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time! I'm an living in the Netherlands with my wife, dog, and cat. We all have fandom names if you count the fandom.

I'm into and , like:

I also like and soft , especially the and .

I guess I'm here because because .

adrienne: namaste
me: *eye roll*

benji: *gets up, walks three steps, curls up again*
me: yoga goals

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(pretty sure it's advertising some kind of paid content, sorry, I'm in it for Benji)

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anyone got a account? I wanna try an instagram detox but I'm not sure who to follow.

urg, trying to get through the first aid book for a course and it's so dry

okay I have a new phone and the camera is great, get a load of how soft my cat looks. 12/10

aggretsuko s3 spoilers, nsfw 


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aggretsuko s3 spoilers, nsfw 

Haida: have you eaten?
Retsuko: I'm about to!
*fade to black*


watermelon: "a natural source of fiber"

let me see if I got this. someone in the packaging department for the supermarket thought, hmm I wonder if people know watermelon is ALSO a source of fiber?" as if anyone would rethink their idea of watermelon for the fiber content. smh it's just watermelon

finally looked up carcinization (that thing where everything turns into crabs) and my guys. this was rumored to be a big thing. like EVERYTHING turns crab. but turns out. it only happened like, six times, and always to crustaceans.

rumors of carcinization exaggerated, I am not at risk of becoming crab

so I'm a few chapters into the first Witcher book and so far the show does a better job at good storytelling. also, what's the deal with all the boobs? anyway missing Henry Cavill 🤷

we've been asked to "de-personalize" our desks and offices to make way for flex/hybrid working. welcome to hell!

I've been a beer nerd-slash-snob for the better part of ten years now. I'm a sucker for anything sour -- lambic, kriek, geuze. I live down the street from a beer bar and a beer shop now, so maybe I'll post more about it!

hit me up with your favorite beers with the lowest IBU you can find (IPA's not welcome). I'm on untappd too, but it gives some location data I'm not comfortable sharing widely, so shoot me your info and I'll trade.


"what's the worst that could happen?" a cherry cola sour from beer hut brewing co.

what I wanted? a puckering sour reminiscent of the sour patch kids. I was excited. what I got? a kind of boring fruity beer, barely tart, that left a weird sugary film on my teeth. bummer.


watching gifs of tigers like "big SCARY roar but also cat? kitten?? baby kitty???" they're just cats with lil round ears it's the best

the other day I ended up there and started listening to some scans of old jazz records from the Boston Public Library. cool stuff, did not expect that from what I honestly thought was just the wayback machine??

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uhh has all the Witcher books and you don't even have to check them out? you can just download them??

I'm increasingly confused by I thought I knew what it was (wayback machine?) but it's... not just that?

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