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New fic out from me today!

Bite The Hand That Feeds
Story by hit_the_books
With art by Anyrei

Read it here:

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I have a new Supernatural fic out today as part of the annual SPN Reverse Bang! 

With amazing art by Aceriee...

We all go to Hell
Rating: Teen Up
Pairing: Gen
No major warnings apply
16,000 words

Have you ever stopped and thought about what Hell might do if it no longer had a leader?

Well, neither had Team Free Will 2.0, until they had to...


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If you are taking part in a fandom challenge, like a big bang or a reverse bang...

Remember to keep your partner up-to-date. An email or DM here or there can do a lot to stop your challenge partner from getting worried.

For more bang etiquette tips...

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First story out for this year's Team Free Will Big Bang! (And it's mine with art by the amazing Amberdreams.)

Title: All Bark and No Bite
Story: hit_the_books
Art: Amberdreams
Rating: General Audiences
Pairings: None - Gen

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I finally updated Out of the Black and posted chapter 9! (Last posted a new chapter 12 August 2018...)

You can start from the beginning here:

Or jump to chapter 9 here:



it is a longstanding English tradition for bee keepers to inform their hives of any going-ons in the community, primarily births, deaths and Marriages.

This is thought to be a remnant from the Bronze age belief that bees could cross back and forth into the underworld and carry messages.

It was said if the bees were not kept informed they would leave, stop producing honey or all die.

If there was a death in the beekeepers family, the hives would be given black drapings for the mourning period.

Didn't finish my fic, but I wrote more than enough for claims. I started to rush the ending, which I didn't even need to finish yet, so I realised I should stop.

There's another, shorter, bang fic I need to write, with the deadline being a week today. It's a case fic though, which I find far easier to write than AUs in Supernatural fandom.

DMs, Circles, Instagram Import, MicroUI & S3 Support have been in development for a while.

They will ship as beta features this week on supported instances!


Okay didn't finish it today, but hopefully going to finish it Monday. Managed to write two chapters. I think I don't have much left.

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I knew litigation had been started, but did not realise it was still going on. Cain is as delusional as feck

Hi plant people, please tell me wtf to expect with this raspberry bush (yes I know my trellis is janky)

I bought it last year as a dormant cane in a cup. The bush is now putting up a lot of new canes, and there’s not a single leaf on last year’s canes. The question that I haven’t been able to answer via googling is this: do raspberries put out new primocanes before the floricanes grow new leaves, or are my floricanes fucked? Is it supposed to do this??? Pls I just want berries

If your new to #mastodon and you’re interested in #technology, #opensource, or #privacy topics I’ve made a list of accounts to drop a follow only OFFICIAL ones not bots

Be sure to #boost

Tor Project - @torproject
Matrix Project - @matrix
Proton Services - @protonmail @protonvpn @ProtonCalendar
Swiso - @switchingsoftware
PrivacyTools - @privacytools
Mastodon - @Mastodon
Pixelfed - @pixelfed
Pixeldroid - @PixelDroid

Finally back at work.

Shoulder is almost normal.

And how do I know I'm back at work?

Because I have an engineer arguing with me over the use of square brackets in quotes, because they didn't know they were a thing.

I've had to link two articles to him on their use and I pray he doesn't reply one more time on Slack.


Add sinusitis pain to the list.

Still not working.

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I hurt my left shoulder over the weekend, fucked some tendons or something right off.

And... I've just started my period and it is one of the most painful I've ever had.

I can only take paracetamol due to allergies.

I've got on an electric heat pad and a wheat bag.

I've taken the day off work.

So much fucking pain.

Open for a surprise 

It's the Spanish Inquisition!

(I bet you weren't expecting that.)

Yesterday I was working on a little #Giphy clone for you that’s also federated.. See it live here

A comic panel of the episode I'm working on (part.2 of the battlefield story arc), grayscale step and work-in-progress.
#krita #peppercarrot #webcomic #oc #creativecommons

Please let this conference call end.

We've already had two hours!

It's meant to be two hours!

The information being shared is stuff I already knew!!!

Please, just let it end!!!

Good Morning from Ada who would like.


To throw.

The ball.


#Dogs #MastoDogs

Due to recent events, I forgot the 3 years old of #Fedilab. My bad.
The app grew up thanks to all your suggestions 👍

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