Coffee Naps

If you're feeling sleepy and want to wake yourself up — and have 20 minutes or so to spare before you need to be fully alert — there's something you should try. It's more effective than drinking a cup of coffee or taking a quick napIt's drinking a cup of coffee and then taking a quick nap. This is called a coffee napIt mig

On the subject of badass queens of history

The story of Njinga, queen of Ndongo and Matambe, national hero of Angola, and one of the most badass rulers in the history of the world. It's a tragedy I'd never heard of this woman before. She's gloriously terrifying.

The Vorkosigan Books
So in the past couple of weeks, I chugged all the way through Bujold's entire Vorkosigan saga. I'd never read any of them before, even though I've been seeing them in bookstores for decades and I knew their reputation. I never read them BECAUSE I knew their reputation.

I think I'd been saving them, all these years, because it's a rare gift to have a book that you know, whenever you pick

I love this time of year on Dreamwidth. All the fandom holiday challenges and writing events are starting up, and my dash feels vibrant and alive with creativity and community.

In other other news, Twitter continues to live down to my expectations. For those who aren't up on it, a little while back they formally switched away from chronologically displaying your timeline to algorithmically-driven, based on what they 'think you'll like' (assuming that what you like is actually paid content of course). This is always, in my experience, a s

I've been tracking my writing count this year, aiming for a goal of 10,000 words a month. I liked this, because it didn't put pressure on me to get word count out every single day but it also didn't feel overwhelming in the way that saying "120,000 words this year" would have, or set the deadline so far out that I could keep putting things off till the last minute.

It was going swimmingly, till the beginning of September, whe

Cultures of Romance

Love is universal, but how we do romance varies widely from culture to culture. As a writer, I've always thought reading about the various frameworks and psychologies of romance could be very illuminating. This is a good article on the subject, comparing and contrasting modern romantic approaches for the US and Russia. It doesn't necessari

I'm distressed that ignoring this story for 24 hours hasn't resulted in it spontaneously fixing itself.

Who do I file the complaint with.

@quietmoon So you have one of them, in his blindness, carrying the burden of having been responsible for all that horror and death, while the other has to live with the deliberate decision to exterminate his entire species if that's what it took to keep from spreading their war any further. While, you know, being the chosen avatar of their God.

And them understanding and forgiving this when it comes to each other is a whole different issue from settling it with the rest of their people.

@quietmoon Meanwhile OP didn't disagree with the Decepticon creed, but what the Decepticons were becoming wasn't a revolutionary army, but a predatory horror show. With Cybertron dark, they became increasingly content to murder and pillage their way across planets, stealing the energy they needed and doing what they liked to the inhabitants. And OP decided that if extinction was what it took, he'd pay that price to stop that plague.

@quietmoon When I was still following the series, I conceived of a notion of their motivations that goes like this: Megs committed to doing whatever it took to save his people from the tyranny of the Primes and the fundamentalist theocracy that had grown up around them. Seeing OP having taken the title and able only to assume that signified he was just as power-hungry as the rest, his strategy was to push OP as far up against total genocide as necessary to make him surrender.

@quietmoon In the series, Megs gets put on trial for it, and for him that's almost a catharsis or at least the beginning of one. OP does not, but you can see it weighing on him and poisoning him.

@quietmoon One thing IDW does really well after the war ends is paint Cybertron as a society defined by trauma. EVERYONE is traumatized both by what they saw and what they did, and it threatens to rip them apart as well as bring them together. But Megs and OP carry the responsibility for those billions of lives in a way nobody else does.

@quietmoon I have been wanting to write a post-war exploration of their minds and motivations through all that time. Why they made the choices they did, how they could have brought themselves to do so when they both started with such good intentions. How much horror they're both carrying.

@quietmoon So when they come together again it's after this history of dancing around both sides of a line they've both always straddled, and the knowledge that ultimately both of them are utterly devoted to Cybertron and have always been motivated by wanting to protect it (despite the laughably awful tragedy of having destroyed it in the attempt).

@quietmoon Another great thing about IDW was that the two of them set each other on their paths--almost switched places ideologically. OP took a screed Megs wrote about protest and sound government and made it the foundation of the Autobot creed. Meanwhile Megs watched what OP was going through and threw over the idea of peaceful protest in favor of violent, angry revolution.

@quietmoon Also there are some hints that never got followed through on about Megatron being a reincarnation of another of the 13 Primes (which is LOL because he would be so pissed off; alas we never got to see it).

@quietmoon So in the first IDW series (there needs to be a name to differentiate these), when OP gets the Matrix, it gives him a vision, where he sees all the sparks of every Cybertronian like they're a galaxy of soul-stars. And he *feels* all of them. I interpreted it as a very "This is the burden you're being asked to take on. Will you carry this much need and this much pain?"

And that just. Gave me SO many ideas.

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