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Here's something of an introduction: I'm enchantedsleeper, a fandom obsessive with a love of documenting things. I can also be found at @enchantedsleeper where I have all of one (1) follower XD (A dear friend) Fandoms-wise, I'm big into Marvel Cinematic Universe and Harry Potter, but have recently begun dabbling in Arrowverse and Murderbot. I can also be found on AO3, Dreamwidth and Fanlore under this handle <3

Me, after getting up early to see my friend off: well time to go back to bed

Brain: *starts writing Yuletide fic*


I should definitely keep drinking cups of coffee throughout today whenever I feel like it, right? Right.

I'm sure there won't be any negative consequences wHaTsOeVeR πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜β˜•β˜•β˜•

... holy crap apparently is one year old today?

Massive, massive πŸ’œ to everyone who's made this wildly more successful than I'd imagined it would ever be!

In my opinion, you should be allowed to stop working if it's nearly hometime and you've run out of energy anyway

Why not stay home this Black Friday with some awesome indie creator content instead?

βœ… pyjama-wear appropriate
βœ… no crowds
βœ… relaxing
βœ… discover something new
βœ… supporting people not corporations
βœ… great value

Indie content: the civilized way to enjoy your Friday.

Creators, please reply with your digitally available books/games/comics/TTRPGs/anything people can enjoy from home on Friday! Sales not necessary. :boost_ok:

My dear friend got me a gorgeous Peter Pan fairy light jar, I'm in love 😍

I'm now more than 2,400 words into writing my next Wooden Overcoats fic and should be able to finish it today πŸ˜„ New fandoms are so much fun!

(Don't worry, the words make sense, I've checked. Though I should probably sleep before I publish it)

I got an idea for a Wooden Overcoats fanfic (new fandom! \o/) and managed to write more than 3,000 words while sleepless and delirious with a cold. WINNING.

the writer of the biggest tv show ever made saying "themes are for eighth grade book reports" is the natural end result of the literalist approach to fiction which has grown in influence over the last two decades and is a direct result of the ever-increasing size of media conglomerates and the abandonment of humanities education

While it's not that I'm incapable of identifying with folks in the US, it gets a bit grating to constantly read about stuff from a specific national viewpoint when I thought it was going to be global.

Me: This looks like an interesting general article that will be applicable to my life!

*opens article*

Article: "For Americans..."

*closes article*

I think my brain looped and I opened the same document three times

My brain this morning:


I'm working from home but I wish I could justify taking a sick day because I just. need to sleep. Even though I slept for like 10 and a half hours.

Gru flipchart meme:

1. Book travel tickets to convention and work out journey times at 1:30am
2. Set alarm to wake me up in good time for the journey
3. Forget to allow time to walk to the tube station


3. Forget to allow time to walk to the tube station

And this is why we don't plan travel at 1:30am on two and a half brain cells, guys πŸ™ˆ

Me learning how to do a thing:

*watches how-to video* Aha, I see. Okay, I'm good, let's go.

*goes to do the thing*

....I have no memory of anything I just watched.

So, here I am less than two hours before I need to leave for a fan convention, and I'm sitting in front of my laptop mucking around with archiving Yahoo! Groups Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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