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not new to mastodon, but haven't had anything to post for a long time. happy to find a fandom instance!

i'm larissa and i spend way too much writing. the rest of the time is spent playing video games and procrastinating on writing. mostly into final fantasy, but can also be found yelling about fallout, critical role, mass effect, pokΓ©mon, and extremely obscure video game soundtracks no one's ever heard of. if you want vg music recs, hit me up.

i finished catching up on game of thrones, what do i bury myself in next

I don't watch GoT (read what I could of the books before my heart broke & died from the unresolved angst), but this is ON POINT.


Want to know why Game of Thrones *feels* so different now? I think I can explain. Without spoilers. /1


also hello mastodon how are you. i have been doing nothing but watching marvel movies and tv shows for a month.

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this month's emojis: may flowers!
naturally, this month's lightning icon is... well, about the only flower-ish icon i have. it works.

(i went with the package, which in hindsight was probably a bad idea as nothing in the stack was remotely pleasant, but hey at least it's open now...)

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you open your mailbox. inside is:

- a package you did not expect to receive (but which you know the contents of, and are thrilled to open)
- a stack of very unpleasant Life Things that you would really rather prefer to leave there, because they all either lead to dreary phone calls or bill payments

which do you open first?

there's also the story of the $400 that haunts me, but that one's even worse, because it's a tale of College Fiscal Irresponsibility, and also a reminder of how i left a sony psp on an airplane and decided to replace it with one that cost LITERALLY TWICE AS MUCH

i was not a particularly wise youth, is the summary here.

a story about the $300 that has haunted me for 11 years 

...i really could have used that $300, though. what's it going for on ebay these-- $150 ARE YOU KIDDING ME 😭

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a story about the $300 that has haunted me for 11 years 

ANYWAY. i've been listening to that artist's discography again and just hit those concert recordings.

and today, after 11 years of barely listening to them, i'm struck by how good they are and how much i'm enjoying them. i have over 15,000 plays for this artist, i've heard all these songs hundreds of times, but it's like i'm discovering them for the first time. it's really lovely, and is giving me a brand new appreciation for every song.

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a story about the $300 that has haunted me for 11 years 

so about 11 years ago, i spent $300 on a 10-hour, 13-disc set of my favorite musician's concert recordings. it was, and pretty much still is, one of the most extravagant and ridiculous purchases i have ever made, especially as i did not really have $300 to spare at the time.
(i did listen to one of the songs 3000 times in 3 months, but i still don't think that justifies it.) (...although the song was called "Justified" so maybe-- no okay.)

i was going for the whole april showers thing with this month's emoji but there's only so much i can do...
at least next month is easy. idefk what i'm gonna do in june.

why penguins are the absolute best animals 

β€œA group of penguins in the water is called a β€˜raftβ€˜, a group of penguins on land is called a β€˜waddleβ€˜. Other collective nouns for penguins include rookery, colony, and huddle.” (from


update 3: i have been using my chosen evernote alternative for three weeks now.

today it deleted EVERYTHING.

i cannot catch a goddamn break.

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oh my god i did it i caught up on my reading goal for the year. i’m one book ahead of schedule. I HAVE A SHOT AT THIS.

now i just have to keep it up πŸ’ͺ😀 10 down, 40 to go!

hey mastodon how's it going-- OH MY GOD

(for real though is everything okay good grief)

😩 i spent two hours tonight painstakingly updating the script that powers most of my websites, only to upload it and have it bork all of them. legacy code why you gotta do me like this

ALSO, new icon, because i have more than enough lightning icons to change every month without repeating. (...i'll probably forget and repeat. WHATEVER. the point is that i gotta stay on brand.)

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on the one hand, this emoji change would make a lot more sense if there was an emoji for a pot of gold.
on the other hand, why would they make an emoji for that.

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