Maybe I should quit neuroscience and do my doctorate on how most people are wrong about cancel culture.

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Wrote a thread on cancel culture but I think I may skip posting it.

ahaha yes you are the only one who thinks critically and everyone else is happy and stupid ahahaha you are so smart and funny what insight you have on society ahahaha whoooo boy what is it like to be the only smart person in the room much less on the internet ahahaha

If you don’t want to QT a bigoted account/tweet, that’s fine. But may I introduce to you an alternative: The subtweet.

I mean we’re all petty gossips anyway.

I’m thoroughly convinced that anon burner accounts that have consistently bad opinions are just trolls.

Confirmed: Guava and hot sauce is super tasty.

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Ran out of chicken. Now it’s guava and hot sauce.

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Chicken is just a vehicle to get hot sauce into mah mouf.

Got blue hair dye right in the middle of my white leather couch. This isn’t that big a deal but imperfections bug me so it’s time for a new project.

Shaving is a scam. Why is there stubble already.

I want to play DAI again since I love it so much but I already made all the decisions I want to make in the game and UGH WHEN IS DA4 COMING OUT.

RANDOM DUDE: You’re so intimidating, Amber. ME: YES GOOD.

But my round belly makes it hard to shop for bottoms. I shake my fist at the fashion industry.

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IMO there are pros and cons to either. But his response really boils down the importance of reading primary sources.

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My partner is TAing a class on sociology theory so I asked him if it’s important to read primary sources. His answer was simple:

“To get your own ideas about theory, you need to read the primary source. Otherwise, you’re reading what other people think about theory.”

With my current hair, I’m totally a sea witch! 🐳🐬🌊🔱

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Post a photo of yourself and I’ll tell you what witchy vibes you got.

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