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Here's something of an introduction: I'm enchantedsleeper, a fandom obsessive with a love of documenting things. I can also be found at @enchantedsleeper where I have all of one (1) follower XD (A dear friend) Fandoms-wise, I'm big into Marvel Cinematic Universe and Harry Potter, but have recently begun dabbling in Arrowverse and Murderbot. I can also be found on AO3, Dreamwidth and Fanlore under this handle <3

So, I've switched from Chrome to Firefox as my default browser and am now using DuckDuckGo as my default search engine. I was considering downloading Brave, the private browser, but their Wikipedia article mentioned some weird stuff about advertising and also the functionality sounds a bit poor to use it as my main browser. Does anyone else have any private/alternative browser recommendations or experiences?

I tried to make iced tea, but we didn't have enough ice cubes in the freezer, so instead I have hot tea that has been marginally cooled down by ice cubes.

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Me, every single spring/summer: I love this sunny weather!! Time to go outside and garden and do outdoor things! β˜€οΈ


Woooo, I just finished a fic that I began on a whim on Thursday night, and it turned out more than 6,600 words long! That might be the most fic I've written in a short space of time in about 10 years. I was inspired with this one :D

Now to check in with the author whose fic inspired it before I put it up...

Or maybe it *is* and we're just expected to hang out there for hours beforehand? I can't get a straight answer out of Boyfriend because things are apparently super up in the air. He was meant to be going to work today but then decided to work from home; his mum told us to come when he'd "finished work", but now he can finish when he likes, we have no constraints on when we arrive. And it's driving me batshit b/c I need a plan and the assurance that this goddamn meal won't take up the whole day.

Then my boyfriend casually mentions that we'll probably be eating "at 6 or 7". That's not lunch! That's dinner!!

And today, we've been invited over for "Good Friday dinner" but when I asked Boyfriend what time we were setting off, he said 2 or 3pm. When I promptly freaked out about this (because it's bad enough losing my evening, without finding out it's actually half the day?!) he hedged and said we can leave at 4, but it's obvious this isn't an "evening meal" as I'm used to considering it.

Another thing that stresses me out is that Boyfriend's family do not obey normal meal times. Or names. I'm someone who likes predictability and having A Plan, and the fact that their eating habits don't obey (what I was brought up to consider) normal rules stresses me out.

On Sunday, Boyfriend's mum specifically told me that we were going to her sister's place for "lunch" - which I know can be a late meal in their family, but I was expecting 3pm or 4pm at the latest. (cont)

I guess I get that if someone really was spamming or being abusive, you'd want their comments to disappear when their account was removed. But in 9 out of 10 cases, that's not what's happening and people have just taken their accounts offline or had them (wrongly) banned. Now, I don't expect Facebook to ever admit that it's wrong in banning folks who don't use their real name on its platform. But I still wish those comments were preserved anyway. Just grey out the username or something.

I also can't help but be reminded of the Pottermore community, which established itself on Facebook because it was so difficult to have conversations on Pottermore with the "kid-friendly" moderation in place. But because we were mostly using pseudonyms and nicknames - Crow Rook Bronze, Meh Badger, Mandrake Walnut Eye - our accounts got reported constantly for not being "real" and were often blocked and deleted. Huge swathes of our history and interactions were just lost.

Thought: I really wish that when accounts were removed from Facebook, their comments were preserved. My best friend deleted Facebook a while back and while I'm super happy for her recognising that she didn't want to be on it and doing the thing, every single one of her comments on my photos and statuses going back years has now gone, and it just looks like I've been talking to myself. As someone who loves to relive old memories, it makes me sad.

*sighhhh* So my boyfriend just told me that his mum is having Good Friday dinner at her place tomorrow and we're expected/invited - this would be fine except that we're *already* going to Easter Sunday lunch at his aunt's (this will be literally the same people).

I wasn't geared up for *two* family meals over the Easter weekend and even though we're technically free, the introvert in me is kicking and screaming "I don't wanna!" But it would be rude to say no...

the urge to write fanfic is great; the urge to fall asleep face-down on my desk in greater

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When will people understand the kind of fiction one enjoys doesn't necessarily translate into their actual lives?

I just saw what was either an Exeggutor or a person carrying a large plant going past our garden wall.

Jury's out on which one it was, but they were moving pretty quickly, so my money's on Exeggutor.

On the one hand, I want to get dressed so that I feel like a functional human being. On the other hand, I want to stay huddled in my pyjamas and dressing gown because I'm tired and clothes are effort.

Decisions, decisions.

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