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time! I'm an living in the Netherlands with my wife, dog, and cat. We all have fandom names if you count the fandom.

I'm into and , like:

I also like and soft , especially the and .

I guess I'm here because because .

This is my Leftist faction of choice. Thank you to the scholar Rob Whisman.

We are teaming up with the design agency @oakstudios to update our homepage and our brand. Goodbye social media blue, hello vibrant purple!

work lately has just been me misunderstanding my boss's intentions and me feeling like absolute crap for a solid 24 after. and then repeat ad infinitum

don't mind me, crying about flags. thanks 99pi

I've been taking yoga classes and every teacher tells us not to make a story out of our day. I'm not sure they know the kind of days I've been having.

Though summer is the warmest time of year, in the northern hemisphere when summer happens, the Earth is actually the furthest from the Sun.
This year the Earth is at aphelion on July 4.

Aw, it's Miffy's birthday today. Happy birthday to a smol good bunny

Roman "history": the last Tarquini king left Rome, the first two consuls took over peacefully

meanwhile, under the forum: burnt rubble from the time of the last Roman king indicating it was not, in fact, peaceful

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picked up Mary Beard's SPQR while in Rome and I've been reading it in fits and starts. it's funny to think that what we "know" about history is actually several waves of two thousand year old fanfic written by the worst person you know (his name is Cicero and he never stopped writing). the takeaway so far is that everything is roman origin myths (four so far) until suddenly the word "consul" was actually inscribed on someone's grave right after they died.

MASHED POTATOES AND CHICKEN TENDERS. if they can't solve my shitty day, nothing will tbh. let's do it!!!

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following all the rules and being helplessly rejected anyway is so fucking painful (and the theme of today's Mental Breakdown™!)


not trying to start drama, bi/pan 

one of the gender essentialist bi's ended up being trans himself. mostly I think we were young and figuring our shit out without much exposure to queer culture, the internet being small and us being in nowheresville.

I like to think bi and pan are different words for the same experience, inasmuch as anyone can have the same experiences as another. and bi is much more "known" culturally, so sometimes people call me bi and I'm like sure.

bi/pan solidarity 🏳️‍🌈

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not trying to start drama, bi/pan 

I go by pan because the local bi's in my community were hella terfy (though at the time I didn't have that word). very "what's in your pants determines your gender." it made me uncomfortable, and I was ?? until I met a pan polycule at uni who were all gender fluid/queer. I was young and they were very cool and made me feel happy and seen. 🤷

also the pan flag has prettier colors. that one we can fight about.

I haven't gotten a chalk bag yet, so I can still change the mood, but because I'm less about the climbing and more into belaying and gear, I don't need a chalk bag yet...

which is to say, the climbing gym has a chalk bag that looks like a pink monster muppet that's *just* the right shade of pink :ablobcatbongo:

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wife and I have been taking an indoor climbing class and wife has been fucking loving it, and I like gear I get to play with and organize, so we desires to buy harnesses, shoes, belay gear and stuff.

I was trying to get everything pink because why the hell not, except a lot of blue crept in, and then the shoes that fit me best have a sweep of yellow, and yeah I made the pan pride flag. oops :heart_pan:

medical complaints 

pharmacy offers you a replacement. it's the medicine that doesn't work, gives you migraines, and, critically, makes everything smell like tulips forever.

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medical complaints 

you have chronic sinus issues that make it hard to breathe.

you work with an ear, nose, and throat doctor for a few months, trying every bizarre medicine with strange ways of getting it in your nose, some of which are incredibly uncomfortable.

you finally land on a nose spray that actually works and you can breathe while participating in activities!

they stop making the nose spray a year later. :blob_dizzy_face:

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