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Story: hit_the_books Art: crowleykoh85

Summary: Sam makes an unexpected discovery while out for a run on Christmas Eve.

Read on AO3:

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Managed to write my first update for Post Tumblr Fandom...

Fandom gets closer to the metal - issue 1: Hubzilla and pixelfed


Now using my electronic massage pillow and watching music videos.

This Is America - my top vid of of 2018.

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Managed to write a fic that's due next weekend for a challenge...

And discover that "new" refurbished laptop with new battery won't charge while the laptop is on. Tried uninstalling drivers, reconnecting battery after draining power.

Nope hangs on 22% charge and says it's charging, but clearly not. Agh.

This is important: #Article11 and #Article13 may destroy innovation in Europe. We nearly stopped it before, but now we really need to avoid it at any cost.

We had a link tax in Spain and it was a disaster for small publications. The automated filters would be a disaster too (see tumblr) and only big corporations will be able to implement it, so it would be externalized to Google or Facebook, which already have it. Will we hand them over the control over the Internet?

Hair sorted. In my fave coffee shop just getting my PC sorted so I can get some writing done.

Definitely an interesting, and from a 's perspective slightly reassuring reading about abandoned and that go by the wayside:

Kindle at the ready. Packed with fanfic.

About to have hair done (dyed and trimmed).

@phyrry @shirasade what I need to know is.......

What's the easiest way to watch Guardian?


Got a job interview for a job I was headhunted for before everything went to s**t last week.

Since a lot of you guys are pretty tech-savvy, I was hoping someone might be able to help with a #wordpress problem:
On Tumblr, I tagged with Fandom: and Pairing: to make things more orderly. However, on WP I got that sorted with tag groups, so now I'd love to bulk-edit my tags, removing the prefix. Doing it manually would take me ages, and I haven't been able to find a plugin so far.

Help me, Obi-Wan Fediverse, you're my only hope! :)

Oh god, I've been sorting out my personal inbox today.

So many people no longer with us 😢

Ooh! Mastalab is now Fedilab. My Android app just updated.

And they want me to go ahead with the project!!!!!

Yessssssss 😁

Okay, yes it has taken me almost an entire day to sort out a quote for some freelance work... But I haven't done something like this in over 6 years. I'm a bit rusty.

I've resurrected my old as heck Nikon D40 with the help of my SO.

New battery, an SD card reader my phone can use, access to Lightroom via SO's account...

This is a pic of a local creek at low tide.

Probably one of the biggest unacknowledged impacts of capitalism on our life is the artificial scarcity of time.

Without capitalism, we could all work less. We could rest more. We could let selfcare, play and creation come intuitively. A lot of things don’t need to be scheduled.
We could just let time happen without any obligation to make a particular use of it.

Okay, tomorrow I will be looking over a brief and a study report to see if I can quote for a freelance content project.

And if they like my quote... I have to quickly buy a new work PC and get my hands on Office.

I can do this.

Just managed over 1100 words in less than hour on current event fic.

Need to get on my exercise bike now so that I can get sorted out before heading round to my parents this afternoon.

I really hope my Mum does not berate me about job hunting. I've applied for everything I can.

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