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time! I'm an living in the Netherlands with my wife, dog, and cat. We all have fandom names if you count the fandom.

I'm into and , like:

I also like and soft , especially the and .

I guess I'm here because because .

sadly I have what's known as shitty taste and am pumped for like. a Netflix original called Murder Mystery starting Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, and Tony Stark's dad from Captain America

watching my sister in law's cat while she's on vacation. her netflix comes via ps4. the difference? it plays clips and previews of what's selected. I've spent hours watching previews of stuff rather than picking something because it's just. great!!!

these stripes show the average temperature in the world over the last 100 years (redder = hotter). notice anything?

Yuri Gebearin, my bear shaped heat pack, has gotten himself in some trouble

if you have work dreams, you shouldn't then have to go to work.

now I get a lazy Sunday chilling with this guy, who's a little sick, and very snoozy and clingy 😍

they are gone and I am free! they were trying to be sweet, but one kept playing devil's advocate to be ~edgy woke~ and it didn't sit right with me at all because I felt very called out. also something about how they communicated with each other (or, didn't, but still tried to answer for the other). I think they were just... very young, and I wish them the best trying to move to the Netherlands, and I hope they do some growing up in a safe and loving way.

I'm hosting some young people who just graduated from my alma mater. they're very, very extroverted, and That kind of Lesbians. and calling me fake woke. and it's just... a lot.

naked jungle child: reaches for weapon, finds none because it just broke into a million pieces, looks at empty hands and makes That face

me: bad time to lose a weapon but hell kid, gotta love ya

you: the degrading weapons mechanism in botw is really annoying.

naked jungle child: uses the master sword to cut down approximately ten million apple trees for wood. has neither masters nor gods

me: yeah without that mechanic he would be Too Strong

screams!!! but like, just a little, it's one of those days

me, age 15: I think we should provide basic necessities to people

my dad: you'll become more conservative when you're an adult

me, legally an adult:
:hacker_e:​:hacker_a:​:hacker_t:​ :hacker_t:​:hacker_h:​:hacker_e: :hacker_r:​:hacker_i:​:hacker_c:​:hacker_h:

im tired but i heard there's good video game news. here's my dog bein' cute and tilting his head like the fuckin adorable dumbass he is

*takes a drag from an ethernet port*

Yeah, I've been online for years now. I still don't know what a computer is, if anything.

I think part of why I love Voyager is that the men are sweet and the women are tough. it's a really refreshing take on gender roles and I really love the crew's dynamic. I'm almost through the last season and, like, not at all ready for it to be over.

sometimes I remember how fuckin' dark breath of the wild is. like. y'all lost and there's some kid WHO DIED THE FIRST TIME trying to pick up the pieces and win the fight a hundred years later. except everyone he knew is also dead and he can't remember anything. which is maybe the only bright spot in his story. which, like, hey what the FUCK

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