need individual racist people in power for an innstitution to create unequal (racist) outcomes for different groups.

I have run out of things to do except write cover letters.


I put on a brave face but this a long time of bleeding. I hope I'm okay.

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The biggest thing is that I've been bleeding for months. I'm not even sure if it can be called menstruation at this point. I am tired all the time and I worry.

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I have brain damage, a physical condition that manifests as psychological/psychiatric symptoms. But I am still scared of pain, loss of physical ability.

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Several physical conditions have come up for be at once. I've been taking care of them but I can't help but to feel like this is going to be a long slog of doctor visits, physical therapy, and worry.

It's .

If you need it, I give you permission to take care of your mental health today. Every day. Whenever you need it. It's okay.

I regret to inform you have China has been misogynist at varying points of history. There’s an entire Wikipedia page on women’s status in China:

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Can people just stop essentializing China. Esp if you have a Chinese wife because c’mon.

Watching The Greatest Showman and wondering when did the name “Phineas” fall out of favor.

Facebook is advertising to me for Mother's Day. Sure. But what they're advertising is sexy underwear.

Yeah dunno about that one.

Meant to say "curate a list of AAPI media in commemoration of " above but I think people get my point.

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