What I thought I'd be making: cherry hat
What I actually got:

Rant, aka How to Piss off Chinese Audiences 101-A Hollywood Edition 

3. Respond:"We make this film for Chinese market" everytime ppl accuse the film of orientalism/ being inaccurate/ lacking poc/ genderqueer representation etc. Pretend that Hollywood've done nothing wrong and project the long-existing systemic bias of Hollywood industry to China & Chinese ppl, let the feast of hatred begin.

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Rant, aka How to Piss off Chinese Audiences 101-A Hollywood Edition 

1. "Whether you like it or not we are going to make a film feat. your culture based on OUR understanding, observe."
2.Employ white director, white plot writer(s), white creatives, as well as a small number of poc (I find this term quite confusing cuz...white is also a color, right?) staff. Cast white actors/actresses as long as ppl don't protest.

It’s Qixi festival
Time to demonstrate my craft skills


Me: inserted a random dream code I found via google
Luna: you are now dreaming peacefully of an island named アイカ

As much as I'm excited about being able to play SMT on Switch, all Hiragana/Katakana and no Kanji in the text really makes me a slow player😭

Shin Megami Tensei V Trailer 

[warning]This video contains possible spoilers & controversial content (portrayal of religious elements) .

Yeassssss!🤩 SMT III Nocturne HD Remaster and SMT V!!!!

Nintendo Direct Mini 

I'm really hoping for some news on SMT5 I hope this is not too much to ask😢 ?




Drago darling where did you get this painting 😮 I haven't seen Redd on my Island for almost an entire month

beauty gurus 

What I was looking for: new foundation& lip gloss reviews 2020
What I actually found: unending beauty guru drama that can be traced all the way back to the year of 2019
Shocked Pikachu.jpg

one of my villagers gave this meme shirt to me so...

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