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I finally updated Out of the Black and posted chapter 9! (Last posted a new chapter 12 August 2018...)

You can start from the beginning here:

Or jump to chapter 9 here:

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New fic out today, written for SMPC...

Inside of Me | Fandom | Wincest - Dean/Sam

Explicit, (check the tags)

Read it here:

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Title: Getaway
Author: hit_the_books
Artist: deliciousirony
Rating: Explicit
Length: 15,000
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings: None
Tropes: Sharing a bed, Sharing Clothes



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Wrote a thing today. First bit of writing in over two weeks as I've just not had the headspace to write.

fic for omgcpbingo

It's cold out | Mature | 1000+ words | multishipping, polycule-ness 📖

My local Pride is happening today!!!!!!!

Getting ready to head to it.

World politics, India, Kashmir 

Why is it that as soon as I publish a post, I immediately find a typo? Anyway, here's a collection of cool links for you to check out:

Topics covered:

I actually contacted them about it...

And they just got back to me.

There's no plans currently for a 3rd edition, which I think is a shame.

And the examples are very dated.

2nd ed was published around 2006.

Question I'm pondering this morning that you'd probably not expect from me...

Is O'Reilly ever going to publish a 3rd edition of Programming Embedded Systems?

They use example hardware in the 2nd edition that isn't sold anymore.

I have to use LinkedIn for work (and not because I'm in recruitment).

But one of the worst things about LinkedIn are the white, cis het men on there who spout off supposed business wisdom, and... Either are congratulated for said BS or aren't challenged.

Like, they're challenged even less than on FB or bird site.

I challenge when I spot this crap and am either ignored or have to deal with some utterly crap dog piling with no hope of reinforcements. Place is toxic AF.

mastometa, creepers, admin 

Youtubers unionize 

Like... I'll still have adult scenes in my fics, but I just can't make the minimum word count needed for this event I contribute to every few months.

I still like one of the ships it covers... But need angst and plot.

Welp. Decided that after the struggle to produce something for this Sunday's edition of SMPC that I really need to stop contributing as it's getting me down.

Managed to draw something with a bit of help, after words completely failed me. Twice.

But I'm just not enjoying the format anyone. I just can't make myself write NSFW content. I like plot too much.

Should I move back to using Flickr?? I mean, it's not owned by Yahoo any longer, and it IS handy to have a space to share photos...

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood thoughts and spoilers 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood thoughts and spoilers 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood thoughts and spoilers 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood thoughts and spoilers 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood thoughts and spoilers 

TFW someone comments on a fic of yours and says:

"Loved rereading this!"

Okay. So no porn yet, but a key character reveal has happened and I predict a chapter of angsting before porn.

I'm gonna stop now, before I fall asleep at my keyboard.

Was reading up on Patreon alternatives and is looking good to me right now~
Does anyone have personal experience with it?

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