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time! I'm an living in the Netherlands with my wife, dog, and cat. We all have fandom names if you count the fandom.

I'm into and , like:

I also like and soft , especially the and .

I guess I'm here because because .

that feel when your partner can't sleep and they keep you up, but then when you wake up for work and they can finally fall asleep for a few more hours... rip

in other news, the pandemic has certainly given me some delightful agoraphobia

good/bad? that my ISP blocks all the torrenting sites I know, because otherwise I'd be torrenting some high-quality versions of this music.

as it is I'll probably (re-)buy some CDs. as a kid I always wanted FAST and never ripped any music in high quality. and then I got rid of my CDs.


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I turned up the streaming quality on Spotify to "very high" and put some nice headphones on and uh... holy shit... I think I've been listening to shit rips and low-quality streams for a decade or something

me: no fear

paramount+: threatens existence

me: one fear (that Star Trek will be removed from Netflix)

anyway props to Tom Hiddleston for aging so much better than I have in the last decade.

can I trust Marvel to do anything I could possibly care about? absolutely fucking not, I've been down this road, fuck it. go read whatever those "we all live in Avengers Tower, hijinks ensue" fix-it fic were circa 2013. that's what I'm talking about

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oh shit it's like 2012 again with all this Hiddleston!Loki shit on my tumblr dash wth

today a coworker shortened "easy peasy" to "ezpz" and I'm shook. kids these days

guess what, this one doesn't make sense either!! who drinks cherry coke zero!! for breakfast!!!! wtf did I just watch for an hour!!!

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moral of the story is, don't get drunk and take your earrings out??

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last friday we had cocktails and I got *just* drunk enough that I took my earrings out and put them... somewhere?? and now I can't find my favorite earrings anymore.

there's a huge chance that I put them on the stool, they fell off, and the wife vacuumed them up... bummer.

it doesn't make sense because I was looking for the Young Pope 🙃 oops oh well

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the New Pope is on Netflix and I clicked it because haha I saw a bunch of memes about this

I'm all of five minutes in, hey what the fuck?? is going on


we have upstairs neighbors who bone. a lot. which isn't a problem in itself, except their bed squeaks so bad that it wakes us up.

like, how long do we put up with it before saying something? hello neighbors, please have some duct tape and wd-40 for the bed situation?

as a surprise for teaching them some python basics, a work friend made pixel art of my cat as nyancat!

we watched some of "marriage or mortgage" today. it was awful because if was filmed right before the pandemic hit, so you're just sitting there rooting for mortgage. so far everyone who chose a wedding had to change and/or downsize, which is heartbreaking. you know they passed up on their "dream house" for their "dream wedding" and didn't get either.

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