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Here's my fic for the Murder Husbands Big Bang...

A Rare Find
Story: hit_the_books
Art: Ahumokio
5,300 words, Explicit, A/B/O

"Life as an omega bookseller can be quite lonely. However, as the owner of Graham’s Books, Will Graham is reasonably content. That is until he meets—long-time customer and crush—Doctor Hannibal Lecter in person for the first time. Attraction blossoming between them both, Will agrees to a dinner date with the good doctor."

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Super proud to share that my first ever complete fic for the Dean/Cas Big Bang posted today!

The Ddraig
Author: hit_the_books
Artist: Flux
Rating: Explicit
Words: 47,000

Read it and see amazing art here:

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New story out from me with some amazing art from thegoodthebadandtheart... It's the Velvet Buzzsaw sequel you didn't know you needed set in Supernatural!

Can't Escape Anything in this Town

Story by: hit_the_books

Art by: thegoodthebadandtheart

Pairings: Cas/Sam (Sastiel)

Rating: Teen Up

Word Count: 6400

Warnings: Canon Typical Violence

Story and art links 👀

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New fic out from me today!

Bite The Hand That Feeds
Story by hit_the_books
With art by Anyrei

Read it here:

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I have a new Supernatural fic out today as part of the annual SPN Reverse Bang! 

With amazing art by Aceriee...

We all go to Hell
Rating: Teen Up
Pairing: Gen
No major warnings apply
16,000 words

Have you ever stopped and thought about what Hell might do if it no longer had a leader?

Well, neither had Team Free Will 2.0, until they had to...


's theme for December is Amnesty! That means you can post recs for any past round—from any year—as long as the work hasn't already been recommended for that theme.

I am doing NaNoWriMo this month and denying myself the joys of writing fanfic and I am liking the original fiction I'm writing but...

Let's face it...

I'm gonna be binge writing fanfic in December.

Watched the latest Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

It looked at unions and union busting on the US, but also had me thinking about UK unions. We don't have one recognised at work but I could still join one and gain access to support and advice.

Contemplating joining UTAW

This is NOT a bike lane.

This is an excuse for drivers to closepass cyclists, and be able to say it's not their fault for hitting someone.

This bike lane runs from a train station, houses, and the centre of town, out to a school and shopping centre.

This isn't just not good enough. This is an insult.

I have been head hunted 5 times these past 4 weeks.

People really are desperate for talent at the moment.

I was part way through a workout session today when I realised that I had 50 minutes to get sorted out and off to a flu shot appointment 😅

This morning has been fun.

(I got to my shot slot just in time.)

Safe in-person networking? 

Went to a networking event last night.

Only one wearing a mask at this indoors event.

County's cases of COVID are higher than the national average.

So... Y'know, figured a mask would be a good idea, even if people were meant to be doing LFTs beforehand.

I'm double jabbed, but I am not having people talk at me in an enclosed space on the hope they don't have the 'rona.

The #Fairphone 4 is a challenge to the industry to rethink the modern smartphone: True innovation should be about solving problems, not creating new ones. If you missed our launch announcement, catch the highlights in just 10 minutes 📱🌿 :

*Me in stand up today*: I've written like two long blog posts since declaring a writing week for half of this sprint. Not having loads of meetings is amazing.

Team lead: How do you end up in so many meetings normally?

*Me thinking about how I'm the only person on the team with deep strategic understanding of marketing in our niche, and people always want my POV rather than learning stuff themselves*: Geez, I dunno 🥲

I'm being bitchy about someone's writing, no names 

Just seen a new blog post from a new blog series by a niche tech brand.

It's okay, but nothing to write home about.

But several times this year, I've thought about applying for copywriting jobs with said niche brand.

Anyway, the guy writing the blog appears to have been with them for at least a year, but if that's the quality of writing they think is okay, I'm glad I didn't apply. Because the brand don't know what good copy or content is.

My core muscles are having words with me today about the fact that we did some Pilates yesterday.

Say hello to the Fairphone 4: Sustainable. Long-lasting. Fair. 📱🌿

Our most sustainable smartphone, now with 5G speed, 5-year warranty and electronic waste neutral. Check it out ➡️ :

#fairphone #fairphone4

*Five day old account on Reddit spams their new fanvid everywhere, wonders why it was removed and they got a ban from my subreddit that's unrelated*

Them: Why am I banned?

Me: You spammed us with a video that has nothing to do with our fandom. Please read reddit's rules on spam.

Them: *Their takeaway* Oh, I posted in the wrong group 👍

*Me, seeing they're just going to see what they want to see and are about to be shadowbanned. Me not bothering to reply further with advice on reddiquette.*

Exalted be thou aqua pura,
quit bragging of your easy flow.
Once relinquish'd to sapphire expanse,
you're not coming round no more.
Space replete with lunar brilliance,
why not take a load off, love?

청산리(靑山裏) 벽계수(碧溪水)야 수이 감을 자랑마라.
일도창해(一到滄海)하면 돌라오기 어려우니.
명월(明月)이 만공산(滿空山)하니 쉬어 간들 어떠리.

- Hwang Jini a.k.a. Myeong-wol ("Bright Moon"), 16th century Korean poet, courtesan, and performer #poetry #sijo #translation

Yep, I'm starting my week by disagreeing with a guy more senior than me at work, who's put forward a half-assed proposal... And voicing my disagreement in front of 1/4 the people who work at my place of work.

I came here chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum.

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