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Like 2 months after the last wave of this I saw, here is my

I'm Rachel. I like , , and like... most of the but I don't really get . Um. I love and and I'm still not over the season 2 finale.

I met the Pope that one time*. I like learning stuff and sometimes make random decisions to get actual academic qualifications in stuff.

I am sick but I have an Avengers/Kingsman/Addams Family crossover fic to read so life isn't entirely bad

I am watching Taco Chronicles and I am having the same uncomfortable problem with the the 1st person bits that I get with fic, only it's weirder because the tacos are talking about themselves

In other news, I have a sore throat and if this develops into anything more I will be a tad annoyed

Thanks work colleague who came into work with a chest infection but you're "on antibiotics" when we work alongside a lot of vulnerable people WHICH YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE OF THEM

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The papal fitbit is EXACTLY the kind of religious tat that I love. The only way it could be better is if it GLOWED IN THE DARK

I really want brie but I already ate the last of the brie 😢

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HELLvetica. Like helvetica, but with like, much shittier kerning for Halloween.

there is someone who keeps writing fic on AO3 for a pairing that I follow on RSS but they keep starting it with this one same Woody Allen quote so like... who knows if the fic to my taste because as soon as the quote shows up DELETE it goes out the inbox

All the Brexit stuff feels like when I was failing to work on my Masters dissertation because depression. Ugh

Anyway my manager baked a banana cake for me and life is good

BUT LIKE the thing is. THE THING IS the place I work is 20 minute from home, I get a lot of extra days off on top of the normal holiday days, free lunch every day and free doughnuts in December. WHY WOULD I WORK ELSEWHERE?!?!

Like I am p sure that my Linkedin profile has whatever appropriate "don't try to recruit me" stuff is necessary but recruiters of course still message me now and again (at least they don't do it for my previous career area anymore)

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Disney should hire George Lucas to do a Disney+ channel that's nothing but the Galactic Senate 24/7 like space CSPAN

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OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR idea for a blockchain startup!

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when the moon hits your knees
and you mispronounce trees

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