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Here's my fic for the Murder Husbands Big Bang...

A Rare Find
Story: hit_the_books
Art: Ahumokio
5,300 words, Explicit, A/B/O

"Life as an omega bookseller can be quite lonely. However, as the owner of Graham’s Books, Will Graham is reasonably content. That is until he meets—long-time customer and crush—Doctor Hannibal Lecter in person for the first time. Attraction blossoming between them both, Will agrees to a dinner date with the good doctor."

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Super proud to share that my first ever complete fic for the Dean/Cas Big Bang posted today!

The Ddraig
Author: hit_the_books
Artist: Flux
Rating: Explicit
Words: 47,000

Read it and see amazing art here:

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New story out from me with some amazing art from thegoodthebadandtheart... It's the Velvet Buzzsaw sequel you didn't know you needed set in Supernatural!

Can't Escape Anything in this Town

Story by: hit_the_books

Art by: thegoodthebadandtheart

Pairings: Cas/Sam (Sastiel)

Rating: Teen Up

Word Count: 6400

Warnings: Canon Typical Violence

Story and art links 👀

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New fic out from me today!

Bite The Hand That Feeds
Story by hit_the_books
With art by Anyrei

Read it here:

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I have a new Supernatural fic out today as part of the annual SPN Reverse Bang! 

With amazing art by Aceriee...

We all go to Hell
Rating: Teen Up
Pairing: Gen
No major warnings apply
16,000 words

Have you ever stopped and thought about what Hell might do if it no longer had a leader?

Well, neither had Team Free Will 2.0, until they had to...


Sign ups have opened for Hannigram Tropefest! (I'm moderating this event.)

🌠🦌It's time to get your tropes on!🐕✨

⌨ Authors
🎨 Visual creators
📚 Beta readers

Can find more information and sign up at

Or hannigramtropefest.dreamwidth.

Any former Adobe Bridge & Photoshop users that have successfully switched to using open source products? I'd love to hear what's changed in your workflow and what software you're using nowadays!

Organization for Transformative Works under attack from malicious actor/s 

Just been reading this update by OTW.

Fecking hell, this is terrible.

Mentions of CESM at the link

tired: death of the author
wired: death to the author

I am posting a new SPN fanfic for the first time in 1.5 years, later next month. Info 👇

The Last Dance
Story hit_the_books
Art sammyjusticewarrior
Cas/Dean, Rowena x Sam
Mature, 3200 words
Posts May 11th

Rowena is on her own in Chicago as she faces down a vampiric apocalypse led by TFW 2.0.

Summary & preview:

Random Acts has hooked up with Humm Kombucha to make a special Magical Lemon Cupcake flavor to support the charity.

I like kombucha and I like Misha. So.


I will be managing a bang that's posting 19 fanfics and accompanying art in May...

While also launching a new fest/bang in another fandom.

May is going to be busy.

If you're new here

A lot of people won't accept a follow request, or might (soft-)block you if your profile doesn't have an avatar/header/bio/any posts at all

This isn't personal

It's just a learned response that is protective against spammy follow-bots

If you give us something to go on, you may find that people get much friendlier! :)

For everyone joining Mastodon today, whether here or another instance:

Welcome! We're happy to have you with us!

Just three quick things that I want to suggest:
- Please be patient! Today is personally by far the busiest day I've ever had with the instance, and I'm upgrading it tomorrow to help handle the influx of new users
- Please be kind to others! Should be obvious, but this is not Twitter!
- Give it a chance for more than just a day or two. Get to know your space :bowie_heart:

Welp, I did it!

This weekend I launched Hannigram Tropefest, a new fandom event for the fandom. Sign ups open May 7th.

If you'd like to know more, check out the fest's Dreamwidth hannigramtropefest.dreamwidth.

Or Tumblr

What am I doing this long weekend (thanks to Easter)?

I'm in the process of launching a new Hannibal fandom event called Hannigram Tropefest.

Looking forward to sharing more once I've finished drafting things and gotten them online.

* Finding out that is just one part of mastodon

* Finding out that mastodon is just one part of the fediverse

* If you're an elder millennial or gen-X'er or older, re-discovering the internet

* If you're a young millennial or zoomer, discovering the internet

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⚠️The new #OnlineSafetyBill will make people less safe⚠️

▶️ Helping criminals and dictators by undermining encryption and safe comms
▶️ Pushing automated censorship of vital info
▶️ Punishing victims of abuse and bullying who use anonymity to protect themselves

I'm reading Leviathan by James A. Corey at the moment and finding typos here and there. Maybe more than I usually expect to find...

Ah well. At least none have been so bad as to completely misremember the plot that's passed up to that point and inserted a deceased character.

Anyone got any tips for switching brain off from work things after work?

I'm increasingly finding it hard to indulge in my hobbies when I'm not working, because I have no headspace left 😭

Current status:

Excited about trying out a new exercise bike.

My new book is finally out. Social Engineering: How Crowdmasters, Phreaks, Hackers, and Trolls, was written by myself and Sean Lawson.

In order to grapple with today's disinformation, we looked to two different types of social engineering: early 20th century mass propaganda, and mid-20th century interpersonal computer hacker (and phone phreak) con artistry.

We argue that today's disinformation is a fluid mix of both -- at once mass and interpersonal -- thanks to corporate social media. 1/2

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