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Time for an : I'm Punk, and I like the Star Treks and the Stargates. I write fic. And I'm currently cleaning out my AO3 bookmarks and posting (maybe) a rec a day in all sorts of fandoms.

Oh no, where did Doctor Doom go? Who will give me the strength to toot as I please??

β€œA discipline overrun with whiteness”: and Making a Statement, by Samira Nadkarni:

So if all of AO3 is nominated for a Hugo, am I β€œpublished by a Hugo-nominated organization”? 🧐

I was all, Hmm, what should I do today? And now I have a gross headache, so that answers that question. πŸ’€

I'm blatantly reposting this on here, because it is beautiful
validation and hope instead of toxic positivity

just a reminder about posting nsfw art on Mastodon

*please be transparent about what's in the picture and use effective tags. If you're hiding something, it's on you to make sure your audience knows what's in store for them.

*don't repost art without sourcing. Art theft sucks, and stealing from artists -suuuuucks-

*If you feel iffy about whether or not something should be CW'd, always better safe than sorry! A CW isn't going to stop someone who wants to see what you're tagging it with.

Drafting a blog post and singing to myself: 🎢 What if I spelled that word right? 🎢

I summarise the discourse of the day 

Why is it every time I point out sexism in my book reviews someone shows up to explain it to me? I got it! I just don't like it!

Captive Prince :

The Serpent's Mask, by shadow_lover | Damen/Laurent | Mature | 5,526 words

A superhero AU that parallels the books perfectly:

Hey, just checking to see if Mastodon supports image description on gifs, and it does! Amazing! Beautiful! Accessible! (not my gif)

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard from SGA.
Just a quick sketchy thing in between my work on those school application assignments.

#fanart #StargateAtlantis #SGA #Stargate #JohnSheppard #mastoart #creativetoots #art

Another Stranger Things OT3 :

Slide Over Here, by empathieves | Jonathan/Nancy/Steve | Explicit | 3,747 words:

Stranger Things :

Ducks on the Pond, by The Stephanois (ballantine) | Teen | Jonathan/Nancy/Steve | 14,204 words: Steve Harrington knows two things to be true: the St. Louis Cardinals are the best baseball team in the world, and Nancy Wheeler is far too amazing for him to hog all to himself.

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