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Note on content 

I like some things in media that aren't okay in real life. I will do my best to CW them. Please know that they will be posted about here, and please leave if warnings are not enough.

OTOH, if you need me to start CWing something I currently do not, please tell me!! I don't want to hurt people, and I'm fully willing to use cuts for things I may not have initially thought of.

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Hey! I've been on fedi for a few months now, but I never did a public-level intro... I mostly ramble about jrpgs and fanfic here? My current main fandom is (b, z, d, d2, i) and i also have a sub to running r/n. I want to make my tl less dead and meet more people, so...!

graces spoilers...? mild ship hate...? 

They're EXTREMELY Not Wrong and it's haunting me. I don't know if that's the INTENDED reading but it's certainly one that both makes the writing more cohesive and makes me go "sophie... no..."

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graces spoilers...? mild ship hate...? 

I've been watching a friend play through graces and as they reached the end of the game they made the observation that the main couples probably wouldn'tve gotten together without sophie's conclusion that the best way to get over her fear of her friends' mortality is to take care of their kids...

please play a bunch of assorted tales games so that you can then read rays' story (n

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tbh the thing that sucks the most about rays is that it's so deeply inaccessible that it's impossible to rec to people lmao. the plot draws on so much random bullshit from other tales games, it's a mobile game, and translations are incomplete and spread to the winds

But the cast is really fun and the plot is stupid in a way that I really adore :c

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Anybody here bored? is finally migrated to a new VPS, which means that tag graphing works again!

PLUS, I treated myself to a bit of useless coding and built a tool that will give you a random AO3 work from a tag, or any other AO3 work list:

I'm gonna try it on the Yuletide collection, I think that's gonna be a fun way to browse it.

considering sage's eukrasia skills come out to 2.5sec regardless of sps, i wonder if sage is going to want to run minimum sps...? <-- not actually a theorycrafter in the slightest
i mean you don't use them THAT often in optimized settings id think but...?

ffxiv edw spoilers, uhhh this is back in level 81 i think 

It's just such a cute characterization detail that vrtra speaks human language even from his main body. All of the other dragons, afaicr, speak dravanian. but vrtra loves his people so much! he learned their language!! its cute! i love him!

(wanders back) did you know that her idle animation in the room is the like. anime noblewoman laugh? its very cute.

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I love Mercuria so much. I think "what if a JRPG villain was like. genuinely a 12 year old" is a very endearing concept. I like that her stupid outfit apparently jingles when she walks because there's so much dangling metal.

I think it's Neat how Misella and Vicious are sort of in a position to understand each other better than any other cast member could,

being mean about a manga i don't like 

you know, it's a shame all criticism about citrus is "oh no!!!!! step sisters!!!!!" when it's absolute garbage

personally i read basically any yuri. my taste is yuri is not discerning. but i could only get two chapters into citrus bc it was SO BAD. just wall to wall stupid melodrama that was weirdly horny in a way i didn't like looking at

Ambient D2 and Tempest spoilers 

My favourite possible character arc is "hold on I need to sit here and process guilt for several days" so as you may guess,

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Unlocked Lukius's second skit in Rays and BOY HOWDY am i emotional about Lukius again sobs gently (and Judas, but.)

tempest spoilers 

ALSO i am just still thinking about his little "it felt like i was casting judgement on myself..." :(.

ahhh just in general his character arc works really well...

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tempest spoilers 

tbh the fact that lukius's reaction to losing his previous only family member was to cling to his new only family member is. man. is this kid okay... (no)

i wanna give lukius a big hug

vague totray spoilers shitpost (arc 3) 

fellas is it gay to write a love letter to the guy who stabbed you

tales of the rays spoilers (late fairy's requiem) 

I'd ot3 these guys but i think gefion is Super Not Interested in phil. (also there's the problem of first ix being dead and gefion being embedded in a large crystal after sacrificing herself to hopefully protect the world but you know.)

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tales of the rays spoilers (late fairy's requiem) 

ever since sitting through the bit of arc 3 where first ix drops an 愛してる directed at phil (also at gefion but like. including them in the same collective statement when he was married to one of them is kinda. thats kinda. man.) it's all i've been able to think about lol. this is how you get me to care about a love triangle, i guess.

been doing blue mage stuff in xiv lately after being dragged into getting spells by a friend because "friends don't let friends spam praetorium" or something. honestly i've been enjoying it more than i really want to admit

assorted mild tales spoilers: tos tota tott rays 

I hope Mithos drags Lukius into his friend circle for Young Teens With A Fraught Relationship With Their Own Humanity lmao. I mean he already dragged Caius in--

Mostly I'm just both struck by how similar Mithos's whole thing is to what the pope got tricked into and also the fact that I just find that whole social group hilarious but kind of cute

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