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Like 2 months after the last wave of this I saw, here is my

I'm Rachel. I like , , and like... most of the but I don't really get . Um. I love and and I'm still not over the season 2 finale.

I met the Pope that one time*. I like learning stuff and sometimes make random decisions to get actual academic qualifications in stuff.

In other news, Formula E was pretty exciting today

I might actually sort out an appointment with an actual hairdresser. I'd not had my hair cut for two years before the pandemic really took off and I've cut it a few times myself since (because I started bleaching my hair and this gets rid of the especially fried bits) but I can''t cut it as short as I want it and have it be not-wonky

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We went from the Turing Test, where a computer tries to convince a human that it is not a computer but a real person, to Captchas, where humans try to convince a computer they're a real person, not a computer.

I have just seen a crucifix transformer and it extremely my jam and I want one

Just glowing with feels from Eurovision still, don't mind me

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I am still just so full of love for Eurovision and like omg I can't

Anyway it turns out I'm now kind of into Formula E, and F1 team adjacent social media gubbins/just the race commentary not watching the races lol.

This is what happens when you have friends who write about stuff so you click on their stuff to be supportive and that and end up reading it all :D

Accidentally dyed my hair the same colour as the pyjamas I bought my Mum for Christmas

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Scully rejects proof of alien abductions. Mulder urgently seeks porn.

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That thing where you go to what you think is a new website to you and then it turns out you've had an account there for 15 years

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A short guide on account requests.

Because gosh I get some Wild Ones.

that and the free soup. Those are the things I miss about being at the office

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Today I handwrote and scanned a thing for work because it was quicker than typing the same thing and like, I miss being in the office because it would just be writing and scanning for that particular task ALWAYS rather than so much typing. So much. S O M U C H

I mean SURE, technically I CAN go to the supermarket here on plague island, but

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the thing I miss is going to the supermarket and like, just looking at the food

I mean, otherwise, it'd probably take one of the family getting seriously sick and so far we have managed to avoid that somehow. Ugh why.

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Cannot wait till I get the vaccine and can tell everyone in the family group chat, especially the one uncle who thinks he knows better than scientists and that one auntie who is turning out to be an antivaxxer because "oh we didn't have all of that when I was young and we were fine!". YOU WERE FINE, BUT A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE WERE NOT AND YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN THEM.

Like, I really hope me having it makes them go "oh well, she's done it, seems ok"

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Thing that I recommend:

✨ Un-following ✨

Are their jokes just a little off?

Do they make you feel not good? In any way?

Are you angry, or does it trigger your "I need to argue with this person" reflex?

Then maybe:

✨ Un-following ✨

Is for you

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