Yesterday we had a thunderstorm, and I got to watch a hummingbird take shelter in one of my bushes and then take a bath in the sprinkles.

She was very tiny and very wiggly. There were wing twitches and butt shakes and it was amazing.

A thing I've enjoyed this summer: if I go out at the right time just after sunset, I can watch the fireflies wake up in my garden. They start blinking before they start flying, like they're warming up. You can watch them crawl out from their daytime hiding spots and fly out.

I can't even begin to communicate how amazing my summersweet bush smells right now.

My cutleaf coneflowers are being absolutely spectacular. What good lads.

The romance is A+ but I was also pleased with how solid the rest of the story was, with fairy politics that increasingly close in on the main characters and the MC's struggle to control his weird powers. I've seen both these things done in hackneyed ways, but here it felt totally solid and believable, with risks and costs (and failures!) that lent a sense of genuine suspense and urgency.

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Today's book rec: Prince of Air and Darkness by M. A. Grant. Modern fantasy romance. Solid enemies to lovers content. A+ grumpy sexual tension and the pining is pretty volcanic.

Note it starts out with a torture scene, which is relevant to the plot but not representative of the book's tone. So for anybody who might hit that and nope out on the basis that they don't want grimdark--it's not grimdark. Actually most of these characters are a lil bit adorable, if somewhat hapless.

A moment after this, this young fellow's eyes met mine, he did the baby begging wing twitch and then flew over to land on top of my cell phone and investigate me from inches away for a good minute. I dared not move.

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Anyway on another note, we had BIG NEWS on the bird feeders this morning.
We have a gentleman goldfinch, a house finch and a family of hungry chickadees.

Blarrr was up most of the night with food poisoning. RIP my tuna casserole leftovers. My stomach is still a bit fussy but I have just remembered I have a mint and ginger tea that will put a stop to this.

Head's up to anybody who wants more gay fairytales in their life, Tor's ebook of the month club is giving away a really good one for free this month: Silver in the Wood

i love how the technical name for a moon that orbits another moon is "subsatellite" but astronomers wont stop calling them "moonmoons"

Announcement from the @elementary team 😍

"We've completely left Google Analytics behind in favor of Plausible. Google’s incentive is to collect as much information as possible from people visiting as many sites as possible—and using Google Analytics directly helps them do that."

Tonight’s favorite line: “She should have known magic would end up terrifying instead of pleasant or fun. That was just the way adulthood rolled.”

NYU is offering a free 5-session course about the racial and socioeconomic disparities in the US through the lens of COVID-19.

It RAINED and it was WONDERFUL. Everything is cool and wet now!

My yard is going to go bonkers this week.

We have a plumber coming today to fix a leak in the bathroom. Last night I started getting anxious about what kind of damage the water might have done. Then I remembered we never took our Christmas tree down and he'll see it and anxiety was completely supplanted by humiliation.

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