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It is best to never speak of Dragons lest they show up. This M'aiq has learned.

A wand has two ends, but a mage knows which one to hold and which one to point at things she wants to blow up.

"Come no closer" said the ghost, so M'aiq did not. But she kept saying it, wherever he went.

M'aiq knows why Falmer are blind. It has nothing to do with the Dwemer disappearing. Really.

Why the need for embassies? M'aiq thinks all are ambassadors, wherever they go.

Something strange happens to Khajiit when they arrive in Skyrim.

M'aiq longs for a Colovian Fur Helm. Practical, yet stylish. M'aiq is very sad he does not have one.

When young, M'aiq wished to attend an adventurer's school. But Tamriel has more crypts than schools.

If you want to catch a thing, do not chase it. Hide and wait, says M'aiq.

Too much magic can be dangerous. M'aiq once had two spells and burned his sweetroll.

M'aiq once walked to High Hrothgar. So many steps, he lost count!

M'aiq wonders why no guards stand watch on the mushrooms. They are taller than towers and far more comfortable.

M'aiq used to travel alone, but he has grown accustomed to joining his friends.

Do you wish to become a lich? It's very easy, my friend. Simply find the heart of a lich, combine it with the tongue of a dragon, and cook it with the flesh of a well-ridden horse. M'aiq is certain this combination will make you undead.

Nords are so serious about beards. So many beards. M'aiq thinks they wish they had glorious manes like Khajiit.

Look important, be ready to part with a little coin, and you will have no trouble finding someone to go into the deepest abandoned mine and bring back the hindquarters of a giant spider, if that is what you wish. M'aiq assures you.

Have you seen dragons? No? M'aiq thinks they must be hiding ... for now.

M'aiq has heard ebony is not a metal at all, but wood! Can you imagine? But then, he has also heard ebony is the congealed blood of a god, so who can say? M'aiq is not an ebonysmith.

M'aiq has heard that vampires fear right angles.

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