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Here's something of an introduction: I'm enchantedsleeper, a fandom obsessive with a love of documenting things. I can also be found at @enchantedsleeper where I have all of one (1) follower XD (A dear friend) Fandoms-wise, I'm big into Marvel Cinematic Universe and Harry Potter, but have recently begun dabbling in Arrowverse and Murderbot. I can also be found on AO3, Dreamwidth and Fanlore under this handle <3

I think my brain looped and I opened the same document three times

My brain this morning:


I'm working from home but I wish I could justify taking a sick day because I just. need to sleep. Even though I slept for like 10 and a half hours.

Gru flipchart meme:

1. Book travel tickets to convention and work out journey times at 1:30am
2. Set alarm to wake me up in good time for the journey
3. Forget to allow time to walk to the tube station


3. Forget to allow time to walk to the tube station

And this is why we don't plan travel at 1:30am on two and a half brain cells, guys πŸ™ˆ

Me learning how to do a thing:

*watches how-to video* Aha, I see. Okay, I'm good, let's go.

*goes to do the thing*

....I have no memory of anything I just watched.

So, here I am less than two hours before I need to leave for a fan convention, and I'm sitting in front of my laptop mucking around with archiving Yahoo! Groups Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Another day where I was unbelievably bisexual.

In case anyone hasn't heard yet, a PSA about Yahoo! Groups (it's shutting down):

Once again, we're going to have to pull together to try and save our fandom history before it's too late.

I remember
To the end, to the end, to the end
I remember
Fight again, fight again, fight again
Yeah I will fight again

πŸ•·οΈ πŸ•ΈοΈ

So this afternoon I read an amazing piece of meta/analysis about Good Omens the TV show versus the book, grief and loss ( - serious tissue warning), and I've been reading beautiful poems on my friend's Tumblr and I've got 'To The End' by Elliphant, from Gwen's recap sequence in Into the Spiderverse, playing in my head.

and I just think...

Thank god for fandom, because without it I don't know what I would do with all these emotions that art keeps giving me

I know it's "just a cold", but man, constantly blowing your nose and sneezing without let-up sure does feel shitty.

Do people in workplaces horde forks??? I can't understand why there are never, ever enough. It's not that they're all dirty, it's that they don't *exist*!

Aaaah and I just realised I forgot about Red, White and Royal Blue, for which I REALLY want to request a particular OT3. I know *one* of the characters was nommed by a friend of mine, but not the other two :(

(If you haven't read/heard of RWRB, by the way, I rec it to the moon and back. It is GLORIOUS).

Last year was my first Yuletide, and because I only decided to take part in August, I didn't have much time to spend thinking up fandoms to nominate, request or offer. This time, I have a whole year's worth, and it's agonyyyy 😱

Who here is taking part in Yuletide? =D I've just been adding my nominations to the spreadsheet, and I'm soooo torn over my third fandom ;_; Do I:
a) Nominate The Murderbot Diaries, as yet un-nommed?
b) Nominate more characters for The Strange Case of Starship Iris, my one true love?
c) Nominate more characters for Into the Spider-Verse, which I want ALL THE CHARACTERS for?

Hopefully if I wait someone will nominate one or more of them, and narrow down my choices for me.

*squeak* I did it!!

I haven't put it online anywhere yet because I decided I might as well premiere the vid at The Ineffable Con, provided they have space in the vid show programme. But if anyone is curious, I put the first completed version up on YouTube as an unlisted vid (I've since improved the intro and some of the transitions) and I'd be happy to share the link!




*frantically saves and backs up the project file to a billion different locations*

Before I pretty up the transitions on this vid, I plan on exporting it as a "rough cut", because I'm excited to have Something to show my friends and boyfriend.

I'm secretly terrified that it's all going to implode the second I try to export, though.

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