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Here's my fic for the Murder Husbands Big Bang...

A Rare Find
Story: hit_the_books
Art: Ahumokio
5,300 words, Explicit, A/B/O

"Life as an omega bookseller can be quite lonely. However, as the owner of Graham’s Books, Will Graham is reasonably content. That is until he meets—long-time customer and crush—Doctor Hannibal Lecter in person for the first time. Attraction blossoming between them both, Will agrees to a dinner date with the good doctor."

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Super proud to share that my first ever complete fic for the Dean/Cas Big Bang posted today!

The Ddraig
Author: hit_the_books
Artist: Flux
Rating: Explicit
Words: 47,000

Read it and see amazing art here:

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New story out from me with some amazing art from thegoodthebadandtheart... It's the Velvet Buzzsaw sequel you didn't know you needed set in Supernatural!

Can't Escape Anything in this Town

Story by: hit_the_books

Art by: thegoodthebadandtheart

Pairings: Cas/Sam (Sastiel)

Rating: Teen Up

Word Count: 6400

Warnings: Canon Typical Violence

Story and art links 👀

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New fic out from me today!

Bite The Hand That Feeds
Story by hit_the_books
With art by Anyrei

Read it here:

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I have a new Supernatural fic out today as part of the annual SPN Reverse Bang! 

With amazing art by Aceriee...

We all go to Hell
Rating: Teen Up
Pairing: Gen
No major warnings apply
16,000 words

Have you ever stopped and thought about what Hell might do if it no longer had a leader?

Well, neither had Team Free Will 2.0, until they had to...


P: Mr Worf, send a priority 1 toot to starfleet hq

W: Initiating DM, tooting frequencies open

T: Captain, might I remind you regulations require all images be described

P: Indeed they shall be, counsellor

R: Starfleet has fav’ed but not replied, Mr Worf try their alt

W: No response, commander

P: Mr La Forge, any ideas?

LF: Instance could be down for maintenance

D: May I suggest we try to turn it off and on again?


P: Mr Data, kindly disengage your shitposting module for the time being

How am I supposed to eat lunch with this baby animal wall calendar shit going on right in front of me

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Have I said on here before that I loathe Wattpad?

I loathe Wattpad.

Jealous of anyone who does not have a complicated relationship with their parents.

it's not Kafkaesque unless you actually turn into a giant beetle; otherwise it's just Sparkling Bureaucracy

Built a Linktree clone tonight as a demo app for the pixelfed api, was a lot of fun 😁 #pixelfed #webdev #api

Some recent blog posts I've submitted

⭐ great 2021 bangs that're open for signups rn

⭐ SPN fanfic reclist: my favorite movie/tv fusions

⭐ SPN fanfic reclist: soul stuff (my fave fics that deal with souls)

Hi, my start to Monday has come with my boss quitting her job.

My team is currently in a state of shock.

Missed opportunity: the place where the Master Builders meet in The Lego Movie should've been called Assembly Hall.

call for moderator(s) is currently looking for one or two additional moderators. We think it's very important to have the lived experience of at least one Black mod on the team - while we currently have one Black advisor ("remote mod") from another instance, it would be fantastic if another person would join our team as part of!

#WeirderAdmin (1 of 3)

Teen Vogue and supporting a fandom harasser

I get that conversations around many of the issues in this piece do need to happen. But there are many issues conflated together in this piece that shouldn't be, *and* it's also coming from a person who is a known harasser in fandom circles.

Teen Vogue's editorial team needs to do better.

I'll be renewing the domain, but the project will remain dead.

If anyone wants to do something with it though, let me know.

Fanfiction reclist, 2020 Variety Pack! I got some good shit in here, a couple recs, a rec and a rec, and an that incorporates found family characters and reunites in heaven. These are fics that were posted to in 2020 !

Younger sister walked into my room, asked if I wanted “a crabapple”

I started watching Black Butler this week, on the recommendation of a friend.

I also bought the first volume of the manga.

I have not been this into an anime or manga for a few years.

So, I'm late to the party finding out that Pillowfort has been offline since last week. Only found out because I went to promo the TFWBB.

I'm glad the money I paid to them to start it all has been so well spent on security -_-

The annual Team Free Will Big Bang is now open for sign ups!

Find out all about it and use our sign up links on our Dreamwidth blog

If you're looking for a bang that supports TFW and TFW 2.0: we are your bang 😊

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