I'm a cis non-binary woman.

I don't care if that doesn't make sense to anyone else. It makes sense to me.

The powerful create a cancel culture strawperson while protesters actually protest. Just because protests aren't always successful doesn't mean that the protest didn't happen.

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Just read an essay claiming the powerful use "cancel culture" to complain about being criticized and that is why other people say that cancel culture doesn't exist.

I respect that but I still believe in cancel culture as a protest tactic. Maybe both versions can exist at once?


Where do I find good lingerie?

Saving Face is still a superior wlw movie.

It's okay to be slutty to figure out what you want in sex and relationships.

It's just okay to be slutty. You be you.

What are the chances of me getting an extension on my thesis because PANDEMIC???

OKCupid is like your profile is no longer active and I'm like STILL A PANDEMIC.

Thanks, everyone, but I think that I'll just go with A LOT of condoms. I don't really need more sex toys!

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Is it impulse to take advantage of a sex toy sale or am I just horny?

Gender is complicated! People should be allowed to explore and express without judgment.

Be free!

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Also, shoutout to people who aren't sure if they are non-binary and just exploring their gender. Exploring gender is a very natural thing to do! It's okay if you don't turn out to be non-binary or if you do!

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