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Title: Getaway
Author: hit_the_books
Artist: deliciousirony
Rating: Explicit
Length: 15,000
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings: None
Tropes: Sharing a bed, Sharing Clothes



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Wrote a thing today. First bit of writing in over two weeks as I've just not had the headspace to write.

fic for omgcpbingo

It's cold out | Mature | 1000+ words | multishipping, polycule-ness 📖

I decided I'd finally finish watching The O.C. as I've never seeing its ending.

But it's been more than 10 years, so I'm watching from the beginning and having so many feels.

Far Cry 5 spoilers 

Finished watching Good Omens.

It's heckin' good.

Work got me some noise cancelling headphones so I don't stress out about external noises so much.

fucked up that "every person should have their basic needs met regardless of if they work" is a radical idea

A posca pen ace unicorn for Pride month :asexual_flag:

I had to use acrylic paint for the grey because my set didn't come with one ^^;

I want to get some skin tone colors (I have a good brown but nothing else) and a grey shade sometime soon.

#unicorn #posca #personalart #ace #demiseuxal #pridemonth

Sorry for the lack of posting this week.

New website launch at work coming up... I'm the site's writer........ Guess where most of my headspace has been going.



Fandom events update (as in getting my participation levels under control)...

hit_the_books | Getting there

Successfully completed art claims for the second bang I run (Team Free Will Big Bang).

Here's hoping we don't need pinch hitters later due to artists going MIA.

Getting ready to run art claims for the Team Free Will Big Bang.

At least I'm at home for this one.

Claiming starts in around 15 minutes.

Speaking of dogs, had doggo friend visit the office earlier today.

Okay, I am loving Far Cry 5 and the fact that I can have a dog called Boomer hang out with me and kill enemies. But when anyone hurts him... Well I run over and kick their ass.

Had an occupational health chat at work today.

For the first time ever, the recommendations from my diagnosis letter for employers are going to be implemented.

My new work are genuinely on the ball.

So hard trying not to cry as they thoughtfully talked about things. Had two recommendations implemented that day, with 10 more to come.

Guess what?

Like ? Like Dystopia and ? Then you need to check in with the SPN Dystopia Bang 😁

The bang started posting this week!

Your friendly reminder that slack once had an IRC bridge and they tore it down. The reason was that they could not afford to maintain it. If so, why didn't they opensource it for the community to maintain? Now we have split communities and one more walled garden. And a growing generation that thinks a centralized system owned by a single company is normal. Thanks, slack.

Started rewatching Supernatural from the beginning this week.

It's been a while since I watched it all the way through.

Got a s1-13 boxset on Blu-ray this year and season 1 is looking amazing on my TV.

TFW you start working on a WIP you haven't touched in over a year, having to read over what you previously wrote.

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