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So, you know how one of my goals is to figure out protein alternatives essentially for to apocalypse? Hence my plans to build a tempeh incubator hopefully this year. Well, I discovered another really affordable protein source! Duckweed! You can grow that stuff in an aquarium and harvest every 2 days! So, add an aquarium for duckweed cultivation to my to do list!

after rewatching HIMYM in the background for a couple months and concluding that it really hadn't aged well, watching the first couple episode of How I Met Your Father with Hilary Duff was actually a lot of stupid fun that I'm 100% on board with

Visual highlights include Hilary Duff's gun show and her best friend's mom jeans+feather tube top outfit

Watched yesterday and it really wasn't that bad??? Like wow I thought it'd be awful but they had a meaty origin story, nice visuals. I've disliked several other first-entry Marvel movies far more. This one was an easy slot into the "decently entertaining" category for me

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Whoa I just realized I have a legit twitter account under fogsrollingin?
Gotta pay attention to that now.

Felt bad for blocking a new follower today. She was 13yo in her bio tho. I can't be arsed to think of kiddos when I post.

I don't know what to think of underage users. I know I WISH I'd had AO3 at their age. I was 15yo secretly reading bdsmlibrary which was WAAAAY more fucked up than AO3. I still like bdsm erotica tho, just not as hardcore as bdsmlibrary stories. Thank god for AO3...

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the boys are back in town, but not only has the town been irreversibly changed, so too have the boys. the boys can never truly return to town.

😖 all the reviews of this fan's AO3 portal app & all the reviewers believing it's an AO3 Official App bc this fan titled it "Archive of Our Own - AO3" and used AO3's logo

The worst reviews are ppl saying 'the ads aren't that bad'😱😭

I reported it as 'Copycat or Impersonation' for its use of AO3's name and logo

I do adore the app Archive Track Reader by Alexis Ryan tho. It has fantastic filtering options

/flails with excitement/ for the first time in 6 days automoderator has unspammed an IFTTT link shortener FUCK YEAH I THINK I DID IT!
(I'm talking about

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PSA: As of September you can report fics tagged with the wrong language (apparently people do this either to hide controversial stuff or to promote their work in a smaller pool) by contacting support.

I found this on aethel's DW where it was also reported that the team prefers to get a single ticket per user in the case of multiple offences across different languages.

Link to the announcement:

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So I ordered a new wood-topped sit-stand desk in November and it still hasn’t arrived. When I asked the manufacturer apparently it is on its way but has been “delayed at sea” which is like… the most 2021 vibe ever.

Y'all need to watch Don't Look Up (2021) and then Independence Day (1996) back to back like I accidentally did and cry your eyes out about how much love and optimism in us there *genuinely* used to be

Like that swelling inspirational score for America wasn't ironic. That was authentic belief in America, written and directed by Roland Emmerich, a //looks at notes// German citizen.

I just discovered that I've been back-and-forthing on Dreamwidth with a famous Pagan that authors stuff I read in my Witches' Almanacs????

What the fuck, Dreamwidth is so awesome???

Why did no one tell me this??????????

I'm designing a Google Calendar class/tutorial right now and man, by the end of this if I still don't remember how to spell calendar with an "a" at the end instead of an "e" I'm gonna snack myself

Oh okay so I'm definitely doing this 😆

I know I said I'd do Dry January but I'm making an exception for group-drunk-fic-writing

I can't work with it until people submit new "Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester" fics to AO3 though so I can see what the submitted posts look like on Reddit so... I'm a sad sitting duck atm

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Trying to see if there's a way for automod to filter AO3's ship RSS of "Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester" in the way that I want when it gets posted to and then get *that* RSS feed to get posted to 🤔

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I didn't know what my first toot should be, then this pic of Carrie and Keanu smoking came across my tlist. Happy new Year!

Wow moving stuff from to has been laborious. It's pretty cool though, I'm liking DW more and more as I work with it.

I hope everybody's having a fantastic first day of the New Year. Planning to commit to & looking forward to it. It's basically being on a health kick for a month; makes you feel so put together as an adult & everything ☺️

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my gender:
witch that lost a duel to another witch and, as per the fight conditions, is now her familiar, and is less and less secretive about how much she actually loves it

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