Looking for good books to read once I finish one of the three I'm in the middle of right now. Any recommendations?

I really wish I didn't need sleep, because I didn't get much last night

I just want pockets that will hold my phone. Oh, and not to have to try on 6-7 different sizes to find the right one. Also I like pants that hug my hips and aren't snug on my legs. I'm basically fucked buying pants.

Creative fandom problems: I want to write my original fic, but also, fuck it, Diane Duane's Dark Mirror is RIGHT HERE, and she is SO GOOD, and her Troi is pretty damn amazing. Help me. Help me...

So tired of dressing for outside weather and my 80 degree air conditioning setting and walking into a commercial building set at 70 - or lower - and shivering. Why do I need to dress for late fall in the middle of summer?

Entries are now open for the 2019 Aurealis Awards. As per the announcement, the Awards are, for works created by an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and published for the first time between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019. More information on both the awards in general, as well […]


is the great American novel. But it is also the great unread American novel. It stands over and above all other works of fiction, since it is barely a work of fiction itself.

"The Moby Dick Big Read" features celebrities and lesser known figures reading all 135 chapters from Moby Dick -- chapters that you can start downloading (as free audio files) on a rolling, daily basis.

The project started with the first chapter being read by ...


Rewatching Psych. I forgot Harmony - okay, Mercedes McNab - was in this episode.

A while ago I wrote an absolute beginners' guide about how to run a web service like #mastodon or #pleroma on a small Linux system.


(#Fedi is ephemeral, so I'm reposting it occasionally)

I... finally remembered to install a Mastodon client on my new phone. In my defense, I had a bookmark to the website on my old phone and that didn't transfer over.

I'm sure they'd go even more spectacularly poorly than they sometimes do on Highlander, because gamers. They're going to fuck things up just because they can.

In the grand scheme of things, this Highlander rewatch is making me realize that most of these plots could be reworked for LARP.

Also I wouldn't mind recs on interesting people to follow.

Hello, all! Can anyone rec me a good Mastodon client for my Android cell phone? Would love to be on Mastodon more and I think that'd make it easier.


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