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The Mane is chosen by scent. Had M'aiq known, he would have bathed.

In Elsweyr we grow moon-sugar. M'aiq wonders, on the Moons do they grow nirn-sugar?

How does one know there was a city of Winterhold? M'aiq did not see it with his eyes, did you?

M'aiq tried to swim out to sea, but had to turn back. Slaughterfish. Always the slaughterfish.

M'aiq does not care what anyone says. You are the most beautiful you M'aiq knows of.

Have you seen the sea off Quin'rawl Penninsula? Ahhh. Perhaps M'aiq could use a vacation. Wiggle his toes in the sand.

M'aiq heard much of Headman Bhosek, but saw very little. For the best, M'aiq thinks.

It is good to have friends, yes? M'aiq sometimes gets lonely traveling the roads alone. Lucky for you, that is not a problem!

M'aiq is always in search of calipers, yet finds none. Where could they have gone?

Once M'aiq got in trouble in Riften, and fled to Windhelm. It is good that nobody there cared.

M'aiq wonders. Are the skeletons in minotaur graveyards half-Man or half-bull?

M'aiq learned too late that ash pits are home to Dark Elf ancestors. He ... erm ... hopes they don't mind the rain.

If you are in the dark, and you are afraid there is a monster, close your eyes and count to 32. If you are still there when you are done, there's is probably no monster. Or maybe there is, and it is patient.

It does not matter to M'aiq how strong or smart one is. It only matters what one can do.

M'aiq can't tell Spider Cultists apart from the usual riffraff. Perhaps they need matching uniforms.

A traveler asked M'aiq: What do you do? Why are you here? M'aiq asked the traveler: What do you do? Why are you here?

M'aiq has met a wereshark, but they were afraid of the water.

M'aiq thinks more people should get to the point. Not you, of course.

In Tamriel we grow moon-sugar. On the moon do they grow Tamriel sugar?

Why the need for embassies? M'aiq thinks all are ambassadors, wherever they go.

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