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Time for an : I'm Punk, and I like the Star Treks and the Stargates. I write fic. And I'm currently cleaning out my AO3 bookmarks and posting (maybe) a rec a day in all sorts of fandoms.

I've gone full rocketship with my Mastodon display name in an attempt to trick into updating my name. It worked for @vamp.

Star Trek Reboot :

Susceptible, by EntreNous | Kirk/Spock | Teen | 8,352 words

Jim is weird and feverish, and Spock takes such good care of him. Adorable and sweetly sexy sickfic:


Intergalactic Topology for Beginners, by verity | Teyla/Rodney | Teen | 1,408 words: Rodney can't help but appreciate Teyla's facility with knots. On a purely academic level, of course.

Solid characterization, a satisfying build, and all that talk of knots is pretty sexy:

Good afternoon. Has the rocketship I added to my name shown up on yet? Sending out a test post.

And--in case you follow me on Mastodon and Hubzilla and have no idea where I'm posting from because my icon and name are the same on both platforms--I added a rocketship to my Mastodon name. πŸš€

I'm back! With a Star Trek RPS :

91. in 4., by semperama | Chris/Zach | Explicit | 2,829 words: Or the one where Zach counted the number of times he and Chris had sex on the press tour.

Hot sex and feels:

Today I learned that Hubzilla doesn't support alt tags/image description, so I've come over here to check in with Mastodon. And look at this, image description. Good job tooters. (Not my image.)

I feel like I've got a good grip on Mastodon for the moment, so I'm sliding over to Hubzilla to push all the buttons there. I'll still be hanging out here, but I'll be posting my rec a day over there.

I'm if you want to follow me.

And here's a Star Trek for today:

Stargate SG-1 :

Five times Walter wished George was back at the SGC, by splash_the_cat | Gen | G | 1,202 words

A thoughtful look at what those years without Hammond must have been like--for Walter, and Jack:

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Share this far and wide, please, with or without any commentary added. Let's see if putting a hashtag in the body of a post lets the OP track its progress across the hub and/or fediverse.


Murderbot :

The Exchange, by winterhill | Gen | G | 5,814 words: Murderbot hitches a ride on a starliner, makes a friend, and saves space Yuletide.

Great voices, plus a little action/adventure and a lot of loafing on the space couch:

Murderbot :

Terra Nova, by winterhill | Gen | Teen | 7,448 words: This is the whole sorry story of how I cracked my governor module. It’s not a great story. I fell in a hole and there was a lot of snow.

This is so perfect it feels like Martha Wells wrote it:

you will see what it is to be overcome, by magneticwave | Star Trek Reboot | Kirk/Spock | Teen | 10,103 words: What kind of an idiot would try to explain magic to a Vulcan.

Captain James T. Kirk, Space Wizard! A great blend of magic, technology, and Vulcan mind-stuff:

King's Destiny, by kitsunealyc | Captive Prince | Damen/Laurent | Explicit | 6,199 words: Damen is skilled in the arena of war, and Laurent in the arena of politics, but in the wake of defeating Kastor and the Regent, they find themselves facing a challenge neither of them is prepared for--the arena of the gods.

An interesting glimpse at the mythology of Vere and Akielos, a spot-on Laurent, and a Damen who's figuring out this King thing:

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Scully completely wrecks a corporate executive with a single stare. Mulder empathizes with cultists.

Time for an : I'm Punk, and I like the Star Treks and the Stargates. I write fic. And I'm currently cleaning out my AO3 bookmarks and posting (maybe) a rec a day in all sorts of fandoms.

Vid rec today!

Tony Stark & Steve Rogers & Bruce Banner in thuvia ptarth's excellently measured Hey Ho:

Every time I load up and see Doctor Doom tooting away as he pleases--it just makes me so happy.

Let's Stop the World, by Sholio | Stranger Things | Steve/Nancy/Jonathan | Teen | 5,339 words: AU in which Steve and Jonathan become friends before the start of season 1, and everything is different.

Really great Steve voice in this one, and an AU that plays with canon:

Mouths Filled with Cinnamon, by misura | Captive Prince | Gen | Teen | 1,468 words: In which Laurent encounters a ghost and Theomedes would really like a drink.

Laurent argues with the ghost of Damen's dad; funny and a bit sad:

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