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Time for an : I'm Punk, and I like the Star Treks and the Stargates. I write fic. And I'm currently cleaning out my AO3 bookmarks and posting (maybe) a rec a day in all sorts of fandoms.

So if all of AO3 is nominated for a Hugo, am I β€œpublished by a Hugo-nominated organization”? 🧐

I was all, Hmm, what should I do today? And now I have a gross headache, so that answers that question. πŸ’€

I'm blatantly reposting this on here, because it is beautiful
validation and hope instead of toxic positivity

just a reminder about posting nsfw art on Mastodon

*please be transparent about what's in the picture and use effective tags. If you're hiding something, it's on you to make sure your audience knows what's in store for them.

*don't repost art without sourcing. Art theft sucks, and stealing from artists -suuuuucks-

*If you feel iffy about whether or not something should be CW'd, always better safe than sorry! A CW isn't going to stop someone who wants to see what you're tagging it with.

Drafting a blog post and singing to myself: 🎢 What if I spelled that word right? 🎢

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Why is it every time I point out sexism in my book reviews someone shows up to explain it to me? I got it! I just don't like it!

Captive Prince :

The Serpent's Mask, by shadow_lover | Damen/Laurent | Mature | 5,526 words

A superhero AU that parallels the books perfectly:

Hey, just checking to see if Mastodon supports image description on gifs, and it does! Amazing! Beautiful! Accessible! (not my gif)

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard from SGA.
Just a quick sketchy thing in between my work on those school application assignments.

#fanart #StargateAtlantis #SGA #Stargate #JohnSheppard #mastoart #creativetoots #art

Another Stranger Things OT3 :

Slide Over Here, by empathieves | Jonathan/Nancy/Steve | Explicit | 3,747 words:

Stranger Things :

Ducks on the Pond, by The Stephanois (ballantine) | Teen | Jonathan/Nancy/Steve | 14,204 words: Steve Harrington knows two things to be true: the St. Louis Cardinals are the best baseball team in the world, and Nancy Wheeler is far too amazing for him to hog all to himself.

Hello world :)( I am clueless and new to mastodon.

All about Stucky, angst, shrinkyclinks, and intense bitey yearning sex.

That about covers it really, yeah.

I'm also on Hubzilla at

So, my interview partner is having problems finding my next guest. If they don't by tonight - would anyone here be willing to talk about their with me? Any , just no anime (bc I just did two anime episodes).

Podcast website:

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