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time! I'm an living in the Netherlands with my wife, dog, and cat. We all have fandom names if you count the fandom.

I'm into and , like:

I also like and soft , especially the and .

I guess I'm here because because .

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Carnet is an Open Source note app that aims at replacing Google Keep with an improved editor. Available online as a nextcloud app, on Android and on linux Desktop, Carnet has many features such as images, todo-lists, audio recordings, synchronisation, and many more

also I have a fuckton of paid days off. did I mention I have a two week holiday and I still have more than I know what to do with? YOU GUYS

so I got a new job this past april and guys... it's great. it's a research institute. there's no marketing, no scams. I'm traveling to a conference to learn and meet other people in my field rather than sell something that I know doesn't work. it's just... great, you guys.

do yourself a favor and don't google this show, at least not any of the incredible black actors, if you don't want a bucket of racism. without clicking, I see a lot of white fuckboys have some issues with the casting in this show. BBC made some bold choices and it's pretty great.

seriously Paris is an idiot who thinks with his dick

white boys being BOYS. boning! being dumb! riding horses!

watching troy: fall of a city on netflix and guys, y'all... it's... not great

haha, erased and re-installed the OS on my 2010 macbook pro and it's finally running something I'd call "not slow as a snail"!

wow, uh... I guess I've been in Duolingo for a while

an article from Goodreads about some refreshing non-american voices in scifi, and a bunch of books to add to your to-read list:

no time like the present to realize you're hella gay for big tough softie ladies!

just slammed she-ra seasons two and three and damn. good stuff

"The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from"

-- Andrew S. Tanenbaum

To finish up, here's how to uncheck everything in one go, using a desktop browser (Firefox/Chrome).

While on the page with the 322 checkboxes, open up your web console (Chrome:, Firefox:
and copy-paste this : 

document.querySelectorAll('input[type=checkbox]').forEach((input) => input.checked = false)

Then press enter.
All checks should be checked out.


today is not a good day and it's made *so much better* by the one neighbor hammering, the other neighbor baby crying, and the helicopter circling the neighborhood. so much for that nap

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