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Some people wish to throw their weapons. That seems foolish to M'aiq. If you hold your weapon, you only need one.

It is well known that fortune smiles on those that give a cup of wine to wandering Khajiit. But either way, it is the same to M'aiq.

M'aiq does not care what anyone says. You are the most beautiful you M'aiq knows of.

M'aiq understands planting season and harvest season. He's not sure about witching season though.

M'aiq is very practical. He has no need for mysticism.

The Moon Priests have many strange rules and stories. But M'aiq thinks they make it up as they go along.

M'aiq was one of the Six Companions, but was asked to leave. Another was jealous of his whiskers.

People always enjoy a good fable. M'aiq has yet to find one, though. Perhaps one day.

Feet are for walking. Hands are for hitting. Or shaking. Or waving. Sometimes for clapping.

The world is full of paradoxes. M'aiq thinks this makes it all the more wonderful, don't you?

Why should M'aiq stay off the grass? He always steps lightly.

Khajiit like to sneak, but not M'aiq. Who will buy one a bowl of rum while one is skulking in the shadows, hm?

Too much magic can be dangerous. M'aiq once had two spells and burned his sweetroll.

Call M'aiq whatever you like; it is all the same to M'aiq.

The people of Skyrim are more open-minded about certain things than people in other places.

M'aiq once met Captain Blackheart and his raiders. M'aiq can think of a better word to describe them.

Some think all Khajiit are thieves, but this is not true. Sometimes you have a thing, but Khajiit needs it more than you do.

Have you seen the sea off Quin'rawl Penninsula? Ahhh. Perhaps M'aiq could use a vacation. Wiggle his toes in the sand.

Wood Elves aren't made of wood. Sea Elves aren't made of water. M'aiq still wonders about High Elves.

M'aiq is glad he has a compass. Makes it easy to find things. Much better than wandering around like a fool.

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