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You've heard that the Khajiit love naps, yes? So does M'aiq. Though maybe M'aiq is napping now and this conversation is but a dream.

It is no fun to live in a house.

Is much better to wander the roads. See the world! M'aiq likes this life.

If you are not sure, M'aiq knows how you can prove the world is round. Dig. Dig and dig and dig and dig. Keep digging until you come out on the other side. Could you do that if the world were flat? M'aiq thinks not.

M'aiq heard an old timer speak of lost mittens. Keep looking, says M'aiq. Mittens will turn up somewhere.

Some like taking friends on adventures. M'aiq thinks being alone is better. Less arguing about splitting treasure.

You seek the shrine that is no longer there? An interesting concept. Look to the seas to the West. There lies what was once the shrine. Take a deep breath and begin your search.

M'aiq finds autumn very pleasing, but all seasons are beautiful to M'aiq.

Yes, M'aiq wanders, but M'aiq is not lost. Well, maybe a little.

So much easier to get around these days. Not like the old days. Too much walking. Of course, nothing stops M'aiq from walking when he wants.

When young, M'aiq wished to attend an adventurer's school. But Tamriel has more crypts than schools.

M'aiq regrets few things. Failing to wear boots in a swamp is one of them.

Are you looking for the legendary homeland of your people? Have you tried looking under the sea? M'aiq has discerned a pattern with legendary homelands.

M'aiq met an Orc once, whose friends called her "Smashy-smashy." M'aiq isn't sure it was meant as a compliment, but it was accurate.

Some believe the meaning of life is defined by its ending. M'aiq believes they lack imagination.

Step on sand and burn your feet. Bury feet in sand and grit gets under the claws. Poor choices for M'aiq.

In Elsweyr we grow moon-sugar. M'aiq wonders, on the Moons do they grow nirn-sugar?

M'aiq does not understand why anyone would want a Daedric artifact. The Daedra are not to be trifled with. M'aiq would not take it, if it lay by the highway.

Sometimes M'aiq gives helpful advice, sometimes not so much. With you, always helpful.

M'aiq wonders, who tutors tooters to toot, and is it harder to toot or to tutor tooters to toot?

If you are lost, find a stick, throw it in the air. When it falls, go in the direction it points. Unless it is pointing to a cliff. Then, M'aiq thinks, you should go in the other direction.

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